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Crucial Viral Update Jan 4th – Europe and USA – Covers it ALL

Ivor Cummins | January 4, 2021

This one is jam packed with all the data and science you need – to STAY SAFE! – seriously, this one has revelations a plenty…

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As Government Demands Our Trust, Here Are Multiple Examples of The State Endangering Public Health

By Don Via Jr. | The Free Thought Project | January 3, 2021

Despite some of the tireless coverage from those of us in the independent media over the years, there still seems to be a contingent of holdouts clung to the idea that their own government would not intentionally put the well being of its citizens at risk. Particularly with regard to the closing out of 2020, it seemed no better a time to provide some historical context to the contrary.

We will begin with example from the prohibition era of the previous century, in 1928. The United States government in an attempt to act as the sole arbiter of morality took it upon themselves to defy the basic human right of self ownership and prohibited the consumption of alcohol nationally. Naturally, this was not received well by millions of individuals who believed it was their inherent right to decide what they could and could not ingest in their own bodies.

As prohibition often does, this led to a boon in black market industry of speakeasies and bootleg alcohol manufacturing and distribution. Of course the all powerful government, ever influenced by its messiah complex did not respond well to this act of defiance. How dare the peasantry exercise their rights as free thinking individuals? Thusly the government took the only next reasonable step it could think of — to poison its own citizens.

That’s right, rather than come to the logical conclusion that people should be allowed to decide what’s best for them, the federal government decided in an ill-fated attempt to enforce compliance of state-mandated moral guidelines to “save people from themselves”, to contaminate millions of barrels of alcohol with poison to dissuade people from drinking it.

This seems outlandish but it is indeed a well-documented historical fact that, as pointed out in a previous article from TFTP, has been entirely scrubbed from the history books. The reason for this historical purge is quite clear when one reads into the consequences of this repulsive policy. As it has been estimated that due to this state-sponsored poisoning campaign, over 10,000 Americans lost their lives as a direct result from being murdered by their government for the “crime” of consuming alcohol.

Just this one instance alone, arguably the most repugnant atrocity the United States government has ever perpetuated on its own citizenry, should be enough for people to realize they should never blindly believe that the bureaucracy is a benevolent figure acting on behalf of their well-being. Unfortunately though, as we will see this is only one of several examples of the predator class purposefully endangering the health of the public that they had been trusted to protect.

Our next example is somewhat better known, yet just as egregious. A project known as the Tuskegee Syphilis Experiment. The Tuskegee program ran from 1932 to 1972, conducted out of Tuskegee University in Alabama by the United States Public Health Service & the Center for Disease Control and Prevention.

The aim of the program was to observe the natural progression of syphilis in African American men, and while entirely unethical was also deeply rooted in the racist ideologies of the pre-civil rights era. Specifically targeting poor and disenfranchised black communities of Macon County, Alabama as unknowing & non-consenting test subjects.

The individuals were coerced into the program after being told they were being treated for having “bad blood”, and promised free medical care. Over 600 men were involved in the study, more than half of which had syphilis yet remained undiagnosed despite treatments such as penicillin already being readily available at the time. They were instead treated with placebos.

For 40 years the PHS and CDC intentionally withheld medical care during this program and allowed this disease to ravage people and communities with zero regard for public safety or basic moral standards. And as a result, as one study noted, has had a long-standing and negative psychological impact on American black communities.

The Tuskegee Study abused public trust, and left many infected men to die and led to the infection of several others including wives and children who could have been saved from contracting the debilitating disease. All under the observation of supposedly trusted public health authorities.

Dishearteningly, however, this is not an isolated incident. As bad as these repugnant practices from the CDC are, they are not the only agency to engage in them. Since the end of the second world war ushered in the age of the military-industrial-complex, and the creation of the Central Intelligence Agency, they too have conducted illegal and unethical experimentation against non-consenting American citizens.

Official documents declassified over the decades exemplify that these projects are innumerable, and a total disregard for public health and safety is government standard practice, despite their cover-up and assertion to the contrary.

A few pertinent examples include —

  • Operation Sea Spray, a biological warfare experiment carried out by the United States Navy in the San Francisco Bay area in 1950. The Navy released clouds contaminated with the bacteria serratia marcescens & bacillus globigii into a city of 775,000 inhabitants. The aim of the operation was to track the dispersal of biological agents in a major metropolitan area, as initially the Navy believed the bacteria was not harmful to humans. That all changed a week after the initial release however, when residents began flooding hospitals suffering from unknown adverse reactions ranging from the minor to severe. At least one man is officially known to have died. And it has been noted the program likely permanently altered the microbial ecology of the area.


  • Operation Large Area Coverage was a mass biological attack simulation carried out by the United States Army Chemical Corps from 1957 to 1958. Throughout the American Midwest from the Gulf of Mexico into Canada, it covered thousands of square miles. The goal of the experiment was to test dispersal patterns of biological agents and involved releasing compounds known to be radioactive and carcinogenic, primarily zinc cadmium sulfide among other harmful bacteria. Tens of thousands of Americans were unknowingly exposed to these compounds. Two cities where these tests were concentrated – St Louis, Missouri and Corpus Christi, Texas – received such heavy plumes of the contaminated aerosols they created an artificial overcast over the cities. To which point military officials deceptively informed the localities that they were merely conducting smokescreen tests. To this day St. Louis residents suffer from adverse health effects allegedly attributed to the experiments they were subjected to, ranging from respiratory illnesses to cancer.


  • Project MK ULTRA.
    This may very well be the most notorious of anything mentioned in this article. Almost anyone may have likely heard of MK Ultra at one point or another. Though it is unlikely that many have done the extensive research necessary to fully grasp the treachery of this infamous operation. Documentation about MK Ultra and its numerous sub-projects is scarce, due to several documents pertaining to it having been ordered destroyed by Director of Central Intelligence Richard Helms under the Nixon Administration. However those that do remain still paint quite grim picture. There were various sub-programs associated with the project that spanned the course of nearly two decades. Some the names being MK Naomi, MK Often, MK Search, MK Delta, and Artichoke, just to name a few. The operations had various goals and aims ranging from behavioral modification, to psychological manipulation, to the development of biological and chemical weapons and much much more. Through their duration the CIA relied heavily on both willing and unwilling participants who were subjected to various methodologies including but not limited to; psychological abuse, electroshock, physical torture, and being subjected to mind altering drugs. At least one death can be attributed to the program, Dr. Frank Olson, who committed suicide by jumping through the window of a high-rise building while on a CIA induced overdose of LSD.

All of the known officially released documents pertaining to MK Ultra and it’s sub programs have been obtained and painstakingly catalogued by the hard work of researcher John Greenwald on his website The Black Vault.

While one may look to these examples and believe them to be few and far between, in reality that is the farthest thing from the truth. In 1977 an investigation published in the Washington Post confirmed the Military had conducted 239 secret open air germ warfare tests just between 1949 & 1969. These included releasing bacteria in Washington bus terminals and airports, the Pennsylvania Turnpike, and the New York subway system. This is known to be one of the most egregious among them given the sheer volume of people exposed. The illegality of these experiments is quite clear, as they completely violate the stipulations of the Nuremberg Code, requiring voluntary informed consent for all research participants.

Some others among these tests worthy of mention are Operation Dew I & Dew II, which were similar to Large Area Coverage in that they released large quantities of zinc cadmium sulfide over several states in the southeastern United States; Operation Big Itch, an entomological warfare experiment utilizing weaponized ticks that is suspected to have contributed to the spread of Lyme disease; Operation May Day, Operation Drop Kick, Operation Big Buzz, & Operation Bellwether, all of which were experiments to determine the potentiality to disseminate biological agents via the release of mosquitoes.

