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US holding Iranian stem cell scientist for nearly a year without trial

Top Iranian stem cell scientist Dr. Masoud Soleimani

Renowned Iranian stem cell scientist Dr. Masoud Soleimani
Press TV – September 28, 2019

Top Iranian stem cell scientist Dr. Masoud Soleimani has been behind bars in the United States without trial for nearly a year.

Soleimani, a professor and biomedical researcher at Tarbiat Modares University (TMU) in Tehran, was arrested by the US Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) upon his arrival in the US in October last year.

Soleimani had been invited by the Mayo Clinic in Minnesota for leading a research program there, but he was secretly indicted by the FBI, which also canceled his research visa.

According to his Atlanta attorney, Leonard Franco, he has since been held behind bars in a jail in Atlanta without bond.

Prosecutors in Atlanta have accused him and two of his former students of conspiring and attempting to export vials of human growth hormone from the US to Iran without authorization, in violation of US sanctions.

The two students were charged in a court and released after posting bail because they held US citizenship.

According to Soleimani’s lawyer, the human growth hormone is not banned in the US or Iran and was being used “exclusively for medical research,” which is still considered largely exempt from US sanctions.

Meanwhile, the head of Tarbiat Moddares University, Mohammad Taqi Ahmadi, has dismissed prosecutors’ claims as “ridiculous and unacceptable,” calling Soleimani’s detention a “harassment operation.”

Earlier this month, Ahmadi expressed deep concern over the dire situation of Dr. Soleimani, saying he was not in desirable conditions in jail and that all academics, even in the US, condemn his detention.

The scientist’s brother, Rasoul, also said professor Soleimani’s health condition had aggravated and his eyesight had gotten worse in detention.

He said that his brother was unaware of his mother’s recent death and was waiting for his release while their father did not know about his brother’s detention.

He said that Iranian officials were following up on the issue, adding that the Foreign Ministry and Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif were updating his family on the measures taken so far.

He appealed to executive bodies, scientific and members of the media to help secure the release of the Iranian scientist.

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  1. I thought they couldn’t hold you without charge or trial (unless, of course, you’re a goy in Occupied Palestine). Isn’t there something called habeas corpus?


    Comment by traducteur | September 28, 2019 | Reply

  2. And habeas corpus for a non-citizen was determined as a basic right, as a decision relative to an enemy combatant, in 2008 by the United States Supreme Court, Boumediene v. Bush. Habeas corpus, as a process, or procedure which prevents the government from holding the accused indefinitely without showing cause, is abused in this case. A sanction against Iran is the ‘accusation’. What law has been violated is foggy, at best.

    This is one more way by which the United States is waging war.

    This way is a blight, a transgression and a violation upon the rights guaranteed to someone upon the soil of America.

    Another crime made possible by those who are in charge of upholding the Constitution and Bill of Rights.

    The same is underway, by which an American citizen must swear allegiance to Israel, or to criticize Israel will be deemed a crime, under the guise of anti-Semitism.

    In the first case, this incarceration must be appealing to Israel and its Zionist partisans in America. But what do they care? They and any of their dual-citizen partisans are only concerned with advancing Israel.


    Comment by michel | September 28, 2019 | Reply

  3. The USA & Israel have stated many times that they are exempt from International law.

    A new practice for US employees is having to sign a loyalty pledge to Israel as an employment requirement in many States in the U.S,maybe one of the last nails in the coffin for our “Shining city on a hill ” as the Empire destroys itself..


    Comment by trueman2u | September 29, 2019 | Reply

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