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Only 19% of Americans want military strike on Iran

RT | June 25, 2019

Less than one quarter of Americans want the US to take military action against Iran, a new poll has found, amid rising tensions between Tehran and Washington.

The Hill-HarrisX survey revealed that 19 percent of voters want the US to launch a “limited military strike” on Iran — an action which the Trump administration said it considered but ultimately backed away from last week.

A more hawkish five percent of voters said they wanted the US to outright declare war on Iran, while another 19 percent of voters said they were unsure about what the US should do next.

The majority of respondents (58 percent), however, said they would prefer a non-military response to Iran’s shooting down of an American drone last week, which Tehran said had entered its airspace.

Forty-nine percent said they would like the US to “seek a negotiated solution” to the recent hostilities, while nine percent were less enthusiastic about engagement and feel the US should “do nothing.”

Broken down by party, only 16 percent of Democrats favored a military response, with 67 percent saying they wanted peaceful negotiations.

Republicans were more hawkish in their views, but only marginally. Thirty-one percent of GOP voters said they would like to see a limited military strike or declaration of war. Fifty percent said they would prefer a peaceful resolution.

Voters over the age of 65 were most reluctant to see the US go to war, with 60 percent against it. Some age groups were more open to a military response, but a majority in all age groups wanted to avoid conflict.

The poll results strengthen arguments made by some Trump supporters and sympathizers that launching military action against Iran would be unpopular with his base and could cost him during the 2020 election.

Trump campaigned heavily on the promise that he would end US regime change wars and conduct US foreign policy on an “America first” basis — a promise which many would view as broken if he entangled the US in a new military conflict in the Middle East.

Some of Trump’s top advisers, including National Security Advisor John Bolton and Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, have long-advocated for military engagement against Iran.

Trump has so far opted for non-military response to Iran, hitting Tehran with cyber attacks, fresh sanctions and employing a policy of “maximum pressure” designed to force Iran to submit to US demands.

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  1. If I were Iranian, “maximum pressure” would seem damned close to outright military pressure/war. Don’t “economic sanctions” — of dubious justification in most circumstances whereby a stronger party is willing to inflict great pain on a lesser in order to force the stronger’s will on the lesser’s sovereign actions — equate to acts of “economic war”? South Africa, of course, was an exception based on the oppression of “another’s” human rights, dignity, and lives. Likewise, of course, the Ziomonster’s monstrous treatment of the Palestinians….

    Comment by roberthstiver | June 25, 2019 | Reply

  2. “Only 19% of Americans want military strike on Iran”…….One can only hope that the American people are finally waking up to the propaganda that they have been subjected to over the years is exactly that, PROPAGANDA.
    You can only get away with “Weapons of Mass Destruction”…..”Palestinian terrorists”……”Syrian President is using Chemical Weapons against his own people”…….”Iran is a threat to world peace”, Blah Blah Blah……for a limited period of time before they get shown up as LIES….
    Does anyone in the USA REALLY believe ANYTHING that Pompeo, and Bolton says about anything??

    Comment by Brian Harry, Australia | June 26, 2019 | Reply

  3. 19%.
    that many jew and pet hagees in us of israel?

    Comment by 5 dancing shlomos | June 26, 2019 | Reply

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