Some Army documents claim the released insects were uninfected. However the Army’s long history of research into yellow fever and dengue fever, as well as the subsequent outbreaks of the viruses in the same public areas used as testing grounds has led some researchers to theorize these programs contributed to the spread of these diseases throughout the United States.

This suspicion can be plausibly corroborated in that same article from The Post, when then Senator and future Secretary of Health and Human Services, Richard Schweiker (R-Pa.), testified at a Senate subcommittee hearing saying — “It is very risky indeed to assume that any living organism, reduced to germ warfare size and released in a populated area, is ever safe.”. That same report also confirmed that hundreds of military personnel and their families had contracted infections from the pathogens intentionally released on US military installations.

Undoubtedly, the reader may look at these numerous examples and say to oneself “but most of these happened in the 60s and 70s. They certainly couldn’t still be endangering the public on such a scale now”. But this is not the case either. As noted in a previous TFTP article, a recent study from 2018 found that these dismal practices are indeed being allowed to continue. —

“While the idea that the U.S. government would willingly poison its own citizens may seem shocking to some, it is not unprecedented. Earlier this year, a study found that the Pentagon has contaminated more than 40,000 sites across the United States, exposing hundreds of thousands of Americans to dangerous chemicals.

The investigation, which was conducted by ProPublica and Vox, revealed that by testing and disposing of deadly chemical weapons in the United States, the Pentagon has “poisoned drinking water supplies, rendered millions of acres of land unsafe or unusable, and jeopardized the health of often unwitting Americans.”

And in another piece, this time from 2017, we covered the story of a small Oklahoma town outraged that the Department of Homeland Security announced they would be conducting chemical spraying operations over the town. In what a DHS press release stated would be to —
“gather data that enhances our predictive capabilities in the event of a biological agent attack”. All too reminiscent of disastrous programs of decades past.

At the previous mention of US service members & families also succumbing to these poisons, it brings me to my next point of transition. Despite the dire circumstances alluded to already, the American public are not the only ones utilized as unknowing guinea pigs or sacrificial lambs for the governments unethical experimentation & criminal negligence. Often times it is their own soldiers that are the first to suffer the consequences.

Many of the previous programs mentioned above did involve some degree of testing on military personnel but there have been several specifically dedicated to it. The first that comes to mind is Project112/ SHAD (Shipboard Hazard and Defense). From 1962 to 1973 the SHAD project was conducted on the number of US Naval vessels to determine their ability to detect and respond to acts of biological chemical warfare. So, naturally, the United States military actually carried out an act of biological warfare against its own sailors.

In 2000, the Department of Defense became required to begin declassifying the documents of the project. These “tests” consisted of exposing approximately 6000 of their fighting men to numerous pathogens via released aerosol. Including sarin gas, and VX. Two of the most dangerous neurological agents known today. Despite numerous veterans filing complaints about the negative health effects they have suffered since, including some developing cancer, the Department of Veterans Affairs still asserts “there is no clear evidence of specific, long-term health problems associated with participation in Project SHAD”.

Sadly enough, this seems to be a regular pattern. As almost identical instances have occurred over the years, particularly in Vietnam with the usage of Agent Orange. While the DoD was comfortable committing war crimes in the South Pacific, they were also totally okay with exposing their own to the same deadly agents simultaneously.

Agent Orange was a powerful herbicidal chemical weapon, said to be “one of the deadliest concoctions ever created”, used indiscriminately against combatants and civilians alike in Vietnam. The disastrous effects of this toxin have been suffered by victims and administrators alike, who have not only felt the effects themselves but been witness to entire generations of children, grandchildren, and great-grandchildren born with the biological effect as well. Birth defects, heart conditions, leukemia, cancer, just to name a few have all plagued those and the descendants of those exposed to this ungodly weapon of mass destruction.

Even more disheartening is the fact that the same scenario is still being played out today in similar fashion. The company contracted to create Agent Orange, Monsanto (arguably one of the most dastardly corporations to ever exist), is still alive and well, still canoodling with government officials to maintain their monopoly, and still poisoning people.

In 2018 TFTP reported the landmark verdict in San Francisco which ruled Monsanto’s Roundup herbicide contained carcinogenic additives. What’s more, internal documents released during the trial proved that Monsanto knew the danger this chemical posed to the public, and covered it up regardless. Furthermore, in the same year the company merged with pharmaceutical giant Bayer AG — which has its own sinister history, including intentionally releasing drugs to the public contaminated with HIV.

To continue, despite the folly of Agent Orange it seems the military brass still has refused to learn a lesson from its own abhorrent history. The same methods, with a similar circumstance, are still being carried out to this day. Since the invasion of Iraq and Afghanistan the usage of burn pits as the primary means of disposal for any and all trash and toxic waste has led to hundreds of thousands of American veterans that served in the Middle East in the past 20 years coming home developing respiratory and other illnesses due to the noxious fumes they were exposed to. An estimated 3.5 million veterans have been exposed to toxic burn pits and yet just as the case was with agent orange the VA still vehemently denies an overwhelming majority of these claims.

While operations involving the military and intelligence agencies are some of the most poignant instances, they’re far from the only ones. If targeting unknowing and non-consenting members of the general public, as well as their own dedicated fighting men and women wasn’t bad enough, a number of these institutions made it a point to target even more vulnerable members of society. Carrying out countless tests against persons incarcerated by the state, who were unable to object. And even worse still, specifically experimenting on children.

The cases of illegal experimentation carried out on prisoners and children – often orphaned, hospitalized, or mentally disabled – on behalf of both government and corporate entities are sickeningly abundant. This began with the Manhattan Project in the forties and lasted decades.

Newborn babies were injected with radioactive material, mentally challenged children were fed radioactive oatmeal, both in accordance with an experiment carried out by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Quaker Oats, and the Atomic Energy Commission. Irradiating the testicles of prisoners causing sterility and cancer; Vanderbilt University and the US Public Health Service dosing pregnant women with radiation without their knowledge; patients given high doses of radiation resulting in violent hemorrhaging, cancer, and premature death conducted by the University of Cincinnati Medical School — are but a few examples of the more than 100 experiments carried out on 9,000 subjects mentioned in this 1995 Los Angeles Times exposé.

Overall a total of 4,000 radiation experiments — conducted on an estimated 20,000 unwitting victims had been carried out during this time period, claims the Alliance for Human Research Protection.

As stomach-churning as these revelations are, one must also keep in mind that those cases are only pertaining to radiation experiments. Those numbers still aren’t counting the various other kinds of tests and or mishaps that have occurred and were subsequently covered up.

Other miscellaneous yet no less relevant instances are equally as abominable. One that comes to mind in particular is the ghastly history of eugenics. In short, Eugenics is a ethnically biased selective breeding pseudoscience that originated in the United Kingdom, and found prominence in the United States in the 20th century.

The American eugenics movement was even referenced during the post World War II Nuremberg trials as having played a role in inspiring practices of the Holocaust. Though it has been largely whitewashed from modern American history books, Eugenics was openly accepted and practiced in America’s medical establishment for over 70 years, starting in 1909.

Having not only played a role in the segregationist policies of the Jim Crow era, but also resulting in the forced sterilization of tens of thousands of American citizens, mostly lower class women, who were deemed “unfit for breeding”. This was carried out not by some fringe group, but as signed and approved by government legislature, and supposedly trusted public health authorities as an openly accepted common practice of the American medical establishment for the better part of a century.

This short section alone doesn’t nearly due the justice of fully elaborating the terrible scope of this obscene chapter of American history. I genuinely implore the reader to read the previous three cited sources to gain a better comprehension it this ignored portion of our not-so-distant past.

