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Now that Michael Flynn is free, Trump may be tempted to punish the Russiagate conspirators

By Robert Bridge | RT | May 8, 2020

As the Justice Department drops all charges against the former White House adviser, many are hoping the final chapter on Russiagate is closed. However, as the probe against Trump rivals wraps up, the saga is just beginning.

May 7 may go down in the American history books as the day when Donald Trump began to turn the tide against his Democrat opponents and their relentless efforts to have him removed from office. That was the day when the Justice Department declared there was no “legitimate investigative basis” for FBI agents to interview Gen. Michael Flynn over his contacts with Russian diplomats, coming as they did at a time when the lame-duck Obama administration was sabotaging US-Russia relations on its way out the door.

Incidentally, Thursday was notable for another bit of news as well. The House Intelligence Committee released its Russiagate interviews, in which the former director of national intelligence, James Clapper, admitted he “never saw any direct empirical evidence that the Trump campaign… was plotting/conspiring with the Russians to meddle with the election.”

No wonder Intel chief Adam Schiff demanded absolute secrecy during his closed-door inquisition.

Among Trump’s circle of colleagues brought down in the Democrats’ big-game hunting expedition, such as former campaign adviser Roger Stone and businessman Paul Manafort, Michael Flynn was by far the most prized trophy. In hindsight, Trump may have believed that, by firing Flynn just days into his job, the Russia-collusion story would just magically disappear as the Democrats gave up the hunt. If that was the plan, it backfired in spectacular fashion: the Democrats sensed blood and doubled down on their impeachment efforts.

What came next was a three-year political witch hunt against Trump that was never seriously challenged by the predominantly left-leaning mainstream media – even after the US$30 million Mueller probe finally put the conspiracy theory to bed. Today, although the media headlines conceal it, the narrative is slowly beginning to swing in Trump’s favor, as Flynn’s release strongly suggests.

As I discussed in a recent column, many Americans are blissfully ignorant of the fact that, back in May 2019, Trump launched an investigation into the origins of Russiagate. Tracking the scandal leads one into a labyrinthine rabbit hole of intrigue, where it is believed that the Obama-led FBI misled the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act court to spy on the Trump campaign. The potential list of individuals who may eventually be forced to testify for their actions extends to the highest echelons of the Democratic Party. And that would include even ‘untouchables,’ such as former president Barack Obama and his secretary of state, Hillary Clinton. In fact, it is not beyond the realms of possibility that has-been politicians like Joe Biden and Hillary Clinton are still being considered as presidential material simply to escape prosecution.

Anyone who doubts the severity of the possible charges would do well to consider recent comments by Attorney General William Barr. In an interview last month with Fox News, Barr said the FBI counterintelligence against Trump served to “sabotage the presidency… without any basis.” That is about as close to the legal definition of sedition as one can get, and I am sure there are many powerful people who have arrived at the same conclusion.

It should be remembered that Donald Trump was voted into office largely because of his pledge to “drain the swamp.” In other words, the Manhattan real-estate developer turned rabble-rousing populist had a very negative attitude about the career politicians who make up Washington, DC long before he entered the Oval Office. Now, after being hounded and harassed for the entirety of his first term, while watching colleagues such as Michael Flynn, Roger Stone and Paul Manafort have their lives and careers senselessly upended, Trump may be expected to take full advantage of Flynn’s exoneration to make those responsible pay a hefty legal penalty. If ever there were a time for such a move, now would certainly be it.

Exactly what the charges against the architects of Russiagate will be, if there are any, will probably be revealed in the next days and weeks, when William Barr and his assistant, John Durham, are expected to make the findings of their year-long investigation public.

I am guessing we have not heard the end of the Russiagate drama yet with the freeing of Michael Flynn, but, instead, are heading into Part II. Fasten your seatbelts – things could get interesting.

Robert Bridge is an American writer and journalist. He is the author of the book, ‘Midnight in the American Empire,’ How Corporations and Their Political Servants are Destroying the American Dream. @Robert_Bridge

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  1. That that dude is called “Schiff”, is an overlapping of Powers: The rather silly, naive other MISS likewise, simply also SCHIFF [!], which was reported by the good “NWO Report”, to have abusively sent “Show-Gays” in DRAG-Costume into US SCHOOLS, –

    is simply also called ” Schiff ” – is here the sole – possible – continuation, silly continuation, of this phrase; Though I said her Name already; Which is “His”: Of this admin of “politics” of usa, simply.

