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The U.S. Inability To Count Votes is a National Disgrace. And Dangerous.

By Glenn Greenwald | November 4, 2020

The richest and most powerful country on earth — whether due to ineptitude, choice or some combination of both — has no ability to perform the simple task of counting votes in a minimally efficient or confidence-inspiring manner. As a result, the credibility of the voting process is severely impaired, and any residual authority the U.S. claims to “spread” democracy to lucky recipients of its benevolence around the world is close to obliterated.

At 7:30 a.m. ET on Wednesday, the day after the 2020 presidential elections, the results of the presidential race, as well as control of the Senate, are very much in doubt and in chaos. Watched by rest of the world — deeply affected by who rules the still-imperialist superpower — the U.S. struggles and stumbles and staggers to engage in a simple task mastered by countless other less powerful and poorer countries: counting votes. Some states are not expected to finished their vote-counting until the end of this week or beyond.

The same data and polling geniuses who pronounced that Hillary Clinton had a 90% probability or more of winning the 2016 election, and who spent the last three months proclaiming the 2020 election even more of a sure thing for the Democratic presidential candidate, are currently insisting that Biden, despite being behind in numerous key states, is still the favorite by virtue of uncounted ballots in Democrat-heavy counties in the outcome-determinative states. [One went to sleep last night with the now-notorious New York Times needle of data guru Nate Cohn assuring the country that, with more than 80% of the vote counted in Georgia, Trump had more than an 80% chance to win that state, only to wake up a few hours later with the needle now predicting the opposite outcome; that all happened just a few hours after Cohn assured everyone how much “smarter” his little needle was this time around].

Given the record of failures and humiliations they have quickly compiled, what rational person would trust anything they say at this point? A citizen randomly chosen from the telephone book would be as reliable if not more so for sharing predictions. And the monumental failures of the polling industry and the data nerds who leech off it, for the second consecutive national election, only serve to sow even further doubt and confusion around the electoral process.

A completely untrustworthy voting count is now the norm. Two months after the New York state primary in late June, two Congressional races were in doubt by what The New York Times called “major delays in counting a deluge of 400,000 mail-in ballots and other problems.” In particular:

Thousands more ballots in the city were discarded by election officials for minor errors, or not even sent to voters until the day before the primary, making it all but impossible for the ballots to be returned in time.

It took a full six weeks for New York to finally declare a winner in those two primary races for Congress.

The coronavirus pandemic and the shutdowns and new votings rules it ushered in have obviously complicated the process, but the U.S. failure to simply count votes with any degree of efficiency, in a way that inspires even minimal confidence in the process, pre-dates the March, 2020 nationwide lockdowns. Even if one dismisses as aberrational the protracted, Court-decided, and still-untrusted outcome of the 2000 presidential election — only four national election cycles ago — the U.S. voting process is rife with major systemic failures and doubt-sowing inefficiencies that can be explained only as a deliberate choice and/or a perfect reflection of a collapsing, crumbling empire.

Recall the mass confusion that ensued back in January, in the very first Democratic Party primary election in the Iowa caucus, where a new app created and monetized by a bunch of sleazy Democratic operatives caused massive delays, confusion and an untrustworthy outcome. Later in the process, many Super Tuesday states — including California — were still counting votes weeks or even longer after the election was held (more than a week after the Democratic primary, California had still only counted roughly 75% of the ballots cast, depriving Bernie Sanders of a critical narrative victory on election night).

The 2018 midterm elections were also marred by pervasive irregularities. The Washington Post noted “thousands of reports of voting irregularities across the country… with voters complaining of broken machines, long lines and untrained poll workers improperly challenging Americans’ right to vote.”

And the full extent of the “irregularities” and treacherous outright cheating by the Democratic National Committee in the 2016 primary race between Clinton and Sanders was never fully appreciated given how pro-Clinton the press was. As just one example, “200,000 New York City voters” — many in pro-Sanders precincts — “had been illegally wiped off the rolls and prevented from voting in the presidential primary” (for one of the best-documented histories of just how pervasive were the shenanigans and cheating in the 2016 Democratic primary across multiple key states, listen to this TrueAnon episode).

