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New Book Exposes History and Money Behind the Transgender Lobby

By Eric Striker • National Justice • November 23, 2020

An upcoming book from Antelope Hill provides meticulously sourced insight into the corrupt institutions and wealthy financiers that have created and imposed the inorganic transgender movement on the West and beyond.

In The Transgender Industrial-Complex, a copy of which was provided to National Justice for review, author Scott Howard provides over 400 pages of mostly unknown names and groups who, largely over the last 20 years, have used their money to fund phony science, corrupt law, judges and politicians, disseminate disinformation, and organize often thuggish and violent activism to force mostly English-speaking liberal democracies to seriously debate whether men can get pregnant or children should be allowed to choose to take drugs and have irreversible “gender affirmation surgeries.”

Those who disagree on the grounds of ethics or science are marked for destruction.

Howard’s book is effective because its chapters focus on tracing the money, examining the history, and looks at how the European Union and Washington export transgenderism to other nations. It effectively packages the actual science on transgenderism, that it is nothing more than organized and well-funded delirium, in a highly readable format.

The history of transgenderism as we know it is believed to have originated in Jewish circles in early 20th century Germany, but Howard’s research shows that references to breaking down gender in Jewish circles go back to the 14th century, almost hundreds of years years before Martha Baer, a B’nai B’rith member in Germany, became the world’s first “sex-change” operation recipient. There is an interesting anecdote where a Jew involved in gender ideology converted to Catholicism and exposed the movement as an attempt to provoke moral chaos in European host societies. Magnus Hirschfeld is generally credited with creating the ideological rationale for “Trans” and “queerness” more broadly, but it was a Hirschfeld adept named Henry Gerber who imported the bizarre doctrine to the United States via “The Society for Human Rights” in Chicago.

Disagreeing with the concept of transgenderism or what the gender ideology does to those who subscribe to it is forbidden in American society. Howard explains the mechanism for this censorship, listing the small group of wealthy people — most of them Jews — who have created carrots and sticks in academia, the press and the culture at large for aspiring professionals to defy their own two eyes and embrace the 21st century’s Lysenkoist crusade.

Just recently, the largest study ever conducted on transsexuals found that rather than being a biological flaw for man to correct through drugs and surgery, the lifestyle and practice of wanting to change your sex is merely a type of aggressive autism with psychiatric co-morbidities such as schizophrenia.

Conservative examinations of the transgender issue rarely provide a why for the what, but Howard pulls no punches in describing the impulse behind the neo-liberal transsexual push: powerful Jews believe traditional concepts of masculinity and femininity along with the normal family are philosophical categories and social assumptions Fascism swims in — thus they must be destroyed to preserve the power of the ruling class.

By deconstructing nature, our morality breaks down and we are more likely to embrace obscene and discordant unnatural behavior across the board. This makes populations weak and defenseless.

The Transgender Industrial-Complex is an authoritative tome that answers all of one’s questions behind an issue that induces confusion and befuddlement among the vast majority of people.

Gender ideology is not just a strange liberal fad. It is a pernicious attack on Western civilization by wealthy and powerful people motivated by equal parts mental illness and malice.

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    Turning Western Civilization into Babylon, Transgenders in the Military and Jeremiah 51:30-32

    Christopher Jon Bjerknes

    The pro-Russian bolshevist and subversive Chuck Hagel worked with Bolshevik Red Russian Dmitry Medvedev to undermine America’s nuclear weapons capabilities in a program called “Global Zero”. When the libertarians and White Nationalist media supported Hagel’s nomination under Obama for Secretary of Defense, I warned that he was a puppet of the Red Russians and would subvert our national interests, calling him “Kosher as a Bagel Chuck Hagel”.

    Hagel began the process of normalizing the perversion of homosexuality in the military, which later reached fruition in the Obama administration:

    How U.S. Military Policy on Transgender Personnel Changed Under Obama

    The Jews know how to weaken a military by turning its soldiers into women. Jeremiah 51:30-32 states,

    “30 The mighty men of Babylon have forborn to fight, they have remained in their holds: their might hath failed; they became as women: they have burned her dwellingplaces; her bars are broken.

