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DPRK Slams Extension of US-Japan Nuclear Pact as US Double Standard – Report

Sputnik – 05.08.2018

North Korea denounced the extension of the US-Japanese atomic energy agreement, accusing Tokyo of undertaking activities allegedly aimed at nuclear weaponization and blaming the United States of double standards, local media reported on Sunday.

The Korea Asia-Pacific Peace Committee (KAPPC) released a white paper on Saturday criticizing the 1988 US-Japanese nuclear pact, which was extended last month, the Korean Central News Agency reported.

According to the white paper, Japan has been conducting nuclear research since long ago, allegedly starting to push forward the A-bomb development in 1930s.

The paper also suggested that out of 518 tonnes of plutonium stockpiled around the world so far, 47 tonnes are stored by Japan.

The document accused the United States of a double-standard approach to treat North Korea and Japan differently on nuclear issues, calling on Washington to “judge the situation from a fair stand” if it wanted denuclearization of the Korean Peninsula.

In July, the United States and Japan extended a bilateral nuclear cooperation agreement, which granted Japan the right to extract plutonium, reprocess spent fuel and enrich uranium on the condition that it was not used to build nuclear weapons.

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  1. Korea has a long memory of what the Japanese did to them(and China) in the 1930’s, and they’re right to be suspicious of the USA allowing Japan to have Nuclear Reactors(not to mention American Nuclear Submarines using Japanese ports(Guam).

    They saw what the USA did to Iraq, Libya, and (using Mercenaries) Syria,(and of course Korea in the early ’50’s, and Vietnam in the ’60’s and ’70’s) and they are right to call the hypocrisy of the USA.

    They intend to defend themselves by whatever means possible, and they have the right, and responsibility, to do so.

    Comment by Brian Harry, Australia | August 5, 2018 | Reply

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