However one wants to speculate about the motives for all of this, one thing is clear: it does not need to be this way. To eliminate all doubts about that fact, just look at Brazil.

After the pervasive voting problems in the 2018 midterms, I wrote an article with my Brazilian colleague Victor Pougy describing the extraordinary speed and efficiency with which Brazil — a country not exactly renowned for its speed and efficiency — counts its votes.

Brazil is not a small country. It is the fifth most-populous nation on the planet. Although its population is somewhat smaller than the U.S.’s (330 million to 210 million), its mandatory voting law, automatic registration, and 16-year-old voting age means the number of ballots to be counted is quite similar (105 million votes in Brazil’s 2018 presidential election compared to 130 million votes in the 2016 U.S. presidential election). And on the same date of its national elections, it, too, holds gubernatorial and Congressional elections in its twenty-seven states.

And yet Brazil — a much poorer and less technologically advanced country than the U.S., with a much shorter history of democracy — holds seamless, quick vote counts about which very few people harbor doubts. The elections are held on a Sunday, to ensure as many people as possible do not have work obligations to prevent voting, and polls close at 6:00 p.m.

For the 2018 presidential run-off election that led to Jair Bolsonaro’s victory, 90% of all votes were counted and the results released by 6:00 p.m. on the day of the election: the time the last state closed its polls. The full vote tally was available within a couple of hours after that. The same was true of the first-round voting held three weeks earlier — which also included races for governor, Senator and Congress in all the states: full vote totals were released by computer shortly after the polls closed and few had any doubts about their accuracy and legitimacy.

Hundreds of millions of Americans went to bed on Tuesday’s election night seeing Trump in the lead in key states, with the data experts of major outlets indicating that his victory in many of those states was highly likely. They woke up to the opposite indication: that Biden is now a slight favorite to win several if not all of those remaining key states. But what is clear is that it will be days if not longer before the votes are fully counted, with judicial proceedings almost certain to prolong the outcomes even further.

No matter what the final result, there will be substantial doubts about its legitimacy by one side or the other, perhaps both. And no deranged conspiracy thinking is required for that. An electoral system suffused with this much chaos, error, protracted outcomes and seemingly inexplicable reversals will sow doubt and distrust even among the most rational citizens.

The next time Americans hear from their government that they need to impose democracy in other countries — through wars, invasion, bombing campaigns or other forms of clandestine CIA “interference” — they should insist that democracy first be imposed in the United States. An already frazzled, intensely polarized and increasingly hostile populace now has to confront yet another election in the richest and most technologically advanced country on earth where the votes cannot be counted in a way that inspires even minimal degrees of confidence.

My analysis of the election itself, and the ongoing, systemic failures of the Democratic Party — no matter the outcome — will be posted later today. [$$]

November 6, 2020 - Posted by | Civil Liberties, Deception |


  1. Thomas Wicker nails it in this EXCELLENT 12 minute video ⚡


    Comment by Leland Roth | November 6, 2020 | Reply

    • Regrets…guess I’m terminally obtuse. I can’t follow your flow, and I find that fellow Wicker’s winks and nods and nuances offputting and indecipherable. Do you folks fear censorship/banning such that you must write/speak in a sort of “code” that might as well, to me, be a foreign language? Perhaps, like Biden, I’m just dementia-ridden, vacant-stare eyes, ready to hand over the reins involuntarily or not to KHarris? Now that, to my simplistic mind, is in the offing and would be incredibly troubling-cum-traumatic.

      (What is “demunists”?)


      Comment by roberthstiver | November 7, 2020 | Reply

      • Demunists to me r Communists that claim to be Democrats….roberthstiver (whatever code THAT odd name here is about🤣)

        Yes, to the current censorship worldwide in tech’s media monopoly like you tube ~ coming from Jack Dorsey, Zuckerberg & their ilk.

