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Crippling lockdown on Kashmir surpasses 200 days

By Javed Rana – Press TV – February 21, 2020

The crippling security and communications lockdown in the Muslim-majority Indian disputed Kashmir region has entered its 200 days. Nearly 900,000 military and paramilitary troops are deployed to prevent mass agitation since August 5 last year when New Delhi revoked Kashmir’s special status and forcibly annexed it into India.

The controversial merger of the disputed territory was in defiance of eleven UN Security Council resolutions which call for a plebiscite to allow Kashmiris to decide on whether they want to stay with India or join Pakistan.

Since then, the top Kashmiri leaders including three former chief ministers have been imprisoned. In their absence, the second tier leaders held press conference in Islamabad to inform the world of what India seeks to hide.

India has banned the entry of independent journalists, human rights activists, observers and even many western politicians from entering into disputed Kashmir region.

Kashmiri leaders believe that the Indian government has been deliberately crippling the economy to create adverse conditions for Kashmiris to force them to sell their properties to Hindu businessmen. This, they say, is aimed at altering the demography of the Muslim-majority state.

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  1. This is indescribable. I should/must learn more about Kashmir’s torment (kudos to Press TV and Aletho News!). WTF is Prick Pompeo doing? To answer my own question, it seems evident that, just as Bully Trump and Bully Satanyahu get their rocks off effing the Palestinians — and just as Bully Trump has shown his solidarity with like-minded bullies around the world — Bully Trump and Bully Modi are happy effing the Kashmiris. Prick Pompeo is Bully Trump’s point man, so…voila. WTF is the United Nations doing? Nada.

    At home in the former land of the free and home of the brave, if the Democrats would cease blaming Russia for their own ineptitude and failure to coalesce into a true “for the people (*all* people)” party opposing the MIC, Zionists and like ilk, the Palestines and Kashmirs of the world might have a chance. But Money (Mega-Billions Zionist Mammon, principally, spread cleverly across the political landscape) has a certain ring and allure to it, so truth, justice, law, support for “the least of us,” peace et al need not apply.


    Comment by roberthstiver | February 22, 2020 | Reply

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