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Report details Israel’s February violations against Palestinian media

MEMO | March 2, 2020

The Journalists’ Support Committee (JSC) reported on Sunday that Israel committed 84 violations against Palestinian media during February.

The JSC said that Israeli occupation forces wounded 24 Palestinian journalists by shooting steel-coated rubber bullets at them while they were carrying out their work.

Israel also tried to prevent Palestinian journalists from covering the violations committed by its occupation forces.

As part of these efforts, the Israeli occupation forces arrested eight Palestinian journalists. Although four were released, the other four are still in prison.

The detention of five other journalists was extended by the occupation authorities during February.

The JSC pointed out that at least six Palestinian journalists being held by Israel have been prevented from meeting their lawyers and subjected to harsh interrogation, including verbal and physical abuse.

In the report, it was revealed that the Israeli occupation imposed very high fines on four Palestinian journalists before putting them under house arrest or expelling them from their home cities.

Journalists have been beaten by security forces and prevented from travelling in the course of their work.

Employment and Press accreditation documents have been confiscated by Israel.

Meanwhile, Israel is continuing to put pressure on social media sites to censor anything remotely pro-Palestine. Many journalists’ and media accounts have been suspended or closed accounts.

Ironically, three Palestinian journalists from the occupied West Bank, said the JSC, were taken before Israeli courts on the day that the Committee’s report was issued.

According to rights groups, there are 22 Palestinian journalists inside Israeli jails. There are around 5,500 Palestinians prisoners being held by Israel, including 42 women and girls, 250 children, 450 under administrative detention and around 1,000 in need of urgent medical care.

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  1. Israel was founded through criminal means and criminality has marked all of its history to date. They think nothing of disregarding international laws and human rights standards. They even commit piracy on the seas. And they wonder why the world loathes this state and its ersatz citizens.


    Comment by ontogram | March 2, 2020 | Reply

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