    “Schiff” means in German, “Ship”. Ahoy. oy oy oy.

    The rather “extreme” sort of “Bourgeouisie”, which the OBAMA-Adminstration, a real “Ork”, LOL, but seriously, the naivety, which They had, depended upon mostly OBUMMER OBAMA’s CHOICE: HE frickin SELECTED his ADMINS, didn’t He. Really?


    That a “Cowboy” but of MEGA-rich type, with a WORSE worldview THAN EVEN Bush 1 had, wheras Bush 1, WHILE HE ACTED, WAS EXACTLY THAT, FRICKIN, A TYPICAL 60s MCCARTY ANTI-ALL-AND-ANY-COMMUNISTS – that such an “anti-socialists” ALWAYS patriotic sudo-Cowboy, a Dumbling, WILL ALWAYS simply USE the idiotic RICH-gone sort of JEWS, back then RAILWAYS, were simply built by mostly SLAVE Labor, simply, by Immigrants, not pressganged, like in the old BRITAIN, but still, FORCED to LABOR “due to LACK OF MONEY”, REALLY simply —

    it creates ONE thing: ANTISEMITISM. The outcome of the SUPREMACY of People, who CAN sadly BE DUMBED DOWN toward supremacist PATRIOTISM, IDIOCY, simply;

    I also just TODAY thought, wha, UNDER “OBAMA”, under HIS “WATCH”, GADAFFI was MURERED – BY USA. Did Bummie KNOW of this? Was He not informed enough, to not know, that Gaddafi was good –

    and that ISRAEL was botched with “netanyahu”-like monsters, rightwingers, fanatics, and with the TYPICAL bourgeois simply PATRIARCIC mal-attitude among ALL community-authorities, which HAVE no clear worldview, are more than not even ever overtly “anti-satanist”: BUT ADAPTIVE: “NOT TO PEE AT THE HOUSE OF IKEA”, was the VERY DIRTY “statement” of some JEWISH COMMUNITY male person.

    THAT, Obama wasn’t competent enough, to tackle; He never sought to CLEAR the deep state.

    What CLINTON has to swallow, is his GUILT, also the guilt of Bush 1, to have led to a HORRIBLE NAZI state, – which STOLE Hutchison’s INVENTION, simply. in 2000.

    In order to FOR REAL “TRICK OUT” “THE PEOPLE”, I assume, that THE PRESS itself PARTIALLY inscenated an – ADDITIONAL – “NOISE” into WHAT PEOPLE SEE – AND – dumbly – copyingly – TALK about, namely THAT “NOISE” of the LIE, PUTIN wold have “HELPED TRUMP”, to WIN the ELECTION: It clearly also speaks out of what the Author above actually “says”. I would say so. Would Putin call up a Cowboy in Odahoma, anywhere in USA, He’d receive a “TEN FOUR BUT SORRY” and bla, LOL. :)


    Hilarious as that may sound, hilarious, as that may sound. :)


    The second COMMA there ain’t SO plain wrong. :) Where WAS the Shift before the Term “WRONG”, hu. ! PEOPLE! WAKE UP!



    PEOPLE ARE NOT CONTENT, when certain CONDITIONS are not MET. :)


    Trump was installed planningly in the 1970s by simply dumb “religious” more than endeffectively quite anti-Jesus fanatics, not fanatics, but just DUMB People. That’s why He appeared in “Kevin Alone At Home” – AFTER that 70s Interview Video, in front of the WIDE OPEN NEW YORK SKYLINE, OF COURSE, ABSOLUTELY: SOME DAME ASKS HIM. “DO YOU WANT TO BECOME THE PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA”:

    During She spoke that, also now, when I quoted Her, I felt like Hawkeye Pierce. From the Mash 70s anti-Korea-War and quite also anti-Vietnam-War TV-Series, that in the first three Seasons is fantastic, in the first Season ABSOLUTELY hilariously MEGA SUPER, BRAVE, and PUTS IT, AS I WOULD PUT IT, in MAJOR DISPLAYS, MAIN DISPLAYS:

    A HUGE criticism against THE WEST: Since the WESTERN US military MASSMURDED attackingly THE MASSES OF INDIANS, which INDIANS were dwelling PEACEFULLY around their Tents, –


    So also now, the TOTALLY disrepresentative, but also plain disintellectual POLITICAL “SPHERE” of also socalledly, merely socalledly [!] “LEFTIST”, often SUDO-LEFTIST and “PRAGMATIC” or pragmatic-gone (meaning: given-up, surrendered) type of politicians, – who, even IF They’re merely HALF-wrong in some Points, can’t seem to CONVEY it, but also not either, to REALISE IT, “what They want”:

    A Capitalism, for Example, can exist, if there’s a global Basic Income, of 5000 Bucks, US Dollars, EVERY MONTH, so NOBODY “CAN” legally – already now, as I claim, ethically – BE EVER ANY “FORCED”, to “WORK”. PERIOD.

    The AGRESSION by USA is another “thing”. IS demented, IS anti-ALL-communism, ALSO anti-TROTZKISM, which goes too far, this “anti-TROTZKISM”, since TROTZKI was murdered BY lenin. BOTH were: COMMUNISTS. but lenin was an unreal communist, not a REAL communist, but a POWER-mongrel, a POWER-abuser. So, People MUST distinguish BETWEEN Communists. AS People can’t be RACISTS, – which IS NO FREEPASS to the CAPITALIST largely intellectually incompetent SPHERE, to “SELECT” wantonly NON-WHITES, which NON-WHITES ARE OFTEN MUCH MORE ADAPTIVE to an unethical but INLANDISH, as it seems, “LINE” of “COMMAND”, simply.

    AS 35 % of Americans are FOR BERNIE, He, without quotation marks, MUST come. AND WILL.



    UNDER TRUMP were done, more than happened, but were done BY usa the abusive Depowerings against Lula, against Morales, and against CORREA of Ecuador.

    To go against an innocent Assange mere Reporter OF THE TRUTH, to go against that, can not quite form the Future. To go against Assange, which is, what the current US admin”istration”, this not i of a stration, does, is the same, as “being” the chinese FASCIST INSANE government.

    Wherefore, I can endeffectively not agree to this Author of above, by Facts yes, – because, OBAMA wasn’t better: Under Him, GADAFFI was MURDERED, – the most HORRIBLE Thing – while Bummer wasn’t to blame for the Depowerment against MUBARAK, but also THAT happened, WHILE HE was PRESIDENT, outside of USA, not ONLY done by usa, less than on his Watch, but still, He didn’t PREVENT IT.

    Ma left Point Finger RESTS on the R Letter, mostly, not on the “T” Key of the Keyboard. Typoed “pretend” here, stead of “prevent”, first. Here came the typo “pretent”:

    “DéTENTE”: a BAD sudo-Equilibrium – OF different Country’s Powers. “DETERRENCE”: Insane – new – stupid Powers, politically, seek merely power for naught, and have a not ethical, but fanatic background.

    Some other Blogger invented, there “would” be “already” world war three – LOL. :)


    LOL. :)

    Since Washington, merely LINCOLN was THE Intellectual – among US Presidents. JFK wasn’t able, to prevent the PIG BAY invasion, cuz He himself WAS not “protected”, but also, not educated ENOUGH, to BE AGAINST such DRASTIC “anti-communist” themselves FANATIC programs, simply. !!! But JFK WAS murdered, heinously, sudo-“because” He simply was ethically good – murdered by simply nazis, by swines, simply, by completely fanatic, simply evil people, – for whom, for which patriarcic fascists, OSWALD was the “IDEAL PATSY”, more than merely in quotation marks;

    JFK had 16000 Soldiers in Nam. LBJ then succumbed to OTHERS in the Background, who were worse than before in the Korea War General McArthur, which McArthur back then must have “gulped down” the PROPAGANDA of allegedly any good “anti-communism”, a very ungood thing, where not objectively, distinguishedly done, – from Others, simply – who were like REGINALD MAUDLING in the 70s was against THE IRISH in BRITAIN, – made famous BY Monty Python:

    I also don’t understand, HOW exactly some STILL MANY Americans can bluntly CONTRADICT against MONTY PYTHON; Hollywood Bowl Appearance of MP – the US Audience, young, seemingly right out of the Army or what, didn’t even UNDERSTAND the MP Crew;

    Then, some young male under-educated European, that I shortly met, didn’t even KNOW, that Borat, Ali G, and Brüno, ARE ALL THE SAME ACTOR, who simply PLAYS THESE ROLES:

    … People wrongly assume, “to have no time”, and don’t research the BACKGROUND of MORE THAN JUST THAT even ANY properly: THUSLY, the POLITICIANS and also ANY PEOPLE, who would fare abusively, CAN DO WHAT THEY WANT, – and that CAN NOT BE GOOD. But there MUST BE “Watchdogs” “of Intellectuality”. Who are there, but Who get disrecognised by fanatic “Players”, high Influencers, – wheras these Influencers all have their own Country patriotism, or are capitalists and in cases either materialist, or plain dumbly superficially uneducatedly religious, and both is plain wrong.

    Music and proper Thinking shows, what I mean. I am plain the “Motherbrain”. :]

    I will read some more, then I will “get back” to these impie important points, where USA has yet to be ADVISED by us Bloggers. The US government MUST be kept from further agression. I agree: Trump has “THE WILL”, to “DRAIN” the “SWAMP”, but not the ability.


    Comment by megatronsthinktank | May 8, 2020 | Reply

  2. The Weaknesses of a Sacha Baron Cohen are a TAD, a BIT, bigger, not BIG AT ALL mainly, hey, hu, of course, SMALL, all in all, BUT bigger [!], than the flawed ASPECTS of let’s say, SEINFELD: AND BOTH are JEWISH: AND ALSO CHOSMY IS NOT FREE OF FLAWS:

    SBC gets SUDDENLY “MAD”, UPRAUGHT, VERY UPSET, against a “Foureyes”, Whom He spots as a “TOO ADAPTIVE” or as a “POWER-ABUSIVE” Person, a BIT wrongly;

    SEINFELD does NOT explain it in TWO Ways, with ALSO this SOLEMNITY NEEDED, but ALWAYS “ONLY” “CLINGS” TO “HUMOR-ONLY”: Which of course IS “MERELY” the “OUTPUT” “ON THE SCREEN” – nevertheless, Seiny says less Stuff about POLITICS, than ALI G ALREADY EVER DID. Also BORAT speaks VOLUMES about how One should not be like Borat, but like One should RESPECT OTHER CULTURES, simply, – instead of “DOMINION”.

    … All we truly independent liberal, truly, simply truly liberal Thinkers, Bloggers, do, is “cramming up Cookies”, meaning, we “lick up”, We collect the remaining Info, – of what simply, in now so many cases, the west did as horrible deeds – plain in front of a huge mass of people, who “don’t care”, as it seems. “Sheeple: People”, said once a critical Dude online, Whose good Statement I happened to see and read WITH Delight, utter such One.

    But I’ll now need my Fullscreen Mousepad. Mit my zylonisch Font, dsha. For me, it imports MAJORLY, what GRAPHICALLY goes on on a SCREEN. IN EVEN WHATEVER ASPECT, simply. I am just I. Like Polanski and Turing. The Turing Part is tha Best. He wasa good Mathematician, and not a too young Ones begrabber like the sadly by much beating by his own father destroyed POOR MICHAEL JACKSON, WHO LIKE HITLER was surely also SEXUALLY ABUSED by his OWN FATHER, at least BEATEN horribly before EACH CONCERT, – and STALIN was FLAILED by a CATHOLIC priest, in a MONASTERY, repeatedly. Against ludicrous idiots, who replied wrongly to me, “that’s no EXCUSE to bla bla”, I have to reply: WRONG! WRONG WORD “EXCUSE”! OUTCOME IS OUTCOME! Kim Yong Un is MUCH better, than the US government, simply. I could not ever LAY A HAND ON HIM!

