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UK election – victory for English Nationalism under the banner of Brexit

By Johanna Ross | December 13, 2019

Overnight the electoral map of the UK has changed significantly. Scotland is once again bathed in a sea of yellow, as England has been shrouded in blue. With the Scottish National Party obtaining 45% of the vote north of the border, and the Conservatives only 25% it is clear not only is there no mandate for Brexit in Scotland, but as leader Nicola Sturgeon has said, there is now very much a mandate for holding a second referendum on Scottish Independence.

England, on the other hand has put its support resoundingly behind Prime Minister Boris Johnson and his mantra of ‘Get Brexit Done’. With a remarkable 364 seats, as opposed to Labour’s 203 – its worst performance since 1935 – he proclaimed that a ‘political earthquake’ had occurred and that he would end all the squabbling of the last few years he would take the country out of the EU ‘no ifs and no buts’. This was a message that appealed to the majority, clearly sickened by the deadlock of Brexit. Despite the radical spending programme proposed by the Labour party, this election ended up being, as it was promoted, all about Brexit.

And this takes us to the broader context of what is in fact happening in the UK. Indeed, it’s important to see this election in the wider European political landscape. This was not just a Conservative party win, but a victory for nationalism. Not just Scottish Nationalism, but English Nationalism under the banner of Brexit, and Welsh and Irish Nationalism. For the first time ever, Northern Ireland elected more Nationalist MPs than Unionist, in what was also, like Scotland, an anti-Brexit vote, which will spur on more talk of Irish reunification. Welsh Nationalist party Plaid Cymru also held on to its four seats in Wales.

So while it may be portrayed as a landslide victory for the Conservatives, this election more than ever has shown up the cracks forming in the Union. Scottish Nationalism appears to be on an irreversible path to independence, with the question now being not if there will be a referendum on independence, but when. The strong Remain vote up north has only boosted the case for leaving the UK, as Scotland places more importance on being part of Europe, than being part of Britain. England, for its part, has clearly put more emphasis on being out of Europe, than it has on retaining the Union.

Indeed, looking at the western world in general, the popularity of nationalist and right-wing parties is undisputedly on the rise. The AfD in Germany, the National Front in France or Vox in Spain – these parties are all gaining popularity, just as Trump has in the US. And together with Johnson’s Conservatism, they all have something in common, that ‘populist’ appeal that really gets its message across. For regardless of their party leaders’ sins (Boris Johnson has been repeatedly been lambasted as a liar, racist, and misogynist), they have not been enough to deter voters, for whom clearly the nation state is what matters most.

There’s no doubt that Brexit has been a shock for the EU. Arguably Britain had always been a hesitant member, refusing to join the Euro, or join the Schengen zone (which allows borderless travel between states); it never quite developed that European mindset. But the Brexit vote took EU politicians by surprise, sending shockwaves across a Union already under pressure from Eurosceptic parties. They will no doubt breathe a sigh of relief in Brussels that the Brexit stalemate will now be broken with Boris Johnson’s parliamentary majority – finally a deal can be passed – but the reality that one of their major players finally leaving must be making them nervous.

Boris Johnson put faith in the people, and the gamble paid off. But whether he appreciates the real seismic consequences of this ‘political earthquake’ is another question. For cracks are not only emerging between Britain and Europe, but across the United Kingdom itself. It’s the price to be paid for Brexit.

Johanna Ross is a journalist based in Edinburgh, Scotland.

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  1. If Corbyn had campaigned for Brexit, against Zionists, against fractional reserve banking and arms sales to Saudi he would certainly have had a chance of gaining my vote. As for independencem, bring it on for everybody. Governments will be smaller and less able to cause wars and the comedy value of Sturgeon actually having to keep at least some of her promises would be immense.


    Comment by Dave | December 13, 2019 | Reply

  2. I find it interesting that this writer failed to mention the ISRAELI Connection and meddling or the smearing campaign carried out by the influential Zionist Board of Jewish Deputies {BJD] who incited mistrust of Corbyn instructing British Jews not to vote for him at all as he would be a threat to Israel’s power in the UK even though Corbyn is himself partly Jewish but his sympathies for Palestinians was his downfall and yet he capitulated on many issues to the Board. No one discusses openly how Corbyn when standing for Labour Leader had to pay a mandatory visit to the BJD to get their seal of approval as did the Zionist Mayor Sadiq Khan.

    These white so called Nationalist voters wishing to protect their Englishness have no idea just what they have done by currying support for the Phony Bojo who will sell the soul of the UK not only to Israel whom he 100% represents and is a dual national, but also to American Insurance and Medical Corporations who will suck the blood of the British and destroy the National Health Service and impoverish the British people even more.
    They seriously are totally blind to what they have done although I still suspect that the Election was rigged in many ways by Israeli and BJD operatives to ensure a Bojo ‘victory’
    Bojo is and always has been an Israeli Firster, an avowed Jewish Zionist, originally Jewish immigrant from Turkey whose family changed their surname upon reaching the shores of Britain and USA and who also have Russian lineage , [no doubt Khazarian Jews- Boris Johnson has Jewish ancestry and volunteered on an Israeli kibbutz
    New UK Prime Minister Descended From Rabbi, ‘Feels Jewish’ –
    People in this country are in for a shocking rude awakening for next 5 years with the Israeli and BJD installation of an openly Jewish and staunchly Zionist Prime Minister. Welcome to Zionist Fascism under the guise of ‘nationalism!!
    My vote for Labour would have been totally wasted as I live in a very staunch Zionist pro Israel Conservative Borough that has not changed in decades not giving me hope for true democratic change and fairness.
    We are run by Criminals, Corporations, Banksters and Sexual Perverts in our phony & Political illusory democracy

    What a sad and worrisome tragedy for all Brits.


    Comment by 'Hope' | December 14, 2019 | Reply

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