However even more grotesque is the documented fact that these practices have carried over into the modern day in a limited capacity. For years stories have emerged of unapproved sterilizations still taking place, particularly in California women’s correctional facilities. And just earlier this year, a whistleblower came forward from one of Georgia’s immigrant detention facilities alleging that ICE had carried out hundreds illegal hysterectomies against detainees.

To close out this chronicling I would like to include just one last item. In my article prior to this I covered the story of a lawsuit involving the world’s largest vaccine manufacturer suing a man who had claimed to be injured by one of their products. In it, for context I also included quite a bit of history of a number of those entities involved highlighting their history of blatant wrong doing.

For relevancy I would like to shortly expand upon that here, as the history of those kind of activities is not a newly recent one. But in fact stretches back as far as many of these previously mentioned instances. For example, 1955 saw what was known as The Cutter Incident. When in San Francisco a mishap occurred in a laboratory developing the first polio vaccine. As a result tens of thousands of children received a jab contaminated with the live polio virus. 40,000 ultimately contracted the disease, hundreds were left paralyzed, and 10 died. This was a tragedy specifically attributed to human error, that may have possibly been avoided had lab workers scrutinized their colleagues just a little more heavily.

Despite some increases in oversight, this scenario would repeat itself on two more notable occasions. Between 1955 and 1963 once again polio vaccine development saw a horrible mishap occur. Hundreds of thousands of doses of the vaccine had become contaminated with a virus contracted from research macaques, called Simian Virus 40 (SV40) — known to be a probable carcinogen.

Decontamination procedures were not carried out properly, thusly the shot administered to 98 million Americans still carried the SV40 virus. Despite constant reassurance from the CDC that this was harmless, a 1999 study from the National Institute of Health concluded — “Our analysis indicates increased rates of ependymomas (37%), osteogenic sarcomas (26%), other bone tumors (34%) and mesothelioma (90%) among those in the exposed as compared to the unexposed birth cohort.”

Finally, one must bring attention to the 1976 “fiasco”, as The New York Times puts it. In 1976, the Gerald Ford Administration was led to believe they were on the verge of a swine flu pandemic that would kill millions. However the evidence to substantiate this was scarce to say the least — and ultimately, it never happened. However this didn’t stop Ford and Congress from pushing through a mandate requiring a vaccine be rushed into production. In the end the entire campaign did more harm than good; Economically, with its strain on funds. Civilly, with its blatant disregard for civil liberty. And medically, as hundreds were harmed by the vaccine itself. As Discover magazine explained

“Due to the urgency of creating new immunizations for a novel virus, the government used an attenuated “live virus” for the vaccine instead of a inactivated or “killed” form, increasing the probability of adverse side effects among susceptible groups of people receiving the vaccination. Furthermore, prominent American scientists and health professionals began questioning the campaign’s large expense and its drain on scarce public health resources.

With President Ford’s reelection campaign looming on the horizon, the campaign increasingly appeared politically motivated. The rationale for mass vaccination seemed to stem from only the barest of biological reasoning — it turned out that the flu wasn’t even related to the virus that caused the grisly 1918 epidemic and, indeed, those who were infected with the flu only suffered from a mild illness while the vaccine, for the reasons stated above, resulted in over four-hundred and fifty people developing the paralyzing Guillain-Barré syndrome.”

Consequently, the original NY Times article said it best — “The blame for such a result will have to fall on the politicians and bureaucrats who formed policy so hastily early this year, scorning the few voices that expressed skepticism and sought to raise questions about the program.”

As I conclude I wish to state even with as extensive as this article is it should be stressed that these are only a fraction of examples of these programs/ incidents. Admittedly, while writing I had a hard time deciding what to include or exclude due to the sheer volume examples found while researching for this piece.

Doing further in-depth study of these subjects indicate examples of public endangerment and criminal negligence like this number in the thousands and span much of our history. Case and point, even just this May, The Free Thought Project shared an article from The Rutherford Institute that provided examples of several more instances itself — including the military’s race-based testing of mustard gas on troops, & FEMA “inadvertently”  exposing 10,000 first responders to the deadly compound ricin.

This report was an exhaustive one. And the track record is a repugnant one, but a clear one. Paired with critical analysis it shows perfectly why one would be very wise to always heavily scrutinize any of these institutions, particularly in times when they are demanding blind faith and unquestioning obedience.

We didn’t find out about the heinous acts committed between the 40s & 60s, until the 70s. And another decade to learn about the atrocities committed then. So on & so forth. And in the present day we are only just now learning about the health hazards subjected to the public in the 2000s. Transparency and accountability are not virtues that we can allow it to fall to the wayside. It begs the question that should be seen as a tale of caution — what are we being exposed to now, that they will neglect to tell us for another 20 years?

A word to the wise my friends, always practice due diligence. Healthy skepticism can be your best friend, and perhaps even save your life.

About the author – Don Via Jr. is an independent researcher and journalist from central Virginia, who has dedicated the last ten years to studying history, political science, geopolitics, and covert operations, and raising awareness about government corruption and abuses. He is the founder of the independent media outlet Break The Matrix. More of his work can be found there, as well as on associated social media on MeWe, Twitter, and Minds.

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Ignore Fake News, Says Fake News BBC!

By Paul Homewood | Not A Lot Of People Know That | January 4, 2021

The problem posed by disinformation online is increasingly serious, the BBC’s director general has said.

Tim Davie told the Radio Times: “Traditional journalism has been playing catchup in the disinformation world.”

He added that 2020 has repeatedly highlighted the dangers of the internet as conspiracy theories about coronavirus and the US election were circulated online.

“News sources such as the BBC need to work harder than ever to expose fake news and separate fact from fiction,” he said. “We need to take care that trusted news is not blown off course by claims that are unfounded, however widespread they become.

“And we need to recognise that we are up against the well-funded, state-backed actors who see news as an extension of state influence and a tool for disrupting our societies and democracies.”

Davie said he was proud of the BBC’s effort to “stand up for integrity in news and fight disinformation on the frontline”.

Could this be the same BBC, who rely on Greenpeace for their climate change reports?

Is it the same BBC, which has just broadcast a woefully one-sided indoctrination programme, masquerading as a “Royal Institution Christmas Lecture”?

Or which trumpeted Christian Aid’s mendacious report on extreme weather, without the slightest attempt to check or challenge it?

Or broadcast a Panorama documentary on UK extreme weather, that was so misleading it should have carried a warning label?

All these instances have occurred in just the last month, and many more examples can be found over the years of outright lies, misinformation, omission of relevant facts, bias and a stubborn refusal to report the views of those experts who don’t agree with the BBC’s climate agenda.

And that’s before we even get started on the BBC’s political and anti-Brexit bias.

What Mr Davie is really saying, of course, is that we must all get our “news” from the BBC, and ignore other sources in case we discover the true facts.

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We are at War

By Peter Koenig for the Saker Blog | January 4, 2021 

We are at war. Yes. And I don’t mean the west against the east, against Russia and China, nor the entire world against an invisible corona virus. No. We, the common people, are at war against an ever more authoritarian and tyrannical elitist Globalist system, reigned by a small group of multi-billionaires, that planned already decades ago to take power over the people, to control them reduce them to what a minute elite believes is an “adequate number” to inhabit Mother Earth – and to digitize and robotize the rest of the survivors, as a sort of serfs. It’s a combination of George Orwell’s “1984” and Aldous Huxley’s “Brave New World”.

Welcome to the age of the transhumans. If we allow it. That’s why vaccination is needed in warp speed, to inject us with transgenic substances that may change our DNA, lest we may wake up, or at least a critical mass may become conscious – and change the dynamics. Because dynamics are not predictable, especially not in the long-term.

