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  1. Jesus.

    I clicked on Phil’s link to the 400-assho*e/prostitute-signed May letter. Truly barf-bag time, this sentence is representative and evocative: “Russia’s destabilizing role only complements that of Iran – since Russia shows no willingness to expel Iranian forces from Syria.” IMAGINE: Russia’s role — of doing its best to STABILIZE Syria along the very lines supposedly making the letter-not-worth-the-name-letter a document of pertinence [to whose interests??] — is “destabilizing,” just as that “destabilizing role” … drumroll … “complements (the destabilizing role) of Iran.” And guess what?: Russia, INVITED by the sovereign nation of Syria to assist it in fending off insurgents/enemies-of-the-state of every imaginable persuasion, “…shows no willingness to expel Iranian forces…” — Iranian forces INVITED by the sovereign nation of Syria to similarly assist it in STABILIZATION of the country!!! This perfidious and prevaricating “letter” autographed by 400 assho*e/prostitutes is an insult to any even semi-intelligent mind…but of course there are FEW TO NO SEMI-INTELLIGENT {-cum-patriotic} MINDS in the US(raeli)/Zionist-Occupied Congress. Ahhh, the shame of it, and on my dime at that. (BTW, there are 535 congresscritters; I should do some research to determine which 135 chose NOT to sign the “letter”…probably 135 who were sick, or screwing an intern or two, or on a bed near death, but perhaps a few with a modicum of principle; for example, I’d bet that Betty McCollum (MN), while holding her nose in revulsion, refused to sign….)


    Thanks, Phil, for being you.


    Comment by roberthstiver | August 6, 2019 | Reply

  2. Complete agreement and appreciation. Consider just this:

    “…there is the problem of Congress itself, which is precisely the institution that has been most corrupted by Israel and Jewish money.”

    Corrupt, corrupt, corrupt.

    And consider that it votes such money to Israel. Is this ever something Americans voted to do? And consider what Israel does with this money. It is traitorously given to Israel without any say in amount or consideration from those who are taxed to allow Congress to give it away.

    These Congress people are traitorous; their allegiance is to a foreign country and the laws enacted at various government levels to prohibit or criminalize discussion on Israeli actions, that amounts to treason to the very freedoms fought and won by the Founders of America’s Bill of Rights and Constitution.

    Is that what you want, America?

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    Comment by michael | August 6, 2019 | Reply

  3. calling a synagogue of satan cult compound “Israel” is tantamount to Blasphemy

    modern day so-called “Jews” cannot be Israel…@ Genesis 49 – Deuteronomy 32&33.

    modern day so-called “Jews” are proselytes to the Synagogue of Satan

    {{{{BAD FAITH}}}} mass murder for filthy lucre global crime syndicate

    HATE JESUS religion called Talmudic Judaism…”JEWISH”.

    so-called “Jews” cannot be Israel.

    dig this chutzpah, …dallas cowboys can’t be washington redskins or pittsburgh steelers

    every ……single ……time….


    Comment by Anthony Clifton | August 6, 2019 | Reply

  4. “Today the Israel Lobby in the United States is far more powerful than it was in 1990, so much so that Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu actually boasts to his voters that he directs U.S. policy”.

    I bet he wasn’t trying to make a joke when he said that. You only have to look at America’s elected representatives, shamelessly giving “Nutty” 27 standing ovations when he addressed the Congress. You’ll never see a more GROVELLING exhibition as disgraceful as that in any other country on Earth.

    What has happened to America’s pride in itself??


    Comment by Brian Harry, Australia | August 6, 2019 | Reply

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