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Suicide (non-)watch: What we know about Jeffrey Epstein’s death… and what we don’t

RT | August 10, 2019

The apparent suicide of convicted sex offender Jeffrey Epstein immediately spawned allegations of prison negligence and even murder – and no wonder, given the confusing, scarce data available. Here’s what we know.

It’s been confirmed that Epstein was found dead in his cell in the special housing unit of New York’s Metropolitan Correctional Center on Saturday morning at around 6:30am EST.

‘Apparent suicide’

Lifesaving measures were “initiated immediately by responding staff,” and Epstein was transported to hospital, where he was pronounced dead, the Bureau of Prisons said on Saturday. The Bureau called his death an “apparent suicide,” althought an investigation has yet to determine this conclusively.

A number of officials told media outlets that Epstein had hanged himself in his cell, but no one, at the time of writing, has confirmed this publicly.

An FBI investigation has also been opened, and Attorney General William Barr later announced a Justice Department probe into Epstein’s death, which he also called an “apparent suicide.”

The 66-year-old, a convicted pedophile, had been held at the New York prison since his arrest last month on child sex trafficking and conspiracy charges. He pled not guilty to the charges, which carried a penalty of up to 45 years in prison.

Was he on suicide watch?

At the time of his death, Epstein was rumored to have been on suicide watch. According to Bureau of Prisons policy, inmates on suicide watch are to kept under “direct, continuous observation,” in a room that allows “unobstructed vision of the inmate at all times.”

Epstein was supposedly kept under this supervision after he was found semi-conscious on the floor of his cell two weeks ago, with marks on his neck. Speculation in the media immediately turned to how a man on suicide watch could have possibly killed himself. According to BOP policy, in addition to the constant monitoring, a suicidal inmate’s cell “may not have fixtures or architectural features” that would enable self-harm, such as hooks or bunks that could be used to tie a rope around.

However, one source told Reuters that Epstein had been taken off suicide watch some time since his first apparent attempt on his own life. Photos published by the New York Post lend some credence to this report, as they show Epstein’s body being wheeled into hospital on a gurney, clad in the standard-issue prison jumpsuit, instead of the paper dress or ‘suicide smock’ usually given to these inmates.

Camera malfunction?!

Regardless, inmates at MCC are said to be checked in on every 30 minutes throughout the night. When guards are away on their patrols, video surveillance usually picks up the slack. However, BOP policy does not mandate video surveillance of either suicide watch or regular cells.

According to a report by a former Al Qaeda prisoner however, MCC staff monitor high-security cells with two video cameras, one above the shower and another above the toilet or bed. Epstein had been kept in this same extra-security area of the prison, a New York Times source said.

Additionally, a BOP audit last year found that cameras are “placed strategically throughout the institution,” and are “sufficient” to ensure the safety of inmates and staff.

Rumors circulated on Saturday that the cameras supposedly monitoring Epstein had mysteriously “malfunctioned” at the time of his death, adding fuel to the theories of foul play already circulating. However, these rumors can be traced back to an unsubstantiated tweet by right wing commentator Michael Coudrey, which was picked up and spread by a suspicious public.

Though it may still emerge that there was a “camera malfunction” overnight, that claim has not yet been verified.

What happens next?

Pending further investigation, rumors will likely continue to circulate. Epstein’s death came at a suspicious time, occurring just one day after court documents were unsealed alleging that Epstein procured young girls for some of the world’s most powerful and wealthiest men, including British Prince Andrew, billionaire investor Glenn Dubin, former New Mexico Governor Bill Richardson, and a number of other unnamed foreign political and business figures.

As Epstein was the only defendant in the case against him, the trail now goes cold.

However, in a court filing last month, the government said it was pursuing an “ongoing investigation of uncharged individuals” connected to Epstein, and a source told Reuters on Saturday that the investigation will continue despite Epstein’s death.

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  1. Zadra#424472
    Epstein’s “suicide” could be faked by white hats. Done to get more eyes on the new docs and move up timeline of trial (was next June). And take over the news cycles with these false flag shootings.

    Everything of Epstein’s is now admissible in the case, defendants can no longer motion to suppress evidence. For example no one else will have standing to challenge the search warrant on Epsteins house.

    10 Reply
    August 10, 2019 11:49 PM
    From comment section of


    Comment by Leland Roth | August 10, 2019 | Reply

  2. Even RT discredits itself by failing to so much as mention “intelligence.” Disgraced and now-resigned SECLABOR Acosta had backed off serious pursuit of PedoEpstein ~10 years ago while a FL prosecutor because (paraphrase) “Epstein belonged to ‘intelligence’.” Surely that’s “intelligence” spelled M,o,s,s,a,d .

    Given this “system rot,” all at the end of every day the products of the USraeli “entangling alliance,” how can the Palestinians ever possibly be accorded even a measure of the justice due them? Pity them, pity the young girls and women violated (Epsteined) by these criminal bastards…but don’t pity, e.g., the Ziobitch Ghislane Maxwell.


    Comment by roberthstiver | August 10, 2019 | Reply

  3. “Rumors circulated on Saturday that the cameras supposedly monitoring Epstein had mysteriously “malfunctioned” at the time of his death,

    Sound like the explanation that “NORAD was shut down for 1 hour when “9/11” happened.???

    Also, Epstein was in a position to “Take Down” lots of very important people when his trial went ahead. Now, “those people” can relax, and not have to face the courts as well.
    Epstein’s death has allowed lots of people to breathe easy.


    Comment by Brian Harry, Australia | August 10, 2019 | Reply

  4. Prisons are one of the easiest places for the Deep State to bump you off these days


    Comment by brianconcannon | August 10, 2019 | Reply

  5. Epstein was arguably the most important prisoner that prison had held in decades, if ever. The level of blackmail of business and political leaders far outweighs Mafia or terrorists. We were about to uncover a level of corruption that boggles the mind. Maybe something will happen but it seems remote at present.

    An honest government would investigate every guard, etc in that prison for the rest of their lives to make sure their standards of living didn’t magically jump a few levels.


    Comment by GGH | August 11, 2019 | Reply

  6. Put Hillary and Billary in a cell together. NO CAMERAS, Sorry. If I saw Hillary naked I might laugh like her while I’m hanging myself. Let’s see which one commits suicide or murder first. First one dead wins. If suicide my money is on Billary; if Hillary is murdered first then it’s justifiable homicide and the winner is Hillary. If it’s a murder/suicide the entire country wins.


    Comment by Viet Ed | August 11, 2019 | Reply

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