        Thank goodness Altheo is independent for now…Huuuuu🎶


        Comment by Leland Roth | November 7, 2020 | Reply

        • Just who/what is behind “monopoly,” “censorship” et al? Methinks it’s the Zionists (secular “Jews” and fellow-traveller “Christians,” opportunistic ilk et al ; and methinks you and Wicker are naive in not delving deep enough to isolate and identify the bottom-line problem that is entangling and smothering us (I read and pay heed to true-patriot true-champion-of-US-and-only-US “national-security interests” Phil Giraldi’s wisdom at every chance that appears). And…need I really aver that I am not-not-not anti-Jewish in the process of relating what I believe, through 56 years of observation and angst, to be the truth?

          Let’s hope Aletho News remains true and straight….


          Comment by roberthstiver | November 7, 2020 | Reply

            • Well, I certainly don’t have the time or mentation to get through the contents of that link, but I do think I can appreciate your perspective (not clearly stated, even in this most recent entry by you); I suppose we must agree to disagree, if indeed disagree we do.

              I offer this repetitively and always hope that it might grow legs: my link of choice and adherence is Alison Weir: Against Our Better Judgment. Thin, incisive, timeless, Alison’s book might even be shorter than your 2019-linked material.

              (Don’t know why or whether you took offense or umbrage, two replies ago, at my roberthstiver. That is a symptom of my IT ignorance and acceptance of it: About 6 years ago, I logged onto something and (I think) was required to utilize a password for access. From the looks of roberthstiver, I might have been required to enter something in lower case, no spaces, not less than a certain number of characters, etc., etc., etc. So, instead of using my tried-and-true password I used the first “acceptable” “code” that occurred, and I’ve been stuck with it ever since in various fora. Actually not that bad at all, I think, when I observe the bizarre “handles” others seem to revel in….)


              Comment by roberthstiver | November 7, 2020 | Reply

              • Allison Weir is TERRIFFIC as for seeing Israel 100%

                That’s not my discussion here…

                The Plot Against Libya

                An Obama-Biden-Clinton Criminal Conspiracy

                The scorching desert sun streams through narrow slats in the tiny window. A mouse scurries across the cracked concrete floor, the scuttling of its tiny feet drowned out by the sound of distant voices speaking in Arabic. Their chatter is in a western Libyan dialect distinctive from the eastern dialect favored in Benghazi. Somewhere off in the distance, beyond the shimmering desert horizon, is Tripoli, the jewel of Africa now reduced to perpetual war.

                But here, in this cell in a dank old warehouse in Bani Walid, there are no smugglers, no rapists, no thieves or murderers. There are simply Africans captured by traffickers as they made their way from Nigeria, Cameroon, Chad, Eritrea, or other disparate parts of the continent seeking a life free of war and poverty, the rotten fruit of Anglo-American and European colonialism. The cattle brands on their faces tell a story more tragic than anything produced by Hollywood.

                These are slaves: human beings bought and sold for their labor. Some are bound for construction sites while others for the fields. All face the certainty of forced servitude, a waking nightmare that has become their daily reality.

                This is Libya, the real Libya. The Libya that has been constructed from the ashes of the US-NATO war that deposed Muammar Gaddafi and the government of the Libyan Arab Jamahiriya. The Libya now fractured into warring factions, each backed by a variety of international actors whose interest in the country is anything but humanitarian.

                But this Libya was built not by Donald Trump and his gang of degenerate fascist ghouls. No, it was the great humanitarian Barack Obama, along with Hillary Clinton, Joe Biden, Susan Rice, Samantha Power and their harmonious peace circle of liberal interventionists who wrought this devastation. With bright-eyed speeches about freedom and self-determination, the First Black President, along with his NATO comrades in France and Britain, unleashed the dogs of war on an African nation seen by much of the world as a paragon of economic and social development.

                But this is no mere journalistic exercise to document just one of the innumerable crimes carried out in the name of the American people. No, this is us, the antiwar left in the United States, peering through the cracks in the imperial artifice – crumbling as it is from internal rot and political decay – to shine a light through the gloom named Trump and directly into the heart of darkness.

