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  1. Anyone who plays the “white racism” conspiracy card without noting that whites have been as victimized by what is in reality a “white” racist + Hebrew racist (Zionist) conspiracy as anyone loses all credibility. Extra points off if the person doing this is coming from the Marxist perspective, which is and always was nothing but a Zionist inside job against Russia and the world.

    You’re attacking Moore for being a white liberal, and he deserves to be attacked because so many white liberals have been in bed with stunted Hebrew “liberals” for such a long time. But so have white Marxists. So have all Marxists. The entire bed was built by Hebrew racists.

    Zionists are stunted, infantile trouble makers, money or status worshipers, and when it comes to it, self-serving totalitarians. Zero human progress can be made with Zionists and people stupid, greedy, power mad and themselves stunted enough to get into bed with them.

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    Comment by Chris Moore | May 3, 2020 | Reply

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