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The American Occupation of Iran 1941-1978

Tales of the American Empire

American control of Iran began in 1941 when the United States provided military aid to allow the British to invade Iran to seize its oil. Britain could no longer pay Iran royalties on oil production, so decided to steal it.

The British joined the Soviets to invade and partition Iran, in the same manner the Germans had joined the Soviets to partition Poland in 1939.

The United States pretended it was neutral in this conquest, but massive American military aid made this invasion possible. During the World War II, Iran was occupied by some 30,000 American troops.

Americans filled key positions in Iran’s government, so the nation functioned as a colony of the American empire.

After the war ended, most American troops were withdrawn, but thousands of soldiers and civilians remained to advise the Iranian government, military, and police to support the dictator they had installed.

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  1. Another Coup d’Etat, engineered by the British and the CIA…One of many over the years, particularly in, but not confined to, South America. When you hear deranged lunatics like Mike Pompeo(we lied we cheated we stole) spitting venom at Iran, or any other country, you know the wheels are in motion for another crime against DEMOCRACY, by the World’s Champions, the USA, and the British.

    They even engineered a Coup d’Etat in Australia in 1975 when our Democratically Elected Labour government of Gough Whitlam was “Kicked Out” of office(with “The Dirty Digger” Rupert Murdoch providing an avalanche of NEGATIVE PROPAGANDA against Whitlam.

    The Fascist USA gets rid of “Democratically Elected” Left Wing Governments, without even the slightest embarrassment at how UNDEMOCRATIC it is, or how deeply hypocritical it is.


    Comment by brianharryaustralia | April 5, 2020 | Reply

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