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China Will Not Invade Taiwan

Tales of the American Empire | September 17, 2020

For seven decades, the world has been told that an invasion of Taiwan is imminent. The American military-industrial-congressional complex needs threats to justify wartime budgets, and China provides one excuse. American warships and aircraft routinely operate just off China’s coast. If China complains, the world is warned that China is threatening military action. The good ole “China will soon invade Taiwan” tale is a perpetual favorite. In reality, China lacks the naval power to invade Taiwan and attempting to conquer this large island would prove bloody, devastate the Chinese economy, lead to domestic unrest, and may not succeed.


“China Can’t Execute Major Amphibious Operations, Direct Assault on Taiwan”; Ben Werner; USNI News; May 3, 2019;…

“Taiwan’s Next Batch of Stealthy Catamarans Will Have Serious Mine-Laying Capabilities”; Joseph Trevithick; The Warzone; May 24, 2019;…

Related Tale: “American Bombings of Chinese Cities During World War II”;…

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  1. China could learn a lot from the USA who have a history of mounting “Coup de Etats” in South America particularly. They might even follow the route taken by those who have taken control of the American Government from within, using bribery, ‘Dirt Files”, and even assassinations to rid their targets of “democractically elected” politicians……

    There’s more than one way to skin a cat………


    Comment by brianharryaustralia | September 18, 2020 | Reply

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