The war is real and the sooner we all realize it, the sooner those in masks and those in social distancing take cognizance of the worldwide dystopian situations we have allowed to become our governments, the better our chance to retake our sovereign selves. Today we are confronted with totally illegal and oppressive rules, all imposed under the pretext of “health protection”. Non-obedience is punishable by huge fines; military and police enforced rules: Mask wearing, social distancing, keeping within the allowed radius of our “homes”, quarantining, staying away from our friends and families.

Actually, the sooner We, the People, will take up an old forgotten characteristic of human kind – “solidarity” – and fight this war with our solidarity, with our love for each other, for mankind, with our love for LIFE and our Love for Mother Earth, the sooner we become again independent, self-assured beings, an attribute we have lost gradually over the last decades, at the latest since the beginning of the neoliberal onslaught of the 1980s. Slice by tiny slice of human rights and civil rights have been cut off under false pretexts and propaganda – “security” – to the point where we begged for more security and gladly gave away more of our freedoms and rights. How sad.

Now, the salami has been sliced away. We suddenly realize, there is nothing left. Its irrecoverable. We have allowed it to happen before our eyes, for promised comfort and propaganda lies by these small groups of elitists – by the Globalists, in their thirst for endless power and endless greed – and endless enlargements of their riches, of their billions. – Are billions of any monetary union “riches”? – Doubtfully. They have no love. No soul, no heart just a mechanical blood-pump that keeps them alive.

These people, the Globalists, they have sunk so deep in their moral dysfunction, totally devoid of ethics, that their time has come – either to be judged against international human rights standards, war crimes and crimes against humanity – similar as was done by the Nuremberg Trials after WWII, or to disappear, blinded away by a new epoch of Light.

As the number of awakening people is increasing, the western Powers that Be (PTB) are becoming increasingly nervous and spare no efforts coercing all kinds of people, para-government, administrative staff, medical personnel, even independent medical doctors into defending and promoting the official narrative.

It is so obvious, when you have known these people in “normal” times, their progressive opinions suddenly turning, by 180 degrees, to the official narrative, defending the government lies, the lies of the bought “scientific Task Forces” that advise the governments, and thereby provide governments with alibis to “tighten the screws” a bit more (Ms. Merkel’s remarks) around the people, the very people the governments should defend and work for; the lies and deceptive messages coming from “scientists” who may have been promised “eternal, endless ladders of careers”, or of lives in a hidden paradise?

What more may they get in turn for trying to subvert their friends’, peers’, patients’ opinions about the horror disease “covid-19”? – Possibly something that is as good as life itself – and is basically cost free for the avaricious rich. For example, a vax-certificate without having been vaxxed by the toxic injections – opening the world of travel and pleasurable activities to them as “before”.

Other special benefits may include dispensation from social distancing, mask wearing, quarantining – and who knows, a hefty monetary award. Nothing would be surprising, when you see how this tiny evil cell is growing like a cancer to take over full power of the world – including and especially Russia and China, where the bulk of the world’s natural resources are buried, and where technological and economic advances far outrank the greed-economy of the west. They will not succeed.

What if the peons don’t behave? – Job loss, withdrawal of medial licenses, physical threats to families and loved ones, and more.

The Globalists evil actions and influence-peddling is limited in the east, where they are confronted with educated and awakened people.

We are at war. Indeed. The 99.999% against the 0.001%. Their tactics are dividing to conquer, accompanied by this latest brilliant idea – launching an invisible enemy, a virus, a plandemic, and a fear campaign to oppress and tyrannize the entire world, all 193 UN member countries.

The infamous words, spoken already more than half a century ago by Rockefeller protégé, Henry Kissinger, come to mind: “Who controls food supply controls the people; who controls the energy can control whole continents; who controls money can control the world.”

Quoting some lines and thoughts of a 1 January 2021, RT article, “Civil war, medical discrimination, spy satellites and cyborgs! How 2021 could make us yearn for 2020” – may point us in a direction of what may happen in 2021, we certainly do not yearn for.

“People everywhere are eager to bid farewell to 2020, a year in which our lives were turned upside down by power-mad elites who seized the Covid-19 pandemic as a chance to go full police state. But be careful what you wish for…. merely putting up a new calendar does nothing to address [the mounting repression and tyranny], which seem certain to reach a breaking point. Humanity has been pushed to the limit with arbitrary rules, enforced poverty, and mandated isolation — it will only take a spark or two for things to explode.”

And – ”As vaccines are rolled out to the general public, the divide between those obeying the rules and the dissidents will only grow. Those who decline to get the jab will be treated as pariahs, banned from some public spaces and told it’s their fault life hasn’t gone back to normal, just as so-called “anti-maskers” have been.”

And more glorious prospects – “Anyone who isn’t thrilled by the idea of ingesting an experimental compound whose makers have been indemnified from any lawsuits, will be deemed an enemy of the state, even separated from their children or removed from their home as a health risk. Neighbors will gleefully rat each other out for the equivalent of an extra chocolate ration, meaning even the most slavishly obedient individuals could end up in “concentration camps” for upsetting the wrong person.”


Yes, we are in the midst of war. A war that has already ravaged our society, divided it all the way down to families and friends. If we are not careful, we may not look our children and grand children in the eyes, because we knew, we ought to have known what was and is going on, what is being done, by a small dark power elite – the Globalists. We must step out of our comfort zone, and confront the enemy with an awakened mind of consciousness and a heart filled with love – but also with fierce resistance.

If we fail to step up and stand up for our rights, this war goes on to prepare future generations – to abstain from congregating with other people. They are already indoctrinating our kids into keeping away from friends, school colleagues, peers, and from playing in groups with each other – as the new Normal. The self-declared cupula – the crème of the crop of civilization – the Globalist evil masters, already compromised and continue to do so, the education systems throughout the globe to instill into kids and young adults that wearing masks is essential for survival, and “social distancing” is the only way forward. See Children of the Great Reset.

They know damned well that once a civilization has lost its natural cohesion – the social fabric is broken, the very fabric that keeps a civilization together and dynamically advancing. The “dynamic advancing” – or simply dynamics itself – is their nightmare, because dynamics is what makes life tick – life, people, societies, entire nations and continents. Without dynamics life on the planet would stand still.

And that’s what they want – a Globalist dictator, controlling a small population of serfs, or robotized slaves, that move only when told, own nothing and are given a digital blockchain controlled universal income, that, depending on their behavior and obedience, they may use to buy food, pleasure and comfort. Once the slaves are dispensable or incorrigible, their electronically controlled brains are simply turned off – RIP.

This may turn out to be the most devastating war mankind has ever fought. May We, the People, see through this horrendous sham which is already now playing out, in Year One of the UN Agenda 21 /30; and may We, the People, the commons, win this war against a power-thirsty elite and its bought administrators and “scientists” throughout the world – and restore a sovereign, unmasked, socially coherent society – in solidarity.

Peter Koenig is a geopolitical analyst and a former Senior Economist at the World Bank and the World Health Organization (WHO), where he has worked for over 30 years on water and environment around the world. He lectures at universities in the US, Europe and South America. He writes regularly for online journals and is the author of Implosion – An Economic Thriller about War, Environmental Destruction and Corporate Greed; and co-author of Cynthia McKinney’s book “When China Sneezes: From the Coronavirus Lockdown to the Global Politico-Economic Crisis” (Clarity Press – November 1, 2020)

Peter Koenig is a Research Associate of the Centre for Research on Globalization.

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Sergey Lavrov’s Reality Check

By Stephen Lendman | January 4, 2020

Lavrov and Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif are the preeminent diplomats of our time.