                There are truths that must be made plain lest they be buried like so many bodies in the desert sand.



                Comment by Leland Roth | November 7, 2020 | Reply

              • Frens-

                In order to help many of you deal with relatives and friends who you are trying to educate about the ongoing election process or maybe help relieve some anxiety, I’ve put together a parable that you can use.

                I’ve attached a PDF copy that you can send to peeps as you see fit.


                I know this election operation is hard to grasp. We’ve never, in the history of the county, had an operation that was so in-your-face. This makes it hard to believe; even when a loved one is trying to explain it to you. So… let me try:

                Let’s pretend you are a police captain and you want to catch a world-class bank robber and have him convicted for first degree robbery and he’ll get life in prison. This bank robber has gotten away with it for YEARS. Nobody has ever gotten ANY charge to stick, let alone, FIRST DEGREE robbery.

                BUT!… you get a break. You find out in four years this very thief is going to rob the First National Bank of Metropolis on November 3rd 2020 between 2 and 4 am. What do you do?!

                Well, first, pretend you’re not on to him and even act a little naïve. Second, you establish surveillance to start mounting evidence. Third, you close off routes and entrances to the bank only leaving open the ones you can control. Fourth, you add electronic surveillance along the route and in the bank. Fifth, you mark the money to be stolen. Sixth, you plan a press conference to inform the public that the bank was robbed everything will be ok. And lastly, you arrest the world-class thief in his apartment with an early morning raid catching him with the marked cash.

                Now, as a great police captain with four years of planning into this sting, would you close down the bank so it can’t get robbed? No. The objective is to have him prosecuted to FIRST DEGREE ROBBERY.

                Would you arrest him when he’s looking up the bank schematics online? No. No prosecutor is going to try that case, let alone a first degree robber charge.

                Would you arrest him when he’s standing in front of the bank with a bag of tools wearing a ski mask? No. It’s suspicious but he’s not going to jail.

                Would you arrest him trying to break into the bank? No. He’ll go to jail for trespassing and attempted breaking and entering but that’s about it. His grandma will still love him.

                Do you arrest him when he’s in the vault taking the cash “catching him red handed”? NO! His high priced lawyer is going to explain he HAD to steal the money of the mob would’ve killed his grandma. No first degree robbery and grandma really loves him because he did it for her.

                OR!… Do you wait until he robs the bank, has the marked cash, goes home, you hold press conferences for the next month showing the world the bank has been robbed but not to worry because you’re on the case AND THEN raid his apartment catching him with the marked money? YES!… with all of the evidence and world watching, EVEN HIS GRANDMA will convict him… for… first degree robbery.

                SO, how does this apply to the current election operation? Well, the bank has been robbed and we’re showing the world.

                Where We Go One We Go All



                Comment by Leland Roth | November 7, 2020 | Reply

          • Trust me stiver…I get ’em Zionists…

            Funny read on the holohoax naratives we on this particular orb have been undulated with since WW2 🎥


            Posted on July 26, 2018 by Corey Daniels
            Category:The (((JQ))), World War 2 – What Really Happened
            Taggedholocaust, world war 2
            Holohoax Tales
            Read the amazing stories of miraculous survivals of the Holocaust. Many harrowing tales such as;

            Auschwitz’s Rollercoaster of Death
            auschwitz rollercoaster

            Fighting bears and eagles in cages

            The electric floor which used millions of volts (in a war where there was a shortage of fuel). So much electricity passed through that all evidence evaporated.
            electric dance floor

            Turning Jews into cannibals by putting marmalade on a person’s head
            marmalade cannibals

            Read About Many More Courageous Holohoax Tales Including;
            Walking out of the gas chambers alive

            Staying in the gas chambers overnight because of a malfunction

            Forced to roll up and down a hill. Then he ran off into the woods

            Escaping the Nazis by hiding in a toilet

            I survived because the ‘nazis’ ran out of gas

            The infamous brain bashing bicycle

            Do you see the pattern here? Ever more ridiculous horrific stories in order to generate sympathy and to shield from scrutiny and investigation into what really happened.

