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Israeli court orders Facebook to unblock account of NSO Group employee

MEMO | February 18, 2020

A Tel Aviv court ordered Facebook Inc to unblock the private account of a worker at Israeli surveillance company NSO Group, and similar rulings are expected for other employees in the coming days, an NSO spokeswoman said on Tuesday.

A group of NSO employees filed suit against Facebook in November, saying the social media giant had unfairly blocked their private accounts when it sued NSO in October.

Facebook-owned messaging service WhatsApp accused the Israeli firm of helping government spies break into the phones of about 1,400 users in a hacking spree targeting diplomats, political dissidents, journalists and senior government officials across the globe.

The NSO employees said their Facebook and Instagram accounts, and also those of former workers and family members, had been blocked.

Ruling on their complaint, Tel Aviv District Court ordered the account of one employee to be restored by Wednesday afternoon.

“We are certain that following the court’s unequivocal statements, Facebook will reverse the action it took against other employees,” the NSO spokeswoman said.

Facebook officials could not immediately comment.

The company said in November it had disabled “relevant accounts” after attributing a “sophisticated cyber attack” to the NSO Group and its employees, saying the measure was necessary for security reasons.

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  1. Why does FB have to do anything ordered by an Israeli court? They can disregard the order but then face the vengeance of Mossad which wants to be able to tap phones so as to gather “dirt” on higher profile people which they can then use to extort cooperation from the individual. It is the MO of the Jewish State. The Israeli Court and the Israeli Govt. are both racketeers and hoodlums: Israel is never a country in reality but rather a staging area for infiltration of world governments.

    I am reminded that the best and brightest did not relocate to Israel after 1948. Einstein stayed away as did Freud. They surely must have had apprehensions about this “State”.

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    Comment by ontogram | February 18, 2020 | Reply

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