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Damascus calls on citizens forced by war to leave Syria to return home

RT | July 3, 2018

The Syrian government has called on citizens, forced by war and terrorist attacks to leave the country, to return home after the liberation of most areas which were under terrorists’ control.

The situation has changed after the liberation of many areas from terrorists either by military operations by the Syrian Arab Army or due to reconciliation activities, a representative of the Foreign and Expatriates Ministry told SANA on Tuesday.

Many internally-displaced people have returned to their liberated villages and areas, the official said.

The government has affirmed its responsibility for citizens’ security and safety and providing their needs, according to the statement.

Damascus also stressed the need for humanitarian organizations and the international community to shoulder its responsibilities and render assistance for the voluntary return of Syrian citizens to their country.

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  1. The Syrians who have fled their country to save their children probably realise that the War on Syria is not over yet. The USA hasn’t left as demanded by Mr Basheer, and Israel is launching strategic strikes on selected targets, and still occupies the Golan Heights.
    Israel, and their anaesthetised donkey, are still at war with Syria.


    Comment by Brian Harry, Australia | July 3, 2018 | Reply

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