    31 One post shall run to meet another, and one messenger to meet another, to shew the king of Babylon that his city is taken at one end,

    32 And that the passages are stopped, and the reeds they have burned with fire, and the men of war are affrighted.”

    The Jews subverted the Ottoman Empire with homosexuality as this graphic, and I do mean graphic and pornographic image shows:

    “An illustration from the 19th Century book Sawaqub al-Manaquib depicting homosexual anal sex with a wine boy. Titled at source as ‘Spilling the wine’.”

    In 1858, the Ottoman Turks decimalized homosexuality as part of the Tanzimat “reforms”. The Empire was rapidly declining and became the “sick man of Europe”, just as the US is rapidly declining under Obama and now Trump. The Ottomans used to bring boys with them for the gratification of their soldiers.

    The Jews want to turn Gentiles into hermaphrodites after the fashion of unconscious hermaphrodite plants. They have taught the Freemasons that it is their role to serve as the builders of the temple of Saturn, which is a symbol of the solar system, and to fulfill their role as profane political leaders so that the Jews can fulfill their clerical role as priests.

    The Jews have led the Freemasons to believe that humans started out like hermaphrodite plants and that Eve slept with Sammael producing profane Cain the father of the Gentiles, but that Eve slept with the Jewish god’s creation Adam to produce Seth the father of the clerical Jews. The Freemasons and Christian church leaders have been pushing the rainbow flag and homosexual and hermaphrodite culture on the West as part of implementing the Noahide laws among Gentiles and subverting the natural reproduction of Gentiles. The Jews have taught the Freemasons that reproduction and the sex drive are evil and that they should redirect their sexual energies from their groins to their brains along the spinal cord, so that they can become altruistic and reasonable, much like the lifting of Chi in Taoist Chinese philosophy.

    Trump is in search of a diversion from his Red Russian scandals. He seized upon the opportunity to bar transgenders from the military as a means to solidify and rally his base. The communists will seize upon Trump’s diversion as an opportunity to further destroy the transatlantic alliance and NATO, by pitting Canada and the EU against the USA and demanding that we continue the process of perverting our society as they are doing under the direction of the Jews.

    The Jews believe their god will assist them in destroying the Gentiles if they can corrupt Gentiles societies like Sodom and Gemorrah. The Jews believe that evil is good and use it at every opportunity to increase their strength.

    Trump is serving to weaken our military by strengthening it. He accomplishes this for Red Russia by normalizing our military but at the same time alienating us from the perversions that persist in Canada and the EU, thereby weakening our military alliances by strengthening the morale of our national military.

    The subjective and objective analysis of the effectiveness of openly perverse people in the military is a separate issue. But what is of key importance is the fact that the feminization of the military is part of the general feminization of Western Civilization which leaves us less likely to resist jewish and communist aggression and act against our enemies. Destroying our alliances on the basis of whether or not to allow open perversions in our militaries, instead of continuing to base our alliances on our mutual interests in defending our nations from aggressive communist attack, serves only Red Russia and Red China. It is obvious that the jews and communists are behind this subversion through perversion. It only serves their interests, and not ours.

    Jana Ben-Nun has also been exposing the agenda to promote androgeny and corrupt humanity, both mentally and genetically. She has been unfairly attacked for telling the truth, which she did in the video shown here:

    The Babylonian Talmud states not only that the God of the Jews is a hermaphrodite, but that Adam had a double-face, or two faces, one male and one female. The Talmud explains this to mean, that its god separated the faces male and female from Adam to create Eve from Adam. Jana argues that to make things right, in the minds of Talmudists and Cabalists, human beings are being reverted back to this alleged original state of androgyny. For those who doubt the validity of her claim that the Talmud states that Adam was male and female, see the following proof from Tractate Berakoth, folio 61 a-b, and Tractate Eruvin, folio 18a:

    Berakhot 61a-b: Creating Man…and Woman
    Because of an additional letter that appears in the Torah in the Creation story, the Gemara offers a variety of explanations – one of them suggesting that in the original creation of Man the creation was androgynous.
    Rabbi Yirmeya ben Elazar said: The Holy One, Blessed be He, created two faces on Adam the first man; he was created both male and female in a single body, as it is stated: “You have formed me [tzartani] behind and before” (Tehillim 139:5); tzartani is derived from the word tzura [face]. God formed two faces on a single creation, back and front.