Respected for their straight talk candor and support for the rule of law and cooperative relations with other countries, their agendas are polar opposite how their Western counterparts operate.

Lavrov stressed that Russia “has a peaceful and predictable foreign policy,” adding:

“We remain open to joint efforts, based on mutual respect, with anyone who is willing to reciprocate.”

“We are not playing zero sum geopolitical games, and we are not acting in the spirit of an archaic concept of spheres of influence.”

“Quite the contrary. We are taking practical action to implement the idea that large-scale trans-border problems can only be settled through joint efforts based on the principle of solidarity.”

The above is worlds apart from politicized actions by the US and its imperial partners in pursuing their interests at the expense of nations they seek dominance over.

Russia’s higher standard based on the rule of law and multi-world polarity rejects their war on humanity, their diabolical hegemonic aims.

Russia is open to dialogue with all nations, including the US if it ceases “lecturing and the policy of blackmail and ultimatums,” said Lavrov.

Clearly it’s not in the cards. Notably it won’t happen when [or if] Biden/Harris replace Trump.

Russia strongly favors extending New START to halt Washington’s reckless arms race that threatens world peace and stability.

Trump regime hardliners rejected what the vast majority of nations support.

Despite Biden’s rhetorical support for extending New START, it’s unclear if he’ll pursue it responsibly when taking office.

Little time remains. New START expires on February 5 if not renewed.

Lavrov explained that Republicans and Dems are hellbent for ensuring military superiority over other nations — no matter the cost and risk to world peace and stability.

“The arms control system has fallen victim to (Washington’s) destructive policy,” Lavrov stressed, adding:

“The Americans have destroyed a number of vital agreements and are doing their best to promote initiatives that would benefit them alone.”

“At the same time, they have shown complete disregard for the security interests of other countries.”

New START is the last remaining Russia/US arms control agreement.

It limits “the nuclear missile potential of the world’s two largest nuclear powers and ensures predictability and verifiability of their activities in this sphere,” said Lavrov.

Russia responsibly addresses vital geopolitical issues in stark contrast to Washington’s hegemonic aim for unchallenged global dominance by whatever it takes to achieve it.

Notably it includes transforming sovereign independent nations into pro-Western vassal states — wars, sanctions, color revolutions, and old-fashioned coups its favored strategies.

The US in cahoots with its imperial partners use “the divide-and-conquer approach,” said Lavrov.

“Russia will continue to promote peace, security and stability” in stark contrast to how imperial USA operates.

Commenting separately on US and other Western sanctions, Lavrov said the following:

Russia rejects “aggressive, unfriendly actions or whims” in pursuit of national interests at the expense of targeted nations and the rule of law.

On Libya, Lavrov explained that after US-led NATO raped and destroyed the country in 2011, Russia has gone all-out to restore its peace and stability diplomatically.

In late December, Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova slammed EU foreign policy chief Josep Borrell’s unacceptable comparison “between Russia’s efforts to combat (covid… aka seasonal flu) and the unwarranted terrorist activities of” (US-created-and-supported) ISIS.

“Spreading ‘fake information,’ ” Borrell unacceptably “demonise(d) the Russian media and journalists.”

“By calling for fighting media manipulation, he himself appears to be showing clear symptoms of the infodemic infection.”

He’s an imperial tool for the diabolical interests that Washington and its hegemonic EU partners in high crimes pursue.

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2020: Annus Horribilis, The Worst Is Yet to Come? Poverty, Unemployment, Despair

By Stephen Lendman | January 1, 2021

For most Americans, 2020 was disastrous for their safety, well-being and future.

Unprecedented numbers of people lost jobs — a greater percent of working-age Americans than in the 1930s Great Depression.

Millions more became way underemployed earning poverty wages with few or no benefits — struggling daily to survive.

Well over 100,000 small businesses went bankrupt or otherwise shut down permanently because of draconian lockdowns, quarantines and related policies.

According to Gallup survey data, “Americans’ mental health ratings s(ank) to a new low” in 2020 — with no end to mass-misery in prospect.

Chicago’s Water Tower Place is the city’s preeminent downtown shopping mall along its Magnificent Mile.

Its survival is threatened by lack of enough retail traffic.

A city news report said there’s “real anxiety that Chicago’s main shopping districts — the Magnificent Mile and Gold Coast — are (at risk) of falling apart” for lack of enough revenue to keep operating.

The Illinois Retail Merchants Association said “economic fallout” from what’s going on “made it difficult for businesses to keep up with high downtown rents.”

What’s true about Chicago’s retail environment applies to the US nationwide — with no end of it in prospect looking ahead.

According to the National Restaurant Association, up to half of the nation’s restaurants may close permanently if the current environment continues or worsens — millions of jobs to be lost with them.

Looking ahead in the new year, is unprecedented food insecurity, hunger, malnutrition, untreated illnesses, and homelessness coming in the weeks and months ahead?

While Congress and the Wall Street owned and controlled Fed throw trillions of dollars of free money at the nation’s privileged class, most US households never endured harder than ever hard times than now.

They’re worsening, not improving, because of indifference in high places toward the nation’s most disadvantaged that are exploding in numbers of affected millions of people — the US middle class disappearing in plain sight.

Everything going on — the Greatest Main Street Depression in US history — was planned by US dark forces in cahoots with monied interests.

It’s all about benefitting them exclusively by exploiting most others.

It includes creating an unprecedented in size permanent underclass.

Longer-term, the diabolical scheme aims to create a ruler-serf society, harming the vast majority of Americans.

Seasonal flu/influenza — disguised as covid — has been and continues to be the phony pretext for getting Americans to go along with what no one should tolerate.

Their fundamental freedoms may be permanently lost so privileged interests can more greatly benefit from their misery.

Providing $600 stimulus checks to qualified households pales in comparison to open-checkbook handouts to Wall Street, other corporate favorites, and the already super-rich.

The paltry amount mocks growing poverty and deprivation that’s highly likely to worsen in the new year.

The US is not only unsafe and unfit to live in, it’s permanently thirdworldized.

It’s a totalitarian/plutocratic banana republic in the Northern Hemisphere — the world’s largest and most threatening to everyone everywhere.

On New Year’s Day, establishment media maintained their mass deception drumbeat.

According to NYT fake news, “in 2021 things will start getting better (sic).”

“And there’s good reason to believe that once the good news starts, the improvement in our condition will be much faster and continue much longer than many people expect (sic).”

The Washington Post pretended that “the big story of 2021 could be a very hopeful one (sic).”

Like other establishment media, it’s pushing the myth of mass-vaxxing to the rescue — ignoring how experimental covid vaccines may cause irreparable harm to human health overall, along with risking the illness they’re supposed to protect against but won’t.

According to the Wall Street Journal, “(t)he great comeback of 2021 is surely coming (sic).”

“(I)t will begin to explode in late spring, with vaccines more available and a spreading sense that things are easing off, and be fully anarchic by summer (sic).”

The above disinformation ignores the reality of unprecedented/made-in-the USA misery that’s highly likely to worsen ahead and become permanent for most Americans.

I see nothing to be optimistic about in the new year and what follows.

The only solution is popular revolution. Nothing else can prevent state-sponsored dystopia that’s well underway.

It’ll worsen without mass outrage and rebellion against the diabolical system.

It’s our lives, our well-being, our future, and our choice to accept the unacceptable or rise up against it.

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Will January 6 be the date the second US Civil War begins?

By Robert Bridge | RT | January 4, 2021

Up to a million Americans will descend on Washington this Wednesday, when Congress moves to formalize November’s election. If misrepresented by the media, the event could be the spark for the mother of all national breakups.