            There is widespread media coverage for the official holocaust narrative, while anyone who questions the official story is risking ostracism, deplatforming, being fired and in many countries – criminal charges and prison time.

            Meanwhile the atrocities of the millions of people killed by Soviets in the Holodomor are given almost no attention. Most people also do not know about the millions of Germans raped and killed after World War 2.

            Why is the Holocaust the only part of history you cannot question?

            Watch fullscreen on Bitchute – the free speech alternative to Youtube which does not take censorship orders
            from the ADL.

            The truth of the Holocaust is that the conditions in German concentration camps were actually better than those of American concentration camps and certainly much better than Soviet gulags. Amenities in German concentration camps included swimming pools, brothels, theaters and soccer fields.

            Swimming pool in Novaky concentration camp
            Swimming pool in Novaky concentration camp.


            auschwitz swimming pool

            The pictures you see of starving inmates are real but the cause was that allied bombing cut off food and medicine supplies. What do you think would have happened to the Japanese and Germans in American concentration camps if America had been bombed to the extent that Germany was. The bombing of Germany in World War 2 was the first to include the purposeful targeting of civilians.

            Read about What Really Happened in World War 2

            About the author
            Corey Daniels


            MADE IN RUSSIA THE HOLOCAU$T Part I As a “proven fact” protected by special laws not applicable to other “proven facts”, the Holoco$t must be considered as something of an endangered species All one need do to endanger the species a bit further………. or perhaps even drive it into extinction….. is to get the Nuremberg Trial transcript and read some of it. If Germans gassed millions of Jews, did they also……….. • Steam people to death like lobsters in 10 steam chambers at Treblinka • Zap them to death with mass electrical shocks • Blast them into the twilight zone with atomic bombs • Beat people to death, then carry out autopsies to see why they died • Force people to climb trees, then cut the trees down • Kill 840,000 Russian POWs at Sachsenhausen, and burn the bodies in 4 portable ovens • Bash people’s brains in with a pedal-driven brain-bashing machine while listening to the radio, then burn the bodies in 4 portable ovens • Torture and execute people in time to music at the Yanov camp in Russia — shoot every member of the orchestra • Grind the bones of millions of people in portable bone-grinding machines • Grind the bones of 200 bodies [¾ ton] at one time as described in photographs and documents which have disappeared — study bone grinding in special 10-day crash-course seminars • Whup people with special spanking machines • (Note that photographs of German leaders, concentration camps, etc., are in full supply, but that photos of bone grinders, portable ovens, etc., have all disappeared) • Make lampshades of human skin • Cut people’s heads off and then shrink them — make pocketbooks and driving gloves for SS officers out of human skin • Paint pornographic pictures on canvasses made of human skin • Bind books in human skin • Make saddles, riding breeches, gloves, house slippers, and ladies handbags out of human skin • Drive Jews to cannibalism in all those freight cars • More “scientific experiments” — another ridiculous accusation — another bizar
            re hallucination — another example of German efficiency • Torture people in specially mass-produced “torture boxes” made by Krupp • Kill people for sleeping in their underwear — kill people for wearing dirty underwear — wear underwear stolen from gassed persons — (didn’t they have any underwear in Germany?) — kill people for having armpit hair — stuff chairs with human hair — (an objection from defendant Göring) — make socks out of human hair — (actually, the correct translation should be hair-yarn “booties” for U-boat crews) — (commentary) — collect seven tons of hair for human sock making — collect 293 hair bales (net weight seven thousand kilograms) at Auschwitz for mattress stuffing and making hair socks — gas them to death, then destroy the bodies with quicklime at Auschwitz • Use human ashes for repairing the roads — mix human ashes with manure and sell it • Burn human bodies using human fat for fuel — burn human bodies using no fuel at all after removing them from the gas chambers without wearing gas masks — burn 80,000 bodies in 2 old ovens • Burn human bodies in holes dug in a swampy plain which is frozen in January where it rains and snows constantly and there is mud everywhere — what did they do when it was raining? • Kill people with poisoned soft drinks — shoot 135,000 people in Smolensk and bury them Katyn-style — shoot 200,000 people in the Lisenitz forest — using the same methods of concealment they used at Katyn Go to Part Two MADE IN RUSSIA – THE HOLOCO$T Return to CONTENTS PAGE



            Leading to the fake film made for propaganda by Alfred Hitchcock.