    In the Gemara in Ketubot (daf 8a), in the context of seeking to explain a dispute, the possibility is raised that there is a disagreement whether there was a single creation of Man or if there was a second Creation, as well. Most commentaries tie that dispute to the question in our Gemara, whether man was created with one face and the woman was subsequently an independent creation, or whether he was created with two faces and the creation of Eve was merely the separation the two faces from each other, i.e., not a creation at all. Another possible explanation of the dispute is based on the opinion in our Gemara: At first, the thought entered His mind to create two, but ultimately only one was created. On that basis, the dispute can be explained as a disagreement: Which is the determining factor, thought or action?

    Our Gemara continues discussing the creation of Man
    It is stated: “And the tzelah which the Lord, God, had taken from the man, He made a woman, and brought her unto the man” (Bereshit 2:22). Rav and Shmuel disagree over the meaning of the word tzelah: One said: It means face. Eve was originally one face or side of Adam. And one said: It means tail, which he explains to mean that the tzelah was an appendage, i.e., one of the ribs in Adam’s chest.

    The Aruk explains that the word tail, here and in several other places in the Talmud, refers to an appendage that is unlike the object to which it is attached in appearance or size. The Rashba explains “tail” in this context as a limb of secondary importance, as a tail is to a body.
    This essay is based upon the insights and chidushim of Rabbi Steinsaltz, as published in the English version of the Koren Talmud Bavli with Commentary by Rabbi Adin Steinsaltz, and edited and adapted by Rabbi Shalom Berger.
    Learn more about the Aleph Society’s Daf Yomi
    Daf Archives by Tractate | Daf Archives by Date | Glossary
    The Aleph Society’s digital Daf Yomi is available free to the public thanks to the generous support of readers like you. To dedicate future digital pages or tractates of the Steinsaltz Talmud, in honor of a special occasion or in memory of a loved one, please email us or call +1 (212) 840-1166.

    Johann Andreas Eisenmenger pointed these facts out several centuries ago in his book The Traditions of the Jews, Volume I, pages 15 and 16 of the English translation. Jewry claims that he was lying in his book, but the facts prove him correct.

    Eisenmenger wrote,

    “In Berachoth, a Talmud- treatise, ’tis said, ‘that God formed Adam, with a double Visage, The Passage runs thus:’ Rabbi Jeremy, Son of Elieser, says, ‘God created the First Man with Two Faces; as we read, ‘Thou hast fashioned me behind and before.’ Which Words Rabbi Salomon explains thus: ‘He made him with Two Faces, one before and the other behind; and cut him in Two Parts; and out of one Part he made Eve.’ In a Treatise entitled Eruvin, we read, that Adam had a double Face, from the Words, [Footnote:– Ps. CXXXIX. 5.] ‘Thou hast fashioned me from behind and before. On these Words says the Rabbi Eruvin, Salomon writes thus: He divided him into two Parts; for on the one Side he was a Male, and on the other a Female.’ In Bereschith rabba, in the eight Parasha, we read these Words, ‘Rabbi Samuel, Son of Nachmans said, ‘In the same Hour, wherein God created Man, he made him with Two Faces, and sawing him asunder, made the Back part to each of them, one on this Side, the other on that.'”

    Psalm 139:5 states,

    “Thou hast beset me behind and before, and laid thine hand upon me.”
    Joseph Wheless wrote in his book Is It God’s Word?, at page 216,

    “First of all, the Hebrew God was to his Chosen People merely a man, or Superman, human altogether in form, functions, and attributes, with some attributes of a spirit or Jinn added, such as changing shape at will, like the gods of Homer.

    As for his human or ‘anthropomorphic’ form and functions, this appears unequivocably from the Beginning: ‘Elohim created man in his own image, in the image of Elohim created he him,’ indeed, it is positively added: ‘male and female created he them, and said unto them, Be fruitful, and multiply, and replenish the earth’ (Gen. i, 27-28). This, indeed, would imply an hermaphroditic sexuality in the person of Elohim (as a single deity), or a female consort, or a plurality of Elohim or gods, male and female, like the gods and goddesses of Olympus.”

