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Henningsen: ‘US Can Help Refugee Crisis By Lifting Sanctions and Getting Out of Syria’

21st Century Wire | July 18, 2018

One potentially positive outcome from Monday’s Trump-Putin Summit in Helsinki, Finland was a clear signal that both leaders have talked about cooperating in Syria, rather than treating each other as geopolitical adversaries at the expense of Syria’s own welfare.

While this has been received with fury by the US mainstream corporate media, pro-war Democrats and Neocon Republicans – it has been seen by the rest of the world as a much-needed diplomatic overture which could help to stabilize the situation, rather than exacerbate existing problems across the country and the Middle East in general. Russia’s Defense Ministry announced it is already prepared to ‘boost cooperation’ with the U.S. military in Syria, saying in a statement Tuesday that it’s ready for “practical implementation” of any memorandums of understanding reached between Trump and Putin, including the extension of the START arms control treaty.

21WIRE editor Patrick Henningsen spoke to RT International yesterday about what the US and its EU counterparts need to do to mitigate Europe’s Migrant Crisis as well as Syria and the Middle East’s refugee crisis – namely, lifting punitive joint US-EU economic sanctions on Syria, and also seeing the US end its illegal occupation with its Kurdish SDF proxy militias in northeastern Syria: Watch:

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  1. “…US mainstream corporate media, pro-war Democrats and Neocon Republicans…”: political/militant Zionists all, serving the interests of the criminal entity so-called Israel — in Syria and far beyond — rather than the vital, core national-security imperatives of their country of residence. Here, fellow readers, are the traitors among us.

    Hurrah for the intrepid Patrick Henningsen’s “true” journalism and reporting. (The video images of Syria are beyond heartbreaking.)

    Next after Syria’s release: let all good women and men of integrity and conscience across the planet take on and resolutely resolve the awful tragedy of Palestine based on truth, justice, accountability, liberation, and peace. Palestine Is Still THE Issue!

    Comment by roberthstiver | July 19, 2018 | Reply

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