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  1. Since the White Extinction Anxiety vehicle of Climate Injustice didn’t work, they’ve gone full-tilt Final Solution boogie with Scamdemic to get people clamoring for deadly ethnoweapons in the form of benevolent vaccination.

    “Averell Harriman (former Governor of NY and one of the most important leaders in the Democratic Party for over 50 years) grew up in a household where his mother was the main financial supporter for the Eugenics Records Office at the Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory. This was the center for research on eugenics and human heredity. So potent were the ideas of eugenics in the USA that even leaders of the Women’s movement who were struggling for the right to vote subscribed to the fascist ideas of eugenics. Margaret Sanger said, “Eugenics is…the most adequate and thorough avenue to the solution of racial, political and social problems.”

    These statements reveal the reality that genocidal thinking was never absent form US society. Genocidal thinking as manifest in the US eugenics movement is the kind of thinking that devalues the lives of other human beings on the basis of their race or ethnicity. Just when concerned citizens were inquiring as to whether there were linkages between the Eugenics research at the start of the century and the new directions from the Human Genome Project at Cold Spring Harbor, James D. Watson made the clear statement in 2007 that the Africans were less intelligent than Europeans. As a Nobel Prize winner in medicine and one time head of the Cold Springs Harbor Laboratory, Watson was bringing his considerable scientific reputation to consolidate scientific racism in the community of those involved in genetic engineering.
    Eugenics had graduated from the death camps of the Germans to the white lab coats of research parks across Universities in the United States. Universities were competing for start- up funds to establish Life Science centers where the ideas and principles of James Watson would be supported under the guise of academic and scientific research.”


    Comment by Guilded Rage | August 4, 2020 | Reply

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