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Yes, there is a World Zionist Congress – and it’s meeting now

By Alison Weir | If Americans Knew | October 21, 2020

I’m sometimes astounded at the fact that a major political movement over a century old is so little known among Americans – especially since it has had a momentous impact on the world in general and on the U.S. in particular, causing multiple wars, vast population displacement, and global instability.

In my travels around the US, I’ve found that most Americans know extremely little about Zionism. I would guess that the vast majority of Americans could not define the term (that was certainly my situation for most of my life), and that a great many may not have even heard of it.

And among those who have heard the term, many may think it refers to some antisemitic conspiracy theory.

The fact is, however, that Zionism – according to the dictionary, “a worldwide Jewish movement that resulted in the establishment and development of the state of Israel and that now supports the state of Israel as a Jewish homeland” – is both very real and extremely significant.

Zionism succeeded in establishing the state of Israel in 1948 after decades of sometimes open and sometimes covert efforts. It promoted a successful, though extremely false, slogan – “a land without a people for a people without a land” – and succeeded in perpetrating one of the major hoaxes of the 20th century, in which victims (indigenous Palestinians) were designated aggressors, and aggressors (Zionist colonists) were portrayed as victims (as documented by diverse authors, and perpetrated through the silencing of others).

And today this movement contains numerous powerful international entities (see the list below), while remaining largely invisible to millions of citizens of the country that gives Israel massive amounts of money, shields Israel internationally, and has fought at least one war  (against Iraq) on Israel’s behalf.

The dictionary definition captures only the simplest meaning of the word, but not its deep impact: how Israel was established and what supporting Israel today enables.

As numerous historians have documented, Israel was established through a war of ethnic cleansing, in the words of a major Israeli historian, in which approximately 750,000 men, women, and children were violently expelled. Hundreds of villages were destroyed and much of the indigenous population was displaced, their ancestral homes and land confiscated and the former owners made into penniless refugees.

1948 photo of Palestinian refugees

Palestinians forced out in 1948 during Israel’s founding war.

Today, in its pursuit of the Jewish identity mentioned in the definition, Israel continues to confiscate Palestinian land, actively discriminates against the remnants of the non-Jewish population that remain in the area, and holds the four and a half million people in the remaining portion of their land (the West Bank and Gaza), in two virtual prisons, their ability to leave and to return to their homes controlled by Israel.

Palestinian villages are invaded daily, people terrorized and abducted, homes and crops are regularly destroyed; for over a year there was a weekly mass demonstration during which Israeli forces shot unarmed demonstrators every week. (To see these actions go here.)

Zionist movement in the US – a century of activism

As I describe in my book, the Zionist movement in the U.S. began in the late 1800s and played a significant role in the events that led to the establishment of Israel.

Today the pro-Israel lobby is probably the most powerful and pervasive special interest group in the U.S. Its members have diverse views and sometimes sharply disagree with one another on aspects of the issue, but all share one goal: support for Israel.

Israel partisans have become extremely influential in both political parties and have obtained numerous US policies of support for Israel. Most recently, they are promoting bills to expend $19 million per day on behalf of Israel; altogether, 90 bills for Israel have been introduced in the current Congress alone. In addition, there is also considerable evidence that Israel partisans were central in pushing the US into invading Iraq, and that many are similarly active in demonizing Iran. (See this, this, this, and this.)

Conspiracy theory?

Since little of the above is known by the general American public (U.S. media rarely report any of this), some Americans are under the impression that even suggesting there is a “world Zionist movement” is an antisemitic conspiracy theory. (In fact, even discussing the Israel lobby in the U.S. can be dangerous to reputations and careers. For example, respected professors John Mearsheimer and Stephen Walt were attacked as “antisemitic” for their scholarly work in detailing the power of the Israel lobby.)

The fact is, however, that the World Zionist Organization has been in existence since the late 1800s, and this is just one of a number of international organizations that work on behalf of Israel.

The First Zionist Congress, held in Basel, Switzerland in 1897

The First Zionist Congress, held in Basel, Switzerland in 1897.

Moreover, all of these are very public – if one knows where to look. Currently, the World Zionist Organization is holding its 38th Congress in an online format from Israel.

World Zionist Organization

While US mainstream media have largely failed to even mention this organization and event, it has been big news in the Israeli and Jewish-American press, with numerous stories leading up to the event. … continue

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  1. “some Americans are under the impression that even suggesting there is a “world Zionist movement” is an antisemitic conspiracy theory. (In fact, even discussing the Israel lobby in the U.S. can be dangerous to reputations and careers. For example, respected professors John Mearsheimer and Stephen Walt were attacked as “antisemitic” for their scholarly work in detailing the power of the Israel lobby.)”

    Given the cover and spread of the American MSM, most Americans have no idea of how much control that Zionists hold over the USA itself. The Zionist do not want Americans to know that THEY have control over the USA, and so far, they’ve gotten away with it.
    The American MSM is nothing more than a propaganda delivery system into American homes, and the rest of the world’s homes by the way. How else did George W Bush, and Tony Blair, get way with their “Weapons of Mass Destruction” bovine excreta?(Which still Haven’t been found, because they never existed)

    Liked by 1 person

    Comment by brianharryaustralia | October 21, 2020 | Reply

  2. Yes, to the first comment and, as to the jewish ‘world congress’, doesn’t it in essence, meet continually, relentlessly?

    And what is its purpose? Well, the definition of the word congress gives a clue. As to the real purpose, that has been stated by the jewish rabbinical leaders, as to how the rest of humanity is regarded, how to subject the rest of humanity and how superior ‘the chosen’ regards itself.

    The answer is world domination, for that is what the jewish rabbinical leaders and their subjects declare God has ordained for them. So, they’re dutifully carrying out God’s bidding. Is that why the rest of the world ignores the starvation, the murdering, the theft, the imprisonment of those who lived in Palestine prior to the military invasion of jews to Palestine, and all that is done to drive out those remaining? Because the rest of the world is too cowardly, too bribed and too stupid to do anything else. And, how the Zionists of Israel and their proxy partisans have infiltrated themselves into American government to further their goal. Pretty nice, huh? But that’s also part of the plan: if not to dominated, to make slaves of the other, the not “chosen”. Nothing like getting others to march off to war for Zion.

    Deranged and dangerous. How that is not realized is to the undoing of those not “chosen”.

    Pretty nice, huh? No. Pretty complicit as well as that stated above.

    Liked by 2 people

    Comment by michael | October 23, 2020 | Reply

  3. I read this word for word this several days after its release by Alison Weir and posting in Aletho News. It is, typical of Alison’s body of unequaled investigative journalism, superlative. It is essential. It will not find the “legs” it deserves.

    I might wish that Alison had, along the way, called out specifically what I term “militant and political Zionism” as (for example) “a colonial ideology that should be, but is far from, a universally discredited legacy of Great Britain, the US, and other earlier centuries’ practitioners of foreign dominance over indigenous/native peoples, their lands, and their natural resources. In subversion of all that is or might be traditional, observant Judaism, Zionism has co-opted the Jewish religion (dragging many “Christians” and others in its wake), and taken the worst of “colonialism” to an odious 21st Century level.”

    Liked by 1 person

    Comment by roberthstiver | October 26, 2020 | Reply

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