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US creating basis for regional conflagration in Middle East: James Petras

Press TV – September 29, 2018

The United States is creating the basis for the regional conflagration in the Middle East by fortifying its circle around Iran, American writer and academic James Petras says.

The US State Department has endorsed the proposed sale of more than 800 tactical missiles to Bahrain amid the Al Khalifah regime’s heavy-handed crackdown on pro-democracy campaigners and political dissidents in the tiny Persian Gulf country.

The approval includes Guided Multiple Launch Rocket System (GMLRS) Unitary Rocket Pods and Army Tactical Missiles System (ATACMS) Unitary missiles for an estimated cost of $300 million, the Arabic-language al-Khaleej al-Jadeed news website reported on Saturday.

“Well, it’s part of the US setting up the aggressive policy; mainly it is directed against the government in Iran. And it’s largely responsible for encouraging this aggression with the addition of its support of Israel and Saudi Arabia,” Professor Petras said.

“It’s creating the basis for the regional conflagration. I don’t think anyone is aware of any danger to the small (Persian) Gulf state. They’re mainly there to serve the US, and to enrich the oligarchies that run those countries,” he added.

“They have no defensive function. They have no positive role to play. And they are forever condemned for their repression of their dissident populations,” the analyst said.

“So I think this is an act by the Trump administration to fortify its circle around Iran. It’s likely to force Iran to increase its defenses and its alliances in the region,” he added.

“I don’t think it has any positive function for the US to continue meddling the Middle East and causing new wars, new terrorists, and new instability in the region,” the academic concluded.

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  1. US creating basis for regional conflagration in Middle East: James Petras

    Gee, ya reckon? Catch up, would ya?


    Comment by tsisageya | September 30, 2018 | Reply

  2. Professor Petras’ wisdom and analyses are always right on the mark. My only wish here is that he had followed this thread of thought — “I don’t think it [i.e., this single/part-of-a-pattern act by the Trump Administration to sell missile systems to Bahrain] has any positive function for the US to continue meddling the Middle East and causing new wars, new terrorists, and new instability in the region” — with what I believe to be a truth. To wit: While there may not be any “positive function” for the *US,* I believe that there is without doubt a “positive function” [however malign to sane observers] in terms of the “full-spectrum global dominance” agenda pursued by the Zionist/Israel-first/neocon gang via the *US-Israel* “entangling alliance.” This is a major distinction that has its roots deep and in many offshoots: e.g., (i) the “divide and conquer” tactic that always schemes to exacerbate *political* Shia-Sunni strife as opposed to *religious* Shia-Sunni tensions; (ii) the parallel “dominate and control” tactic whereby — for the sole “positive” advantage of the Zionist entity so-called Israel as it and its agents maneuver to break, at all cost to include war(s) for its convenience, the Iran-Syria-(Iraq?)-Lebanon-Palestine arc of resistance to the above-noted Zionist “dominate and control” tactic. Sadly, the KSA has allowed itself, via at least a combination of non-sophistication and the youthful inexperienced hubris of MbSalman whose dalliance with the Zionist/Israel-first/neocon gang (—>uber-Zionist Jared Kushner), to be manipulated and sucked into the vortex, is a fraught development that has truly scary dimensions. And the scariest of those dimensions — to arrive at my never-neglected bottom line — is the ultimate “divide and conquer” and “control and dominate” strategy (broader than mere tactical maneuvering) that always has its goal of eliminating the pesky Palestinians from the equation. Once that goal is realized, the path will be wide open to bigger and better schemes (the *positive function” dimension central to the Zionist enterprise and its handmaiden USrael “entangling alliance”) in the region and then across the world (the world of “full-spectrum dominance”).

    Such is a brief outline of the direction toward which I wish Professor Petras had had time and focus to lead us. Perhaps another day, another opportunity….


    Comment by roberthstiver | September 30, 2018 | Reply

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