    WHAT USA has TRIED against KIM YONG UN, is the same, as what was tried against me, in 2012. efforts of murder by SWINES, simply. Against me, it wasn’t USA. I don’t say now, WHO, and We can make it quite short, I am upset about this, STILL, – but that is not the reason, Why my Heart feels, that out there, People are in need, – so my Brain simply “replies”, LOL, like in that neat ITALIAN medical CARTOON, LOL, right BOYS, we received the (say not your, LOL) Message, and We gon see wha We c’n do bout it, OKAY! :)



    Comment by megatronsthinktank | May 8, 2020 | Reply

  3. Different Countries’ “Powers”, – as in, actually Attitudes – which guide whatever Power.

    Also, that Monty Python gone-wrong, botched Recipience of Appearance by the youthly and hyped, disintellectual [!] american youthly Audience, was in the Year 2003.

    I say it easily: What I need to do now, is read more again these Points, which I spotted right here on wordpress, in some Articles of Others, of critical Bloggers. Easiest is to – no shit – simply scroll down, REALLY long, to see, what like, ‘appened in just the last like, mere FIVE Days: A LONG SCROLL! AN “ELDER” SCROLL? In Skyrim, LOL, I combine going up, getting up, by Abilities, WITH what I CAN there manage to ALSO “HAVE FUN” while, whilst, PLAYING: In Skyrim, One, the Player, typoed here the “B” Letter, which is really on the other Side of the Keyboard Keyby, ja. B for Beast, hu, that huge Moth in that other Jappo mega Game, so mega, Megalomotherion or what, sounds like a flying Beast in Doom 1, LOL – unless the Player “unlocks” some first Quests, in Skyrim, it’s hard, to find enough BIG Dungeons. Shortly said, – as in politics – THE GAME IS NOT AS BIG AS IT SEEMS.

    Rome attacked CARTHAGE unrightfully, – and destroyed CULTURE and “THE WORLD”, simply, – became evil, simply.

    usa, putin (merely in the aspect of his abusive anti-homosexuality) and china, their governments, are simply all wrong. What they do, is a “Hard Reset Redux” PC-Game, but in reality, against humanity. Also largely a PETROL-powergame, – which has already MURDERED even SCIENTISTS – of RENEWABLE ENERGY – which IS INACCEPTABLE.

    I just have to type some latin Letters, in the zylonic Sparkles Font. Then I make an “english” Font, that looks LIKE the Sparkles Font, but ALSO a LOT like a futuristic “ARAMAIC” actually ASSYRIAN SYRIAN 1200 BC type of VERY ELEGANT FONT – which would TRULY TEACH ASSYRIAN-ARAMAIC, already BY LETTERS. For Example, how a Letter helped, enhelped, by small Ornaments “ALSO” looks, “if One twitches the Eyes”, can be a Method, to “hint” at another Form, which becomes, comes, gets clear, when for Example, One looks at simply by two mere LINES painted FACES: IS IT, ARE IT, TWO FACES: OR THE “VASE”, which is or “APPEARS” BETWEEN [!] THE FACES, – IF ONE “LOOKS” at “THE VASE”, simply. One does not need, but They’re so cool, these double-Picture Stickers, to do that by Mind, but graphically behelped, of course. But even that, to return – this Time nature-friendly – to the 80s, when There were these cool Laser-Stickers, which featured 3D Pictures. Pictures, similar to “He-Man”, that convey the IDEAL of FREEDOM and OF JUSTICE – and that ARE unrealised YET, in REALITY – rather than that “He-Man” would be a “BAD” Content, but is EXCELLENT Content. The Movie “Chappie” likewise, “reply” I not to myself, but against THAT ignorance of governments, who, for real, don’t know any better, who for real LEAD To crime. I will see, HOW I can RELEVANTLY advise THIS PLANET about HOW to get BACK to some INFO. READING is just a MUST, of course. But let ME do that. I’m plain here FOR simply TRULY good People. There’s bigger things, than the own Person – IS NOW, merely. I can advise People, how to get OUT of false MORALS, out of VICTIM position, out of dementedness, out of disobjectivity by disinformation. BY simply true info, that I yet currently gotta read.


    Comment by megatronsthinktank | May 8, 2020 | Reply

  4. Ugh. Too much talk given to bullshit. Disgusting.

    Liked by 1 person

    Comment by Tsisageya 1 | May 9, 2020 | Reply

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