    Since the God of the Jews is a hermaphrodite, Adam was created in its image as an androgynous being. It is interesting to observe on this point, that the male has both an X and a Y chromosome, but the female does not–at least for now.
    What you need to know to be welcoming and inclusive.
    By Joanna Ware | October 11, 2017
    From queer text study and institutional inclusion to profiles of queer clergy and youth voices, the Keshet blog features new ideas and reflections by and for LGBTQ Jews and their allies. The blog is produced by Keshet, a national organization with offices in the Bay Area, Boston, and New York that works for full LGBTQ equality and inclusion in Jewish life.
    The work of transgender inclusion in the Jewish community requires proactive action. Some of the steps we can take to welcome the trans people inside—and on the margins—of our communities are straightforward. But sometimes, well-meaning allies stumble, get confused, feel unsure, and run into snags in the tachlis (details) of being welcoming and inclusive, because we are human and fallible.
    The sacred work of undoing centuries of oppression is a tall order. We’ve pulled together some common questions, answered them, and tried to explain why some questions are more—or less—okay to ask transgender people in your life and community. Some of these are questions I asked myself, and was gently (or not so gently) told weren’t okay. We hope you find this piece inspiring and informative as we prepare for Transgender Day of Remembrance, and that you can join us in supporting a Jewish community that embraces people of all gender identities.

    What does transgender mean?
    Transgender (or just “trans” or “trans*”) is an umbrella term for anyone who knows themselves to be a gender that is different than the gender they were assigned at birth. Turns out, everyone has a gender identity! For some of us, our knowledge of our own gender matches what the doctor, nurse or midwife declared when we were born (“It’s a girl!”). If that’s the case, then we’re cisgender. If not, then we could fall under the transgender umbrella. Some transgender people also identify with other, more specific gender identity labels.

    Isn’t gender just the two options, boy and girl?
    Nope! Societies across the world and throughout time have recognized that gender is more complicated than just the two options, sometimes described as “the gender binary.” If someone you know uses language for themselves or someone else that you’re not familiar with, it’s usually okay to ask them in private what those terms mean to them.
    What does “non-binary” or “gender variant” mean?
    Non-binary and gender variant or gender nonconforming are also umbrella categories that can include anyone whose gender identity, expression, or behavior is outside of social norms of women who are “feminine” and men who are “masculine.” Put another way, someone whose gender identity falls outside of the gender binary. Other terms people might use include gender expansive, genderqueer, agender, gender fluid, gender flexible, and more. Some, but not all, non-binary people may use gender neutral pronouns like “they/them,” “ze/hir,” or no pronouns at all, just their name.

    Isn’t using “they” to refer to one person grammatically incorrect?
    Nope, it’s not. I know that might be different from what your middle school English teacher taught you, but the truth is that English has included “they” as a singular pronoun since the 13th century. It has been used by great authors, including Geoffrey Chaucer, William Shakespeare, Emily Dickinson, Jane Austen, W.H. Auden, and more. Contemporary linguists agree, too. In 2016, singular “they” was voted Word of the Year by the American Dialect Society. And, importantly, it is a critical tool in speaking and writing about non-binary people respectfully. Dismissing or ignoring someone’s pronouns because you’re not comfortable with the grammar sends the message: “speaking about you with dignity and respect is less important to me than my own comfort.” And that’s not an awesome way to be an ally. It’s okay if using “they” as a singular pronoun is new or uncomfortable for you, but it’s important to do your best to use it when someone tells you it is their pronoun, and I promise it will get easier with practice.

