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Lecturing the ‘peons’? Pelosi blames voter disenchantment on outside forces who ‘poisoned’ social media

RT | October 27, 2019

Dark forces have tainted social media and turned optimistic, hopeful, Americans into unhappy voters, Nancy Pelosi has conveniently claimed. The House Speaker’s explanation for the current political mood did not impress Twitter.

The senior Democratic lawmaker told a crowd in Iowa on Saturday that any negative or ambivalent feelings about US politics likely stems from actors “inside and outside” the country who have “poisoned” social media.

[They use social media to] undermine the mindset of what is America. America is optimistic, entrepreneurial, about the American dream and things can be better. And what they do with their poison is discourage – ‘nobody is paying attention to you, it’s no use for you to vote.’

Paraphrasing Pelosi’s rather disjointed remarks, journalist Michael Tracey noted: “So if social media makes you pessimistic, you are the victim of ‘interference’ rather than a critical thinker.”

Her comments elicited considerable internet heckling, with Twitter users accusing Pelosi of deflecting criticism of her party.

Others suggested that Pelosi was just bitter that social media users don’t take orders from her “oligarch masters” – making the platforms far harder to control than traditional news outlets.

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  1. It’s the Democrats who are fault not Trump or the media. “What have you got to lose” is the point. The Democrats are not looking out for the 99%. The Republicans and Democrats have sold out to the rich. In the past it was only a partial sell out now it is total by both sides. If state and federal laws weren’t rigged for the 2 party system a rational 3rd party would blow them out of the water in short order..


    Comment by GGH | October 27, 2019 | Reply

  2. Good that there are some, a bare few, who mock this half of the duopoly. We Americans badly need a viable third- or fourth-party alternative. But it’s not gonna happen.

    Killary, now Pelosi, ad infinitum, blaming anything/anyone but themselves for the decline and fall of Empire America. Both are avowed and practicing [bought-and-paid] Zionists who put the interests of the Ziomonster and its ideological and hydra-headed daily-life partners ahead of any other allegiance: that is where patriotic and thinking Americans need to direct their ire. But it’s not gonna happen.

    (I guess I could partially make my point by asking “Were there any in the ‘crowd in Iowa’ who had the courage to take on Pelosi?” Betcha not….)


    Comment by roberthstiver | October 27, 2019 | Reply

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