            Memory of the Camps (1985) Alfred Hitchcock 720p


            “The importance of the Nazi-Zionist pact for Israel’s establishment is difficult to overstate. According to a 1974 analysis in Jewish Frontier cited by Brenner, between 1933 and 1939 over 60% of all the investment in Jewish Palestine came from Nazi Germany. The worldwide impoverishment of the Great Depression had drastically reduced ongoing Jewish financial support from all other sources, and Brenner reasonably suggests that without Hitler’s financial backing, the nascent Jewish colony, so tiny and fragile, might easily have shriveled up and died during that difficult period.”



            “Sixty Reasons Six Million Did Not Die

            Here are a few of the reasons why most grown-ups know the so-called “Holocaust” is an outrageous hoax, a colossal fraud and a malicious libel that defames the memory of those who really did die. We’ll examine some of these facts in detail below. More people died on the back seat of Ted Kennedy’s car at Chappaquiddick than in any “gas chambers” throughout WWII.

            (1) Insufficient time to cremate more than 400,000 bodies at Auschwitz-Birkenau, when Hoaxers claim more than a million were murdered there (after abandoning their claim of “four million” in the 1990s!).
            (2) Insufficient fuel to cremate more than 100,000 bodies at Auschwitz-Birkenau, when Hoaxers allege more than a million were murdered there.
            (3) Insufficient firebrick durability to cremate more than 108,000 bodies at Auschwitz-Birkenau, when Hoaxers contend more than a million were murdered there.


            “No German plans, or orders from Hitler, or from Himmler or anyone else have ever been found for an organized holocaust by gas and cremation of Jews.” by a Reagan economic adviser ⚡


   “In lengthy books about World War II written by Churchill and Eisenhower, there is not a single mention of Jews being genocided in Nazi ‘death camps’.”


            Comment by Leland Roth | November 7, 2020 | Reply

  2. Maybe the problem is that Americans are all dumbed-down by now? — can’t do even the simplest tasks? Is this why the Asians and other populaces are way ahead of us in STEM, health…even counting? This morning I had my washer-dryer set annual-serviced by a Sears technician…best experience of its kind for me, ever. The gentleman was a Filipino immigrant, 42ish, came to the US about 20 years ago — Arizona, Virginia, perhaps others, then my Hawaii — learned the technology trade; and was expert and informative in his every action with me. Am I anti-“American” when I believe that most redneckers, racists et al don’t want to “dirty their hands” by not doing “menial” work such as “counting votes” — and then bitching when the results don’t go they way they want?


    Comment by roberthstiver | November 6, 2020 | Reply

    • Yeah, roberthstiver them commie racist demunists r something else!

      It’s only voting fraud when a billionaire populist wins like he did in 2016 (& loses over a billion 💰in person wealth while in office ~ while taking no pay for his ongoing AWESOME SERVICE to America🇺🇸), but the minute a mind numbing idiot gets more popular votes than Qbama in 2008 ~ while mostly hanging out in his basement saying EXTREMELY interesting stuff like….we demunist have the best voting fraud apparatus around & other blatant racist stuff like…u aint black if u ain’t demunist ☻

      I have CS is what I say when go in to buy stuff in mask required stores these days. “What is CS as I leave after paying for my stuff?”😷

      Common sense🤣🎶


      Comment by Leland Roth | November 6, 2020 | Reply

    • My Holohoax post to u earlier was discarded by Zionists owned Akismet roberthystiver🎯


      Comment by Leland Roth | November 7, 2020 | Reply

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