In the 1989 black comedy ‘War of the Roses’, Oliver and Barbara Rose, a young affluent couple, played by Michael Douglas and Kathleen Turner, seem to have all the worldly possessions necessary for a successful marriage. Over time, however, they come to loathe each other, and their only shared passion is the palatial family home, which neither is willing to relinquish. Amid their efforts to kill each other in the bitterest divorce of all time, Oliver draws up plans to physically cut the mansion in half, which, of course, does nothing to resolve the issue.

‘War of the Roses’ provides a nice analogy to the ‘complicated’ relationship that now exists between the Democrats and the Republicans. In the past, the proponents of conservatism and liberalism were always able – and more importantly, willing – to find a way to salvage their strained relationship. Today, however, the honeymoon is over and the kids have moved out. The two sides barely speak to each other, and now, amid a fierce battle for the White House, the only solution seems to be two separate homelands for two strikingly different ‘people’.

For estranged couples such a mutual parting of ways and possessions is possible; for sovereign states, however, such a decision essentially amounts to civil war. The real tragedy is that such a potentially explosive scenario was avoidable.

At a time in US history when the political stage looks timed to blow, it was incumbent upon the US media to provide the most impartial account of the presidential contest between Trump and Biden as humanly possible.

But, apparently, that was asking too much of the Fourth Estate, which leans so hard left it threatens to tip over the entire republic. Indeed, if the tumultuous presidency of Donald Trump has proven anything, it is how effective the media can be at destroying any individual – even the POTUS – whose political worldview is diametrically opposed to that of the establishment.

From Russiagate through impeachment to the fight against coronavirus, the media industrial complex has glaringly failed to be an impartial observer. Instead, it has behaved as an actual player – another radical activist group, albeit the most powerful of them all – in the grand effort to topple Trump. Such intrigue, however, could very well backfire and lead the country to eventual ruin. And that is no hyperbole.

Currently, hundreds of thousands of Americans from every walk of life are descending on Washington, DC for what may go down in the history books as one of those pivotal, watershed moments that changed the course of the country forever. Amid numerous accusations of fraud and ‘irregularities’ in the November presidential election, an increasing number of Republicans, including Ted Cruz (Texas), Josh Hawley (Missouri) and Marsha Blackburn (Tennessee) have said they will not, in the absence of an emergency investigation, certify the Electoral College votes in favor of the Democrat Joe Biden.

And how has the media responded to this disturbing news? Like any committed Democratic booster would, with histrionics and bombast, arguing that any effort to investigate the legitimacy of the election is “undermining democracy.” That is certainly rich coming from the same motley crew that, for four years, propagated the conspiracy theory that Trump colluded with the Kremlin to win the presidency. At least the claims being put forward by the Republicans have some basis in reality.

Without detailing all of them, in five of the six battleground swing states (Pennsylvania, Georgia, Wisconsin, Missouri, and Arizona), late changes to voting rules were made not by the state legislators, as mandated by the US Constitution, but rather by the courts and executive branch. At the same time, dozens of poll observers have provided sworn testimony on many of the voting irregularities they have witnessed. Instead of the media presenting these valid concerns to their viewers for a rational discussion, they portray any effort to investigate the accusations as somehow treasonous.

Moreover, by dismissing the Republican claims of election tampering as “baseless,” the media is helping to light the fuse on a national conflagration should Donald Trump actually win re-election. To casually dismiss such a possibility, which is still very much on the cards, will only make the reaction from the Democratic camp all the harder to contain. American cities from coast to coast will predictably come under siege. The threat that comes from enraging the right is no less worrisome.

Perhaps if the mainstream media were casually brushing aside the concerns from some fringe political movement, their unconcealed mockery and scorn would be more understandable. But that is not the case. We are talking about tens of millions of American voters who feel cheated by the political process and ignored by the media industrial complex. And judging by predictions for Wednesday’s event, which could see over one million angry Trump supporters gathering in the capital, these people are no longer content to remain confined to the Twitter reservation.

The reason it is so critical for the media to keep its audience adequately informed goes beyond mere respect for journalistic standards. The media serves as a pressure-release valve, so to speak, in that it provides people with the satisfaction of knowing their concerns are being addressed. Currently, however, not only is approximately a half of the US population being denied balanced news coverage on the most consequential election in recent memory, they are essentially being told they are conspiracy theorists and even ‘anti-American.’ In other words, for four long years, the US media sold Americans the lie of ‘Russian meddling,’ but now that evidence of real tampering has emerged, the idea of a rigged election is refuted as absurd.

In short, it would be difficult to imagine a more dangerous situation than that now confronting America. While media personalities certainly have the right to hate Donald Trump, their main duty is to the American people and the US electoral process. Once Americans lose faith in the voting process, as they already have with the media process, it is game over for the United States. It will be considered no better than the banana republics it chastises on a regular basis.

Robert Bridge is an American writer and journalist. He is the author of ‘Midnight in the American Empire,’ How Corporations and Their Political Servants are Destroying the American Dream. @Robert_Bridge

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Cybersecurity group admits SolarWinds hack came from within the US, but doubles down on blaming Russia

RT | January 4, 2021

Internet security firm FireEye has revealed the enormous SolarWinds hack that left upwards of 250 agencies and businesses unprotected for weeks was launched from inside the US – but that hasn’t stopped them from blaming Moscow.

The mega-hack, which affected 250 networks including US government agencies, went undetected by Washington’s security systems because it originated within the US, FireEye told the New York Times. But while one might expect this revelation to pour cold water on the metastasizing, baseless claims that Russia was responsible for the intrusion, speculation about the country’s role has only increased.

The western media establishment has remained largely silent about the latest development in the SolarWinds saga, perhaps embarrassed to blame a foreign country for one’s own inability to safeguard clients’ data. Indeed, the US agencies supposedly tasked with detecting and preventing such attacks – the National Security Agency, the Department of Homeland Security, and the Pentagon’s Cyber Command – all missed the breach. Instead, it took FireEye, a firm that even the AP admits specializes in pinning American security fails on the Kremlin, to uncover the sprawling security snafu.

FireEye allegedly discovered the vulnerability only after those “state actors” broke into its own network to steal security tools, and the Times acknowledged the company has “a history of lackluster security for its products.” However, the same outlet’s coverage suggests such a breach could only have been accomplished with high-level hacking tools backed by a state.

Even the usual Russia hawks were baffled at why the Kremlin would go through all the trouble of infiltrating stateside servers only to – as far as experts can tell – take nothing and leave the system itself intact. “We still don’t know what Russia’s strategic objectives were,” former DHS official Suzanne Spaulding told the New York Times on Sunday – apparently unwilling to consider the heretical notion that Russia might not be the culprit.

Despite the media’s decision to take the “Russia did it” narrative and run with it, FireEye itself has shied away from explicitly pinning the attack on the Kremlin, instead merely claiming it was a government-backed hack. The Associated Press, however, stepped in to fill the blanks, declaring “industry experts” had said it “bore the hallmarks of Russian tradecraft.”

One of those “experts”, Dmitri Alperovitch, was the CEO of CrowdStrike, which famously accused Russia of hacking the Democratic National Committee and failed presidential candidate Hillary Clinton’s campaign in 2016. Even though the software used to pull off those hacks was widely available and the firm itself could only muster “low to medium” confidence regarding a supposed link to the Russian government, that didn’t stop the company from presenting its conclusions as if set in stone. CrowdStrike claimed last week that it was also targeted for hacking by the latest group of “Russians,” but claimed that unlike FireEye, it had withstood the infiltration attempt.

