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Tel Aviv calls for Gulf States to unite with Israel against Iran

MEMO | January 11, 2020

Former Israeli communication minister, Ayoob Kara, has called for the Gulf States to form a security and economic “union” with Israel, to stand against Iran at all levels, Shehab News Agency reported on Friday.

Kara, who is very close to the Israeli prime minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, posted on Twitter that the goal of this “union” is to be a “strong front in the face of Iranian evil.”

The tweet came after the Iranian declaration that Iran would turn its hostile arms against Haifa and Dubai. In his tweet, Kara announces: “It is time that the States of the Arab Gulf come together with Israel in a security and economic union to stand against Iran’s threats in the Middle East.”


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  1. “Iranian Evil”? That’s the Pot calling the Kettle black. Has he forgotten the Iranian Airliner, shot down by the USS Vincennes in 1988? Hasn’t anyone told him about Donald Trump authorising the Ambush and assassination of the Iranian General just a few days ago?

    When an Israeli politician calls Iran “Evil” there’s a heavy element of utter hypocrisy in the charge…..Israel’s credibility in these matters is ZERO.


    Comment by Brian Harry, Australia | January 11, 2020 | Reply

  2. Without reading beyond the title, which tells so much in itself, what if it was Tehran who “…calls for Gulf States to unite with Iran against Israel”?

    The gall, the relentless war waged by Israel upon any and every perceived, made or is to be made is a threat to world stability and peace.

    The Israeli war upon Palestine, upon the neighborhood of Palestine is some 70 years old. It is the oldest, continuous war of the last century: an on-going, encompassing and devouring war. A war by a state that claims to be what it is not (a democracy), by a people who claim to be what they aren’t (a people without a land for a land without a people) and urging an alliance of mutual defense (a defense for its offensive actions of 70 plus years) which it will only give for its own benefit (what benefit came to the murdered and surviving US sailors of the USSLiberty).

    When will America throw off the shackles of this preposterous deception?


    Comment by michael | January 11, 2020 | Reply

  3. Because allying with the Jews – uh, I mean Israelis – has never backfired for anyone ever.


    Comment by Aaron | January 11, 2020 | Reply

  4. “…allying…has never backfired for anyone ever.” Really? And what a strange word, “backfired.” The meaning of the third comment is unclear, but if it is to say that “allying” with Israel has always been good, then it is false. It is a lie.

    Historically, the “allying” has produced so many “backfires” as to be countless. A few:

    Ask the killed, the wounded and the survivors of the USSLiberty if their allying “backfired” for them. And the resistance to acknowledge and compensate is another product of Israeli intransigence, influence, and Israeli machination to call it “A terrible mistake,” does not admit to the crime. And the influence continues into the present, for how or what to make of the influence upon the American Legion to deny dissemination of information regarding this warring attack from being allowed at their conventions.

    Going back further in time, for nationals other than American, ask Count Folke Bernadotte and his dependents or survivors, if his efforts for peace “backfired” by his murder by Israeli agents, for surely his efforts were to establish a just future for both, so in effect, he was allying with Israel to the end as he was committed.

    Ask the original inhabitants Palestinians and Christians of the country of Palestine, who expected or hoped the Balfour Declaration forced upon them was an ‘allying’ to any promise of what it originally expressed and even intended, whether it “backfired.” The resulting that followed, ask if they, “Did not exist,” as declared by numerous Israeli prime ministers and whether their unwilling “allying” and hope came to pass. To this day, at various times, Israeli officials or partisans will say that Palestinians do not exist.

    And regarding their descendants, ask those confined to a brutality inside what is now called Israel, those subjected to as horrible a repression as any inflicted upon a subjugated people anywhere in the twentieth century, and include to ask their descendants outside of the country which declares itself for Jews only, ask them if “allying” has done them anything much other than imprisonment, torture, maiming, murdering and theft of their land, their rights and their future expelling from Palestine, as is the ultimate goal of “Greater Israel.”

    Ask the American public if it would rather have the billions of their tax-payer money which is appropriated as foreign aid to Israel, ask what they have had anything in return upon that, other than America’s loss of what that money and what it could do for America and Americans, other than the hatred directed toward them by the countries suffering from Israeli aggression and hegemony, ask whether it “backfired.”

    Ask the people of America if they have reason and evidence to suspect an Israeli involvement in the attack on the World Trade Center, whether allying with Israel “backfired.” Unless you ally with Netanyahu’s statement that the attack, “…was good for Israel.”

    Ask if Americans were sacrificed because of the allying to the likes of Jonathan Pollard and whether it “backfired.”

    Dig a little into the very suspicious and substantial evidence regarding the assassination of JFK, whether there is reason to suspect the benefit to Israel was reason for its involvement.

    And, as for the future, the allying–as worked out by Israel and its partisans–between the United States for Israel, the more America is drawn into presenting itself as a buffer and protector of Israel, the more America will caterwaul into a war on Israel’s behalf.

    Israel is not an ally. It is the opposite.


    Comment by michael | January 12, 2020 | Reply

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