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Hamas: We are ready for comprehensive general elections

Palestine Information Center – September 28, 2019

GAZA – The Hamas Movement has announced its acceptance of calls for holding a comprehensive general elections for the presidency, the Palestinian Legislative Council and the National Council.

However, it stressed the need for a national consensus on the mechanisms for the success of these elections.

“We followed Mahmoud Abbas’s speech at the UN General Assembly, in which he conveyed the Palestinian people’s suffering from injustice as a result of the Israeli occupation and its ongoing crimes and the blatant American bias in favor of the occupation and expressed his rejection of the American deal of the century,” Hamas said in a press release on Thursday.

Hamas criticized Abbas for clinging to the peace process and the illusion of negotiation with the occupation, urging him to renounce the disastrous accords of Oslo and to leave what it called the square of political settlement which proved failure and caused damage to the Palestinian cause.

“In light of what Mahmoud Abbas said about his intention to call for general elections after his return to Ramallah and out of the national need to pool the efforts in the face of the current serious challenges, especially the deal of the century, Hamas declares its readiness for comprehensive general elections,” its statement underlined.

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