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Carey Wedler on Tulsi Gabbard’s Hope and Change

Corbett • 06/11/2019

Yay! Another politician seems to hold a correct opinion on an important policy issue. Time to give up on those silly anarchist ideals and vote for the CFR member who’s right about one thing (and wrong about a lot of things), right guys? Well, maybe not. Joining me today to discuss the important issue of Hope And Change 2.0 is Carey Wedler of The Anti-Media.

Interview 1249 – Carey Wedler on How Government $ach$ Won The (s)Election

Why do Democrats & the mainstream media hate this veteran & presidential candidate?

Tulsi on The War on Syria

Tulsi voted to fund the DoD war machine

Vote Tulsi for Sensible Gun Control!

Tulsi will protect Medicare and Social Security!

Wedler: Why I’m burning my last bridge with Obama

The Anti-Media

Carey Wedler on Steemit

Watch this video on BitChute / DTube / YouTube or Download the mp4

June 11, 2019 - Posted by | Militarism |

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  1. Is it just my 75-yo ears? I had a helluva time following Wedler’s patter — too fast, irritatingly pitched….

    As for Tulsi and all politicians: a pox on all of ’em.

    During this 25 minutes: not a word about Zionism or Palestine, the Palestine That Is Still THE Issue. Corbett, take note.

    Comment by roberthstiver | June 12, 2019 | Reply

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