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The Lawsuit That Could End Covid-1984 with Dr. Pam Popper

Spiro Skouras | December 27, 2020

Ever since the world became aware of Covid-19 in early 2020, we have warned of the possibility that the government response, may turn out to be worse than the condition itself.

Many have described this response as a form of medical tyranny, sold to us as a temporary measure for the greater good. Two weeks to flatten the curve they said.

Four months into the lockdowns, some of us half jokingly said things like, ‘I hope they lift the lockdowns before the 4th of July, so we can celebrate our freedoms.’

Now we find ourselves eight months in to a two week lockdown with no end in sight. Despite the fact that a Federal judge in Pennsylvania ruled the shut downs were unconstitutional. The Michigan Supreme Court also ruled that the Governor’s emergency orders had violated the constitution. So why hasn’t anything changed?

In this interview Spiro’s guest Dr. Pamela Popper discusses two new lawsuits that she believes could end Covid-1984. The two lawsuits, one in Ohio and one in New Mexico, challenge the root of the problem, the emergency itself.

Show Notes:

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Trump’s blanket ban from social media proves the information war is over

By Helen Buyniski | RT | January 9, 2021

US President Donald Trump has been banned from most social media platforms, supposedly for inciting riots at the Capitol. But with no one capable of holding the tech behemoths to account, even fervent Trump-haters should worry.

Twitter permanently banned the president from its platform on Friday, following in the footsteps of Facebook, Snapchat, Twitch, and other platforms that used Wednesday’s riot at the Capitol as an excuse to do what much of Silicon Valley has wanted to do for years.

But it wasn’t Trump’s on-platform conduct that was the problem, according to Twitter – it was “how [his tweets] are being received and interpreted on and off Twitter,” a post on the company’s blog declared on Friday. The platform then interpreted two seemingly innocuous tweets – regarding not attending Democrat President-elect Joe Biden’s inauguration and giving his fans a “GIANT VOICE long into the future” – as a call to arms directed at his supporters, far out-crazying the so-called “conspiracy theorists” Twitter has also sought to deplatform.

Logically speaking, it’s impossible for anyone – especially a public figure like Trump – to control how his words are being interpreted, or even who’s reading them to begin with. For Twitter to translate the president’s praise of his supporters and promise not to attend his successor’s inauguration into a call for violence requires a full-on break with reality.

But platforms like Twitter, and especially Facebook, have been declaring all-out war on reality for years now, merely ramping up hostilities in the wake of the Capitol riot. On Facebook, even just sharing footage of Wednesday’s riot was off-limits, as was posting Trump’s speech to his supporters. Any call for further protests, no matter how peaceful, was also targeted for removal.

These platforms’ notorious echo chambers have no room for dissenting narratives, whether it concerns the Capitol protests or the growing contingent of Covid-19 dissenters crying foul as lockdowns drag on (and cases go up) with no end in sight. And while a Trump-scale individual may be able to create their own means of addressing the people, thousands of others have been wiped out over the past year for political or public-health wrongthink.

The narrative managers are unlikely to stop at wiping their ideological nemeses off the internet, either.

Perhaps emboldened by social media’s iron-fisted approach to building its own alternate reality, New Jersey assemblyman Paul Moriarty has been lobbying cable TV providers to stop carrying conservative channels like Newsmax, OANN, and Fox News.

Missouri Senator Josh Hawley (R) had a book deal revoked for challenging the results of November’s elections.

Social media, once sold as a tool for promoting democracy and giving ordinary people a voice they previously lacked, revealed its true identity over the course of 2020. Whether attempting to delete records of an entire event, as Facebook has done with the Capitol protests, or memory-holing inconvenient facts about the Covid-19 pandemic, the ‘new and improved’ reality crafted by the media establishment provides the ideal foundation for the police state being constructed around the human mind.

The average person might go through life unaware this invisible thought-barrier is even there – but anyone who steps out of line is quickly zapped back into obedience. And if they refuse to cooperate even then? Deplatforming, in an age where face-to-face contact has gone the way of the dodo, is the modern equivalent of ‘disappearing’ dissidents in broad daylight.

Indeed, these platforms have merged with government in too many ways to count here. Those who express political ‘wrongthink’ online aren’t just disappeared from the digital public square – they can be barred from supposedly apolitical apps like AirBnB,  or even denied the use of their bank accounts.

