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If Iran behind attack, ‘US military worthless’ – Tehran prof

RT America | September 18, 2019

Prof. Mohammed Marandi of the University of Tehran joins Michele Greenstein (in for Rick Sanchez) to discuss Washington’s claim that Iran is behind the recent Saudi oil attack. He said that if Iran is truly behind the attack then it means that the US military presence in the region is “worthless.” He also argues that Iran’s response to a US attack would cause the US to “lose its key client regimes.”

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  1. That guy makes a lot of sense, while the American claims that “It was all Iran’s fault” is SO predictable. “They would(and do)say that, wouldn’t they”? The USA has been Bad Mouthing Iran ever since the Iranians kicked out Britain and the USA’s STOOGE, The Shah.
    Netanyahu has done the same…..Who would you trust out of Pompeo, Netanyahu and the legitimate government of Iran?


    Comment by Brian Harry, Australia | September 18, 2019 | Reply

  2. Excellent interview, but I admit it: I see a Zionist behind every bush…. (If ideological/colonial Zionism hadn’t invaded the Middle East in the 20th Century and hadn’t been ever since engaged — with its cleverly fashioned USrael “entangled alliance” — in disruptions and sowing chaos here, there and everywhere overtly and covertly, what would the Mideast landscape look like in this 21st Century? I certify to rational readers that the goosed Sunni-Shia divide would be no more than a (geopolitical) manageable rivalry, Palestine would be a proud and productive member of the global family of nations, Iraq and Syria and Lebanon would be hubs of wealth and models of infrastructure, Egypt would not be a bribe-sucking embarrassment to humanity, etc. KSA?–I was there in the mid-’70s and felt great promise in its leadership, commerce, development, diversification, vitality and maturing potentials along a declining fundamentalist-theological trajectory. Iran?–1953-cum-1979 have turned out to be tragic legacies of the Zionist-plus-discredited-concurrent-Western colonial scourges.)


    Comment by roberthstiver | September 18, 2019 | Reply

  3. They have to eliminate Iran, (and Yemen) in order to fulfill the 70 year, (if not longer) Odid Yinon Plan/Greater israel Project. And as the stripes on the israeli flag indicate; all territory between the Nile and Euphrates Rivers. Which includes: all of Palestine, Lebanon, Jordan and Syria and parts of egypt, saudi arabia and most of Iraq.


    Comment by Wildman 100% | September 20, 2019 | Reply

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