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The Year Ahead

By Paul Craig Roberts | Institute for Political Economy | January 4, 2021

“The price good men pay for indifference to public affairs is to be ruled by evil men.” — Aristotle

2020 ended with freedom under attack and few rising to freedom’s defense.

The United States is poised to enter 2021 with an illegitimate president, Biden, put in office by an election stolen in plain view. The incumbent president, Donald Trump, won the election. He received 10 million more votes in the 2020 election than he did when he won in 2016 and three times the black votes. His campaign rallies were enthusiastically attended by overflow crowds. As Americans went to sleep the night of November 3 President Trump had carried the red states and had large leads in the critical swing states. Without foul play it was impossible for Biden to win.

The morning of November 4 when they awoke, the American people found the presstitutes had declared Joe Biden president. In the middle of the night massive vote dumps of fraudulent mail-in ballots in Detroit, Milwaukee, Atlanta, and Philadelphia erased Trump’s large lead and tipped the swing states to Biden.

No crowds had turned out for Biden. In the Democrat primary, there was no enthusiasm for him or Kamala. In the election Biden got less votes than Obama had received and did worse with blacks and Hispanics. Biden carried neither the bellwether counties that have always predicted the election outcome nor the bellwether states of Ohio and Florida. He underperformed Hillary’s 2016 vote in every urban US county but with fraud’s help outperformed Hillary in Democrat-controlled Detroit, Milwaukee, Atlanta, and Philadelphia, the precise cities where the most obvious and most blatant electoral fraud was committed.

No one has explained how it is possible that Biden who generated no enthusiasm even among Democrats won 302 electoral votes while Trump who excited the multitudes only received 232 electoral votes. The fraud is so overdone that no one, not even its beneficiaries, believe the results.

The obvious electoral fraud was attested to by hundreds of affidavits signed under penalty of perjury by people of both genders and all races who witnessed massive amounts of fraudulent mail-in ballots added to Biden’s total. Election experts testified and issued reports explaining how the voting machines and software used had been programmed to weight the votes in Biden’s favor.

It was all to no avail. The presstitutes declared with one voice that there was no evidence of electoral fraud without ever examining the evidence. Democrats began demanding that Trump and his supporters be arrested for claiming that the election had been stolen. The Democrat state attorney general in Michigan is now prosecuting attorneys who represented clients in bringing electoral fraud lawsuits.

The courts controlled by Democrats in swing states refused to accept the lawsuits filed as that would mean the courts would have to look at the massive evidence and see the fraud. The US Supreme Court side-stepped the issue by ruling (incorrectly it seems) that the suit brought by the State of Texas joined by other states had no standing. With few exceptions, the Republican Party turned a blind eye to the electoral theft.

Mitch McConnell, the Republican leader in the Senate, proved by acquiescing in the fraud that it is pointless to vote for Republicans. Like Democrats, Republicans represent the Establishment, not the people. The US Establishment has succeeded in doing what it intended—getting rid of a non-establishment president who was in the way of the Establishment’s agendas.

The United States, which invades and bombs countries as part of “bringing them democracy” has now proven to the entire world that America herself has no democracy. Just stolen elections like any other third world gangster state.

American “moral speak” is Washington’s language for justifying the mass murder of other countries, their peoples, infrastructures, and prospects, producing millions of displaced peoples from eight countries since the Clinton regime and millions of orphans and widows. And now this criminal state has stolen an election from its own people.

This is how America will henceforth be seen both at home and abroad. Its moral authority is gone and its soft power with it. Its hard military power doesn’t stack up to the Russians’, much less to the combined hard power of the American Establishment’s three chosen enemies—Russia, China, and Iran. Eastern Europeans are already rethinking their alignment with a sexually and culturally degenerate West. Every country is tired of American threats and of Washington’s belief that US law takes precedence over their own law.

Sanctions are forcing other countries to turn their back on the dollar and to cease using it for their international payments. As the demand for dollars drops, the Federal Reserve is committed to printing more in order to support the stock market, bond prices, the big banks’ bad investments, and Covid unemployment. The Federal Reserve can prop up the stock market or it can prop up the dollar. It can’t do both. When the time arrives that American economic mistakes—largely greed driven—force the Federal Reserve to choose between the dollar and the stock market, the house of cards falls down.

So much damage has been done to the United States since the collapse of the Soviet Union in 1991 that recovery from economic collapse seems impossible. For a quarter century US corporations have been moving high productivity, high value-added jobs out of America. This has dismantled the ladders of upward mobility that made the United States an “opportunity society.” It has destroyed the careers and prospects of millions of Americans and the tax base of cities, states, and federal government—the basis of public pension systems and infrastructure maintenance. The lost manufacturing jobs have destroyed supply chains and a skilled work force. In their place we have Walmart shelf stockers and telemarketing calls. Even the latter are now being done by robots.

Artificial intelligence is taking away more forms of human employment. Globalists speak of the better new jobs that will be created. Globalists have been speaking this way since jobs offshoring began, and we are yet to see a single one of the promised better new jobs. The jobs created by offshoring are in China, India, and elsewhere in Asia.

It was the technology, capital, business knowhow, and jobs that America’s corporations took to China that resulted in China’s surprisingly rapid economic and military rise. Washington thought it would be 50 years before China became a power. Instead, it happened in 5 years. Today our tech companies cannot compete with China’s Huawei, and the US is reduced to arresting the company’s executives on false charges and applying sanctions to countries that do business with Huawei. Washington has launched a full scale propaganda campaign against China—the kind experienced in war—and the American rightwing is buying the view that it was China, not the American Establishment, that stole the presidency from Trump.

Americans, already economically devastated by jobs offshoring and buildup in consumer debt as people tried to maintain their living standards, now experience the loss of their jobs and businesses from lockdowns that serve agendas different from a health agenda. Americans are being forced to accept executive mandates, not laws passed by legislators, that limit their ability to operate a business and their freedom of movement and association. More restraints are in the works including Soviet Union-type internal passports. You accept vaccination or you cannot leave your home or have family over for Christmas and birthdays.

With Biden—a proven gangster by an Ukrainian investigation — and Kamala, who hates white people, in office, the United States will have leaders far below the quality of Putin and Xi. Indeed, the information in Hunter Biden’s laptop, which is in the hands of the FBI, thereby guaranteeing there will be no prosecution, indicates that Biden will sell US government favors to any country. The Clintons inaugurated the sale of government office for money, and Biden continues the tradition.

We hear much propaganda about “gangster state Russia,” but it is Western governments that are gangster states. They are such gangster states that their corporations now find their profits in looting the public sectors of their own countries as is done in Ukraine.

Countries can for awhile survive corruption, but not evil. The US Establishment is evil beyond comprehension—pedophilia, imprisonment of the innocent, destruction of jobs and hopes so that corporate executives can have higher bonus packages, destruction of entire countries for the sake of the profits of the defense industry and the neocons’ ideology of American hegemony, torture in order to silence those who tell the truth, destruction of the US Constitution in order to make Americans “safe” from terrorists, Covid, or whatever is the orchestrated threat. These and more evils that have become characteristics of the United States are incomprehensible to Americans who are taught that they are the exceptional and indispensable people and to foreigners who fell for decades of Washington’s propaganda that America is a light unto the world.

The incomprehensibility of the evil and its destructiveness that the establishment has imposed on our country is the reason that the rest of the world doesn’t understand America. Putin spent years thinking that Washington’s hostility toward Russia was a misunderstanding that could be worked out by Russia showing non-confrontational behavior and accepting Washington’s insults and abuse.

Sooner or later Putin, Xi, and the Mullahs in Iran will comprehend that you can sell your soul to evil as Western Europe, UK, Canada, and Australia have done, but you can’t make a deal with it.

Evil is all devouring, and evil is devouring America.