The US constitution does not permit the government to punish individuals who aren’t even suspected of committing a crime. Nor does it permit the suppression of lawful speech or allow authorities to paw through private citizens’ lives in the hope of turning up something incriminating. But private corporations – as the neoliberal center never tires of reminding us – can do what they like, including depriving Americans of their First and Fourth Amendment rights. Such capabilities explain why Washington has looked the other way for so many years while Facebook, Google, Twitter, and Amazon became preposterously huge, insanely profitable monopolies.

But the joke’s on the government, in this case. With hundreds of billions of dollars at their disposal, and a user-base trained to embrace their mental slavery with a positively Pavlovian response, Big Tech seems to have realized it no longer has to pretend to play nice with Big Government.

Helen Buyniski is an American journalist and political commentator at RT. Follow her on Twitter @velocirapture23

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Israeli occupation forces close Ibrahimi Mosque for ten days

Palestine Information Center – January 8, 2021

AL-KHALIL – Israeli occupation forces (IOF) closed the Ibrahimi Mosque in al-Khalil to worshipers and visitors for 10 days, Thursday, under the pretext of combating the spread of the coronavirus.

Sheikh Hefzi Abu Sneina, the director of the Ibrahimi Mosque, told the Palestinian News Agency (WAFA), “The occupation’s decision to close the Ibrahimi Mosque will start from nine o’clock this evening for 10 days. Worshipers and visitors will be banned from accessing any part of the holy site.”

Abu Sneina charged that these claims are not valid and that the IOF is denying Muslims access to the Haram.

He stressed that worshipers and visitors are committed to all health measures according to the preventive protocols in place, in addition to the fact that the IOF soldiers deployed at the military checkpoints surrounding the Haram have been allowing only 20 worshipers to enter the Haram at one time.

Meanwhile, the Palestinian Ministry of Endowments and Religious Affairs condemned the decision. Hussam Abu al-Rub, the Undersecretary of the Ministry told Anadolu Agency, “This decision is rejected and we will not accept it.”

Abul-Rub added that this decision constitutes an encroachment and interference with the authority of the Palestinian government to supervise religious sites in Palestine.

He indicated that the ministry is following up on everything related to organizing the entry of worshipers and the preventive and precautionary measures related to coronavirus.

Since 1994, the Ibrahimi Mosque, which is believed to be built on the tomb of the Prophet Ibrahim, peace be upon him, has been divided into a special section for Muslims and another for Jews after a Jewish settler killed 29 Muslims while they were performing the dawn prayer on February 25, 1994.

The Ibrahimi Mosque and the Old City of the al-Khalil were listed by the United Nations Educational, Cultural and Scientific Organization (UNESCO) in 2017 on the World Heritage List.

The Mosque is located in an area under full Israeli control but it is managed by the Palestinian Ministry of Endowments.

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Venezuela Rejects ICJ Ruling, Reaffirms Claim Over Essequibo Strip

By Ricardo Vaz | Venezuelanalysis | January 8, 2021

Mérida – The Venezuelan government has taken actions to defend its claim over the disputed Essequibo region.

President Nicolas Maduro held a meeting with the country’s National Defense Council and State Council on Thursday to address the territorial dispute between Venezuela and neighboring Guyana.

The Venezuelan government rejects a recent decision by the United Nations’ International Court of Justice (ICJ). On December 18, with a 12-4 majority, the ICJ judges ruled that the court has jurisdiction to settle a claim brought forward by the Guyanese government arguing that the border was established by a controversial 1899 arbitration agreement in which no Venezuelan negotiators were present.

In response, the Maduro government reaffirmed its rejection of the 1899 ruling and its adherence to the UN-brokered Geneva Agreement signed by all parties in 1966 as the only binding international framework.

“This is a cause uniting an entire nation to fight against the dispossession of a territory that always belonged to Venezuela,” the Venezuelan president said in the televised meeting.

Maduro added that the Geneva Agreement stipulates that the border dispute must be settled by direct negotiations between the two countries and that his administration would send a letter to UN Secretary General Antonio Guterres to defend Caracas’ claim over the Essequibo.

“We believe your good will and efforts are more needed than ever to restart direct talks between Guyana and Venezuela in order to achieve a peaceful and mutually beneficial agreement,” the letter reads.

The Venezuelan government will likewise address a letter to ICJ President Abdulqawi Ahmed Yusuf, arguing that the Hague-based court has no jurisdiction to rule on a unilateral Guyanese suit and demanding that Venezuela be allowed to defend its territorial claim. Maduro went on to denounce “suspicious” efforts to rush the hearings, which are set for January 25 after the Caribbean nation allegedly objected to the original January 15 date.

