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NY Times Removes Race Context After Black Girl Admits Faking Hate Crime

To hide the fact they amplified another race hate hoax

By Paul Joseph Watson | Infowars | September 30, 2019

After a 12-year-old African-American girl admitted she lied about a group of white boys cutting off her dreadlocks, the New York Times decided to strip the fact that the accused were “white” from its follow up headline.

The global mainstream media, as well as lawmakers like Rashida Tlaib, amplified Amari Allen’s falsehood after she claimed that three white male classmates had pinned her down, called her “nappy” and “ugly” and cut her hair.

This prompted a wave of sympathy for Allen, a lucrative GoFundMe, and a volley of resentment towards young white men.

In the vast majority of these media reports, the fact that the boys were white was included in the headline.

It subsequently emerged that Allen had faked the entire story, with her grandparents today apologizing to those falsely accused.

However, in the media reports that carried the update to the story, the fact that the entire narrative was predicated on the incident being a racist hate crime was stripped from the story.

In its initial report on the issue, the New York Times headline read ‘Black Virginia Girl Says White Classmates Cut Her Dreadlocks on Playground’.

However, in the follow up story, the headline read ‘Virginia Girl Recants Story of Boys Cutting Off Her Dreadlocks’.

The media seems very keen to obscure the fact that they helped inflate yet another race hate hoax that turned out to be nothing but hot air.

“The most noteworthy part of this story is this girl allegedly getting a bit of her hair cut off made international news while the murder of John Weed was ignored,” comments Chris Menahan.

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  1. I am frankly surprised at Alethonews posting an article by this staunch Jewish ZIONIST Israeli Firster, Paul Joseph Watson who works alongside the other pro Israeli gatekeeper loud mouth Alex Jones of the infamous Infowars..
    They pretend to be Truthers in the Alternative Truth Movement but have proven to be Jewish/Zionist Propagandists who 100% support the Terrorist racist Entity- Israel
    I am expect better from Alethonews which is one of the best websites around.

    Liked by 1 person

    Comment by Maisoon | October 2, 2019 | Reply

    • Over a long enough time frame you will even see links to NYT pieces even including snippets at Aletho News. NYT! Where are the complaints?

      It seems no one else but Watson saw fit to call this fake news out.

      I don’t agree with FAIR on many subjects either but still use them also when they are lone challengers of propaganda.

      Liked by 1 person

      Comment by aletho | October 2, 2019 | Reply

  2. If a Jew tells the truth it is still the truth. What’s the problem? Scumbags are known by what they do not what they are.

    Liked by 1 person

    Comment by GGH | October 2, 2019 | Reply

  3. The Jew York Times once again shows its hand. Destruction of YT is the goal of all Jews. Tikam Olum is just another Hebrew phrase meaning “Today New York, Tomorrow the World!”


    Comment by Reinhard | October 2, 2019 | Reply

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