Rep. Gohmert Understands the Situation—A Stolen Election that the Courts Refuse to Touch

“The bottom line is, the court is saying, ‘we’re not going to touch this, you have no remedy.’ Basically, in effect, the ruling would be that you got to go to the streets and be as violent as an Antifa and BLM,” said US Representative Louie Gohmert (R, Texas).

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Navalny and Handlers Lose the Plot… He Is a Convicted Felon on Probation

By Finian Cunningham | Strategic Culture Foundation | January 2, 2021

Russia’s federal prison authorities were right to jolt Alexei Navalny this week by warning him to return immediately from Germany or else face a suspended sentence being made into jail time.

The “professional” opposition activist claims to be convalescing in Germany after he was allegedly poisoned by a Soviet-era nerve agent in August. Western news media dutifully repeat the claim that Navalny is “recuperating” in Germany after having survived an assassination plot by Kremlin agents. Navalny has personally accused Russia’s President Vladimir Putin of ordering the alleged hit.

Last week, a team of medics from the Berlin hospital where Navalny had been staying published a paper in The Lancet medical journal in which they claimed he had been poisoned with Novichok nerve agent. Their findings are dubious because the medics acknowledged the involvement of German military intelligence laboratories in conducting their analysis.

But one thing the German doctors did let slip was that a 55-day follow-up check on Navalny ascertained that he had made a “near-complete recovery”.

The Russian dissident figure was flown to Berlin on August 22, two days after he was treated in a hospital in Omsk, Russia. Thus, the German medical team are indicating – no doubt inadvertently – that Navalny’s health recovered nearly two months ago, if not before that.

That means there is no medical reason why he should remain at large in Germany. His claims of “convalescing” and the Western media’s indulgence of those claims are false, if the German doctors are correct about his “recovery”.

Despite Navalny’s arrogant disdain for Russian state laws, he is nevertheless answerable to those authorities as a citizen. While in Germany he was on probation for a suspended jail sentence concerning a fraud conviction in 2014. His so-called Anti-Corruption Foundation (FBK) has a checkered history of shady financing, from allegations of foreign funding by the U.S. State Department to charges of embezzling millions of dollars. Ironically, the blogger and media activist produces slick programs accusing the Russian government of corruption.

In any case, under the laws of the Russian Federation, the 44-year-old Navalny was on probation during the past four months of his stay in Germany. For the last two months, he is in good health, according to his German doctors. So there are no grounds for why he should abscond from Russian territory and evade the laws for which he is answerable.

Not only is Navalny living as if he above the law, he has also shown flagrant contempt for the Russian authorities.

Last week, he published a video on his website claiming that he had pranked a named member of Russia’s security service, the FSB, into admitting that agents had poisoned him while he was visiting the Siberian city of Tomsk on August 20. He was later flown in an emergency to Omsk where he was treated after having apparently fallen ill onboard a flight to Moscow.

The FSB dismissed Navalny’s prank telephone claim as a “deep fake”. The Russian doctors who treated him in Omsk – and who probably saved his life – have repeatedly stated that their tests showed there was no poison in Navalny’s body, and specifically no traces of nerve agent. They said his illness was due to a metabolic disorder. Perhaps self-induced as a ruse to later transfer to Germany?

The transcript of Navalny’s purported prank call to the FSB agent reads like a comic set-up. Posing as a senior member of Russia’s national security council, Navalny affects to bully the supposed agent as if he is a pathetic stooge.

A telling segment is where the self-styled super sleuth fishes for compliments about his own character from the purported FSB man, betraying the narcissism of a megalomaniac.

Again, incredibly, we are expected to believe that someone who had a near-death experience with a lethal nerve poison and who is “convalescing” still in Germany somehow managed to find the energy and mental reserves to pull off a daring 45-minute telephone sting.

If Navalny is fit enough to participate in such practical jokes – regardless of their credibility – then he is surely fit enough to abide by Russian laws and respect his probation terms. As the Russian Federal Prison Service stated this week: “The convicted man is not fulfilling all of the obligations placed on him by the court, and is evading the supervision of the Criminal Inspectorate.”

One gets the unerring impression that Navalny and his foreign handlers have become so self-intoxicated with hubris that they are blind to their own absurd implausibilities.

Why was he permitted to fly by air ambulance to Berlin in the first place if the Russian authorities had evil designs against him?

While there, as a guest of the German government, Navalny has wildly accused President Putin of ordering his alleged assassination. The European governments have subsequently and rashly imposed sanctions on Russia in support of Navalny’s unfounded claims. Then we have the media activist mounting further provocations parlayed into even more outlandish accusations against President Putin and the Kremlin.

All the while there has been no evidence of poisoning presented to support these claims, other than unverifiable assertions by German doctors working with German military intelligence labs, as well as two other NATO laboratories and the Organization for the Prohibition on Chemical Weapons. All of them including the OPCW (the latter compromised over complicity in NATO false-flag provocations in Syria) have refused to share their analytical data and samples with Russia, and yet they are demanding that Moscow launch a criminal investigation into the Navalny case.

The abdication by European governments of due process and of respect for Russian state laws, its government, and its president is astounding. They are indulging a foreign-sponsored gadfly as if he is the sovereign representative of the Russian Federation.

Navalny and his foreign allies have lost the plot in their own telling of an alleged assassination plot.

First things first: he is a convicted felon who is answerable to Russian law. Pushing false flags and slanderous falsehoods from abroad with the intent of damaging Russia’s sovereignty is an abuse of his rights.

Arrogant and overindulged Navalny is patently incapable of even understanding his obligations under law as a Russian citizen. He evidently feels above the law, like many of his Western backers. That’s why Russia is right to tell him to put up or shut up.

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Iran’s IRGC impounds South Korean-flagged tanker in Persian Gulf over environmental violations

Press TV | January 4, 2021

The naval force of Iran’s Islamic Revolution Guards Corps (IRGC) has impounded a South Korean-flagged tanker in the Persian Gulf waters for repetitive violation of maritime environmental law.

The IRGC Navy said in a statement on Monday that the tanker HANKUK CHEMI had departed from the Petroleum Chemical Quay in Saudi Arabia’s Jubail port before being impounded earlier in the day for polluting the Persian Gulf waters with chemicals.

The statement added that the ship, which carried 7,200 tonnes of ethanol, is now being held at Iran’s southern Bandar Abbas port city.

The IRGC further stated that the vessel’s crewmembers, who hail from South Korea, Indonesia, Vietnam and Myanmar, have been detained, adding that the case will be handed over to Iran’s judicial officials for further investigation.

The IRGC said the ship was impounded at the request of Ports and Maritime Department of Hormogzan Province and upon judicial order of the provincial prosecutor.

The IRGC Navy has been diligently countering contamination of the Persian Gulf’s maritime environment in past years, and in line with its duties in this area, has impounded various ships found to be violating the Persian Gulf’s environmental regulations.

It confiscated a foreign oil tanker in the Persian Gulf in August 2019 that was smuggling fuel to some Arab countries.

A commander with the IRGC, Ramezan Zirahi, said that patrols from the IRGC’s Naval District 2 had seized the ship near the Persian Gulf island of Farsi after intelligence gathering.

The IRGC seized the Panamanian-flagged Riah tanker for smuggling one million liters of Iranian fuel south of Larak Island in the Persian Gulf on July 14, 2019.

The IRGC also impounded the 30,000-tonne UK-flagged Stena Impero tanker on June 19, 2019 as it was passing through the Strait of Hormuz en route to Saudi Arabia “for failing to respect international maritime rules.”

The vessel was involved in an accident with an Iranian fishing boat and had ignored its distress call, changing its route.

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