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First Senate bill of 2019 aims to protect Israel from boycott, report reveals

America last?

U.S. Senator Marco Rubio (R-FL) at the AIPAC policy conference in Washington, DC, U.S., March 6, 2018. © Reuters / Brian Snyder
RT | January 6, 2019

With the start of the 2019 legislative session, one might hope the US Senate would prioritize ending the two-week government shutdown. Instead, the Senate’s first bill of the year reportedly aims to protect Israel from boycotts.

According to The Intercept, the first piece of legislation to be rolled out by the 2019 GOP-controlled Senate will give the US government the authority to cut ties with companies that choose to boycott Israel. The not-very-America-first decree is part of a series of foreign policy-related measures which will make up S.1 – the designation given to the symbolically important first bill of the session.

The boycott-banning legislation has apparently taken precedence over the ongoing government shutdown – already the third-longest on record, shuttering nine departments and leaving hundreds of thousands of government workers without paychecks.

With Senator Marco Rubio (R-Florida) as the lead sponsor, the Combating BDS Act is expected to receive bipartisan support. Coincidentally, punishing corporations and individuals who support the BDS (Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions) movement is a top legislative priority for AIPAC, the powerful pro-Israel lobby. The bill was previously introduced (but never passed) last year, and gave state and local governments the authority to refuse to do business with US firms participating in a boycott against Israel. Similar anti-BDS legislation has already been adopted in 26 states. So far, two federal courts have ruled that punishing companies or individuals who boycott goods produced in Israel violates constitutionally-protected rights under the First Amendment.

S.1 is purportedly being specially drafted to avoid similar legal challenges – but has already come under fire from civil liberties groups. In a comment provided to The Intercept, the ACLU said that the bill would “weaken Americans’ First Amendment protections” and “sends a message to Americans that they will be penalized if they dare to disagree with their government” – or Israel, for that matter.

If the bill passes the Senate, it would then go before the Democrat-controlled House, where Nancy Pelosi may have to choose between her ardent support for Israel – or freedom of speech.

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  1. Can’t expect much from the American government, I fear: they’re in the pocket of the Zio lobby.


    Comment by traducteur | January 6, 2019 | Reply

  2. How Israel and its international conductors wage war. And this legislation is war. A war carried out by elected officials, for the benefit and sake of a foreign country.

    How these elected officials are loyal to a foreign country is the success of the war carried out at Israel’s behest.

    How Israel and its American conductors wages of war have taken over America.

    How cowed and cowardly Americans have become and will become if they are legislated to have this guarantee curtailed, on penalty of prosecution or loss of employment or whatever these war mongers will impose on America.

    Do Americans not see the treasonous act of war in this? Or if they do, are they too cowed and cowardly to defend themselves?


    Comment by michael | January 6, 2019 | Reply

    • Israel does not allow dual Passport Holders in it’s Knesset, but the USA allows Dual Passport holders to DOMINATE ITS Government, as well as Ultra Wealthy DONORS(read BRIBERY)to literally BUY AMERICA’S Politicians……..The USA has been “white Anted”, from within…..The USA is in DEEP PERIL from this Corruption.


      Comment by Brian Harry, Australia | January 6, 2019 | Reply

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