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How is an American Fighting for “Israel” Different Than an American Fighting for “Daesh”?

By Adam Garrie | EurasiaFuture | June 2, 2018

News has emerged that a young female nurse from Palestine, Razan Al-Najar was shot dead when an “Israeli” sniper fired at her chest. In spite of clearly wearing a white uniform of a field nurse and waving her hands to signal that she was tending to a wounded victim, she was nevertheless brutally murdered by the forces of the Zionist regime.

It later emerged that the murderer in question was a US born dual citizen who had left her home in Boston to fight in the so-called “Israeli Defence Forces”. While Razan Al-Najar was helping to tend to the serious wounds of her fellow countrymen and women who are continuing their Great March of Return to protest the illegal theft of Palestinian land, Razan’s murderer travelled half way across the world to take up arms for a regime that is currently engaged in the illegal occupation of two states (Palestine and Syria) and which has historically illegally occupied Lebanon and Egypt while conducting attacks on both Iraq and Jordan.

From a legal point of view, “Israel” is recognised as a state by 161 of the 192 member states of the United Nations, including all of the worlds superpowers. By contrast, the so-called Islamic State otherwise known as “Daesh” or “ISIS” is not recognised as a state by any UN member.

In reality though, the two entities have more in common than their generally different legal standing would imply. Both “Israel” and “Daesh” could not exist peacefully as they both rely on the 24/7 use of violence, blackmail and intimidation to suppress the indigenous populations of the territory they occupy. Likewise, both entities have employed the use of ultra-modern propaganda techniques in order to attempt to convince the world that each entity is somehow religiously pure when in reality both “Israel” and “Daesh” violate every basic principle of any mainstream interpenetration of the religions they claim to stand for.

But the similarities do not end there. Both “Israel” and “Daesh” are steadfastly opposed to states whose governance is formed around the principles of Arab Nationalism. The principles of Arab Nationalism, unlike the ideology behind both the Tel Aviv regime and the so-called Islamic State are concerned with promoting progressive equality among historically united regions in which Arabic is the lingua franca, Arabs are the vast ethnic majority and which Islam is the religion of the majority of the inhabitants, but where Christianity and Judaism are also indigenous minority religions. Crucially, Arab Nationalism invites those of all ethnic and ethno-confessional backgrounds to participate as equal citizens in states based on the principles of progressive pan-Arab nationalism rather than those of sectarianism and retrograde religious extremism.

In this sense, those travelling from abroad to fight for either “Israel” or “Daesh” end up fighting for similarly violent entities with a similarly anti-indigenous, religious extremist and violent modus operandi. Why then are those who travel to the Middle East to fight for “Daesh” treated with more contempt than those like the killer of Razan Al-Najar? The answer lies with the fact that international law has failed to maintain an ethical stance on the prevention of cruel and unusual violence against unarmed civilians. It is one of the foremost tragedies of the modern world.

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