    Bonus grammar tip: When using “they” to refer to one person, use plural verb forms. Ex: “Alex called, and said they are bringing challah for Shabbat dinner and they have a bottle of wine, too.”
    I’m really curious about the experience of a transgender person I know, but I don’t want to be rude. Are there questions that are inappropriate?
    You bet. Many transgender people are routinely asked deeply private questions about their bodies, identities, histories, and experiences by strangers, acquaintances, and friends alike. This kind of question-asking is emotionally exhausting, can out someone against their will (potentially jeopardizing their safety, job, and relationships), and can be humiliating. If you are very close to someone, you can ask them if they’d like to talk about their transition or their identity, and if they say yes, let them steer the conversation.
    Questions to avoid:
    • “Have you had the surgery?”
    Every transgender person’s transition looks different, and not everyone has a medical transition. Even if they did, it’s probably not your business unless you are their doctor (and even then, it’s irrelevant for a lot of medical treatment). If they want to talk to you about their transition, they probably will!
    • “What’s your real name?”
    The name they just told you is probably the name they want you to use. If you know a transgender person’s assigned name and preferred name, you should ask them if there are any circumstances in which they’d like you to use their assigned name, and then respect their answer.
    • “How do you have sex?”
    Active communication about sex with partners is great! Probing into the nitty gritty of someone else’s sex life usually feels invasive. People have sex in LOTS of different ways, transgender people included. If you are involved with someone who is transgender and are looking for resources for yourself or your partner, there are a bunch on the internet.
    • “Did your family reject you?”
    This question can feel sensationalizing or incredibly painful, depending on the person’s experience. It’s probably best left for more intimate conversation with a good friend, rather than an oneg (reception/gathering on Shabbat).

    How do I support transgender people in my life or community?
    There are some super easy things you can do to support transgender people in your life!
    • Respect their names and pronouns.
    Pronouns are a really basic way that we signal our gender to the world around us, so respecting people’s pronouns is important! Some gender non conforming people use alternative pronouns like “they/them/theirs” or “ze/hir.” This might take some getting used to, but putting forth the effort will make a huge difference to the people you care about! For more help with pronouns, check out the Trans Ally Workbook: Getting Pronouns Right by Davey Shlasko.
    • Correct others if they mis-pronoun someone.
    Check with the transgender people you know first, but for a lot of transgender people it’s helpful to have friends and allies who will correct others if they get their pronoun wrong. Your transgender friends might have some caveats though, like don’t do so in front of them, or don’t correct someone who is addressing a large crowd, but definitely correct someone in private or small-group conversation.
    • Advocate for gender-neutral bathrooms.
    Transgender people experience a lot of oppression around bathrooms, and access to safe bathrooms can make a big difference in people’s comfort and sense of welcome in a community. You can even use our signs to make your institution’s bathrooms all-gender!
    • Reflect on your assumptions about gender-norms.
    Being thoughtful and reflective on the ways that gender norms, and attendant social policing, can negatively impact all of us—but transgender people in particular, is part of the long-term work of making the world safer for people of all genders. This is the root of transphobia, and transphobic violence, and the more you think about and talk about it helps break down those pervasive, damaging norms and stereotypes.
    • Allow your friends to be open about their transgender experience, but don’t define them by it.
    Don’t just talk to your transgender community members about their transgender experience, talk to them about their golf swing, art project, marathon, recent travel, knitting, meditation practice, or cooking adventures too!
    • Be open to learning and feedback.
    You might get something wrong some time, and that’s okay. If transgender people in your life ask you to do something differently to be an ally to them, listen with an open heart! Be open to feedback, try not to get defensive, and remember that it’s super vulnerable for them to give you this feedback.
    • Incorporate transgender-affirming rituals into your Jewish communal life.
    There are a growing number of resources for celebrating transgender people’s lives Jewishly. Check out resources like TransTexts and TransTorah for examples.

    It’s important to say two last things:
    First, this isn’t meant to be an exhaustive or universal list, because we’re talking about responding to humans who are all different from each other and may very well disagree with each other (and me!). Second, there are a lot of excellent resources on transgender experiences all over the internet, written by transgender people. To learn more, go hear what they have to say! Read some of the incredible pieces on our blog, by writers like Emily Aviva, Duncan, Rafi, Simcha, Y.C., Becky, Taan, and Micah. Listen to Keshet Board Member Joy Ladin’s incredible interview on Gender and the Syntax of Being. (And then hurry to your local independent bookstore to buy her books!) Check out TransTorah and their fabulous resources, including Trans Etiquette/Support/Respect 101 by Micah Bazant and Making Your Jewish Community Transgender Friendly by Rabbi Elliot Kukla and Rabbi Rueben Zellman.
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    Transgender Day of Remembrance is November 20th. We’re asking Jewish organizations to make a commitment to mark this day. Let us know how your Jewish community will observe the day.

    Judaism and LGBTQ Issues: An Overview
    Gender & Sexuality

    Jewish Feminist Thought
    Women & Feminism


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