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Syria by admissions. Who was behind this dreadful war?

HANDS OFF SYRIA | July 7, 2018

Who created al Qaeda and DAESH? Who drove the fake stories of chemical attacks and WMDs? A compilation by Tim Anderson for Hands Off Syria.

NOTE. YouTube’s 9/7/18 response to this video: “Dear Hands Off Syria … After further review we have determined that, while your video does not violate our community standards, it may not be appropriate for a general audience. We have therefore age-restricted your video.”

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  1. Russia clearly understood what was going on in Syria, with mercenary troops armed to the teeth with modern U.S. weapons and fleets of brand new commercial vehicles. They proceeded to slaughter these forces from the air, and the USA had to stand by and watch while ‘their’ mercenaries were decimated(coming to their aid would have been an open admission of the USA’s complicity in the lies).
    The American MSM did their best to cover up the lies but, the Russians won the day.


    Comment by Brian Harry, Australia | July 11, 2018 | Reply

  2. Evangelical Christian Zionists led by their controlling Jewish Zionists are the 5th column in USA .
    neocons in charge of US Middle East policy , as Gen Wesley Clark pointed out , channeled maximum efforts into effecting regime changes by supporting proxy terrorist mercenary armies to create well publicized  Arab Springs “everywhere” while giving the USA plausible deniability.
    Millions of “brown people”have been murdered , countries devastated, homes & infrastructure destroyed & the instigators of these WAR CRIMES are today walking free OPENLY claiming “Innocence”.



    Comment by trueman2u | October 17, 2019 | Reply

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