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Israel lobbied US to drop F-35 deal with Turkey

MEMO | August 2, 2019

Israel secretly lobbied the US to block Turkey from purchasing its F-35 fighter jets in an effort to maintain its military edge in the region, according to Israeli media reports.

Tel Aviv began urging the White House to drop Ankara from its F-35 program soon after Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan approved the purchase of the S-400 missile defence system from Russia, Israeli Channel 12 reported yesterday.

“It put pressure on Washington to cancel the sale of advanced aircraft to Turkey,” it said.

Turkey was suspended from the F-35 program in July, with the US administration claiming the Russian S-400 would compromise the security of its F-35 jets. Turkey denies the claim, adding that for years it tried unsuccessfully to buy US Patriot missile defence before it turned to the S-400s.

While US President Donald Trump has resisted penalising Turkey over the S-400 issue, there has been pressure from Congress as well as his own administration to take measures against Turkey, including sanctions.

In the last two years, Israel started purchasing F-35s from the US, making it the only country in Middle East to own this type of fighter jet.

The Israeli government has signed agreements with US defence contractor Lockheed Martin to purchase at least 50 F-35 aircraft using US aid.

The aircraft will be delivered in batches of twos and threes through 2024.

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  1. Consider the second to the last paragraph and this, “… to purchase at least 50 F-35 aircraft using US aid.”

    Wow. It’s not a purchase if the payment for this military armament comes from “…using US aid.”

    If so, the payment of it is from the American taxpayer public. The arms and armament is paid by Americans. Through their federal income tax, then allotted to Israel.

    Americans: did you vote for this to be taken from your use? Did you authorize this money to be given to a foreign country?

    A county which is not your ally. What do you get from this alliance to Israel?

    What if these military planes are used for a new USSLiberty attack? A new Lavon Affair? And if there is ever shown to be an Israeli connection, a new World Trade Center false flag to manipulate America into another war for its benefit in the middle east?

    Americans: do you favor giving this money to Israel, or what Israel does with the money your Congress gives to it?

    If not, object. The elected of Congress are there to represent Americans. Not to favor and enact laws to enrich a foreign country, or to take part in the ever-expanding limitation to criticism of Israel, or to exercise your freedom of choice base upon moral considerations, to the extent that doing so will be judged a criminal offense?

    Your congress is not to represent foreign country and give such enormous money to a foreign country which spies upon you, steals from you in so many ways, exposed and in all probability to be exposed; influences your domestic affairs; directs your foreign policy to your detriment, to say nothing of its actions which are of such criminality to a people it murders, maims, imprisons without habeas corpus, seeks to ethnically expel, plunders the land of and brutalizes these non-citizen residents.

    This last inclusion is so overlooked by the way it is purposefully excluded from published reporting as to be non-existent. But it is certainly known beyond the kept press of America. And has built to such an extent that America is hated for it, as hated as is Israel, to which America’s commitment by now has made it complicit to the crimes.

    If that is what the Congress defends and promotes, then it defends injustice and promotes the limitation of what guarantees were enacted in the name of liberation to the freedom of its own establishment as an independent country in its War of Independence.

    America, if so, then if you haven’t already, you will lose your independence.


    Comment by michael | August 2, 2019 | Reply

  2. I’ve heard that the F35 has been described by Test Pilots as The “Flying Turd”….Not a promising sign.


    Comment by Brian Harry, Australia | August 2, 2019 | Reply

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