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Russian Sappers Departing for Laos to Clear Country of US Bombs – Reports

Sputnik – 10.10.2018

MOSCOW – The bomb squad of the Russian Armed Forces’ International Mine Action Center will depart for Laos to help the country clear out remaining unexploded US bombs from the Vietnam War later on Wednesday, local media reported.

The squad consists of 36 people, according to the Krasnaya Zvezda newspaper. The mission will last until March 2019, and will focus on clearing myriads of hard-to-find US bombs that pose a threat to local residents from the Laotian jungle, as chief of the engineer troops of the Russian Armed Forces Lt. Gen. Yury Stavitsky said last week.

The United States dropped some 260 million bombs on Laos between 1964 and 1973, according to experts. The Vietnam war, which began in 1964 and ended in 1975, killed about 3 million Vietnamese and over 58,000 US nationals, as well as many people in adjacent countries, including Cambodia and Laos.

US Army investigators secretly confirmed over 300 war crimes committed by the US military, including murder, torture, rape, corpse mutilation and indiscriminate fire in civilian areas, according to the Crimes of War Education Project.

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  1. THE ATMA BOMB (Atma is the nanonano minute spark of Brahm, the Totality of All Space Time & the here-after(s).

    The following are code(s)- there are more but this particular one applies now here) came up years ago when writing about ´inner´ experiences´ ´I´ went through:


    M= Memory

    E= Expectations

    X: the pyramid of which the Apex is your very own crown chakra

    The crown chakra is called the Brahmarandre in Sanskrit).

    Con-sciousness, in this respect, your unbounded I-consciousness, not your skin encapsuled ego consciousness.

    It acts as a symbol, a ball (in this respect every human body)is a ´samen balling´ – in Dutch clenching of the entire cosmic space.

    It is what JC (other Truth Seers have other terminologies for this) calls the Son of God.

    A son of (Wo)Man naturally becomes the Son of God when the brahmara(=bee in Sanskrit) of attention is drawn to the Brahmarandre (the Crownchakra) via the (je)-sushumna/di.

    The bee is 24/7 in search of honey. From flower to flower the bee zooms forth. No honey no bee. And every body´s (mental-emotional) attention is naturallemente (ik leer het al aardig dat Spanish) drawn to happiness.

    The sushumna is the middle channel , the Ida & Pingala are the other two.

    They act as if as ´thieves´ from the Greater Glory that God (S/He –It) has in store for every child born on this Sacred Earth.

    I see the historical happening of the JC crucifixion between 2 thieves at Golgotha as symbolic for this possible, potential inner process in every human being.

    The Cube when opened is the Cross.

    The average Son of (wo/man) whatever the geographical , social (political, economical) place s/he is situated in, is caught up in the working of the two channels that are functioning to give the ego-I-sense (centered somewhere in the physical mechanism, in the physical skull & heart).

    Without a skull the body stops functioning & also without heart.

    Other bodily parts in these satanic robotic times are replacable.

    The sadistic XXXL pathological brains behind these unhealthy trends- the Apex-apes of the Judas-sick parc- are acting as chickens without heads. Their days are numbered.

    Their Game is Over.

    Let the Divine Play which never started nor will it ever end be open to the attention of every wo/man born in Theater/Earth.

    CIA O

    Comment by Gabreal Jones | October 10, 2018 | Reply

  2. check out:

    Tony Nader Raam a Lebanese neurologist (read his background at page 3 of this flipbook is the author of this work.

    At page 10 you´ll see his discovery of Ganesha in e v e r y human physiology. Let the pics speak for themselves.

    Ganesha is the Elefantheaded God in the Vedic literature.

    Every body has this Cosmic Elephant in her/his head (as the brainstem). It controls every in-&-out going nerve traffic (thoughts, emotions, perceptions) to and from the brain. In the Veda´s Ganesha sits at the entrance of the cave of Shiva, which is the human brain.

    There are many techs , teachers in the spiritual supermarket. Take your pick.

    When this Elephant is fully awake within your God given body (after your mom & dad went to the Playground) it will
    give a clear view at the Elephant in the living room in todays world & how to lead it out of there without breaking too much porcelain.

    CIA O

    Comment by Gabreal Jones | October 11, 2018 | Reply

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