Earlier on Thursday, the newly-seated National Assembly (AN) unanimously approved a nine-point motion rejecting the ICJ ruling and defending the 1966 Geneva Agreement.

The AN document endorsed the government’s diplomatic efforts and the reopening of direct talks with Venezuela’s eastern neighbor. The legislative body also formed a special commission, headed by lawyer Hermann Escarra, to focus on the Essequibo claim.

The diplomatic quarrel over the 160,000 square kilometer, sparsely populated strip of land, which was taken by the British colonial regime in the late 19th century, recently came to the fore following the discovery of an estimated 15 billion barrels of oil in the Essequibo’s maritime waters.

Caracas has repeatedly voiced its opposition to Guyana’s decision to allow US multinational Exxon Mobil to drill in the disputed area, claiming that it violates the 1966 accords. For its part, Washington has backed Georgetown’s claim to the strip and pledged to execute joint military drills.

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The American Empire has fallen, though Washington may not know it yet

By Nebojsa Malic | RT | January 9, 2021

Wanting to turn back the clock and restore the American Empire to what it was before Donald Trump’s presidency is a fool’s errand. It’s already a thing of the past – and the storming of the US Capitol was just the last straw.

Don’t take my word for it, though. “If the post-American era has a start date, it is almost certainly today,” argued none other than the head of the Council on Foreign Relations – the foremost think tank advocating for the Empire in Washington – after Wednesday’s storming of the Capitol by several hundred Trump supporters protesting the certification of the election for Biden.

“No one in the world is likely to see, respect, fear, or depend on us in the same way again,” lamented CFR president Richard Haas.

Sure enough, as Haas was saying this the NATO secretary-general tweeted about the “shocking scenes” in Washington and demanded that Joe Biden’s election “must be respected.” British and French leaders followed suit, as did the Organization of American States. Turkey “expressed concern.” Canada and India chimed in.

Even Venezuela got into the act, condemning “acts of violence” in Washington and “political polarization” in the US, while expressing hope that Americans “can blaze a new path toward stability and social justice.”

Keep in mind that the US has refused to recognize Venezuela’s elected president or parliament, attempting for the past two years to install an unelected ‘interim president’ instead and call it democracy. While the Trump administration has led this effort, the Democrats – now poised to have absolute power in the US – have been fully on board.

Likewise, the only time the Republican establishment and the Democrat ‘Resistance’ banded together in near-unison was to override Trump’s veto of the NDAA military funding bill, which contained a provision that would block him or any future president from withdrawing troops from overseas endless wars without prior congressional approval. The commitment to the Empire runs deep in the Washington ‘swamp’, as Trump used to call it.

“We are seeing images that I never imagined we would see in this country – in some other capital yes, but not here,” said Haas.

This unwitting admission of ‘American exceptionalism’ basically says it’s fine for US-backed activists to storm parliaments in “regimes” that Washington dislikes and wants to change, but when Americans rebel against their own government they believe is acting illegitimately, that’s beyond the pale.

While what happened Wednesday was not actually a “color revolution,”  the visuals were certainly similar enough for the world to take notice. It would be wrong, however, to blame the Capitol “insurrection” for the demise of the American Empire, when it was merely the last domino to fall.

Again, don’t take my word for it – here’s Ishan Tharoor, a columnist for the notoriously pro-establishment Washington Post, declaring on Thursday that for “many abroad,” the vision of the US as a shining city on a hill with global moral influence and authority “has already died a thousand deaths.”

For some of these people, Tharoor argued, this narrative was “always an illusion to obscure the Washington-engineered coups and client military regimes.” Indeed.

Democrats and their neocon allies have spent the past four years blaming Trump’s ‘America First’ policy, lamenting that he was acting unilaterally, antagonizing “allies” and creating a “leadership vacuum” in the world. Those are the talking points of the incoming administration as well.

Except they’ve clearly forgotten the events of January 2020, when Trump ordered the drone assassination of Iranian General Qassem Soleimani. There were no protests from US “allies” – or should we say vassals? Instead, they fell in line with amazing alacrity.

Trump actually embraced the American Empire, he simply dispensed with the polite fictions it had used to dress up as something else over the years.

Ironically, it was the mobilization of the entire US political establishment to get rid of Trump – starting with ‘Russiagate’ and the impeachment circus over the phone call to Ukraine, with nationwide riots about “racial justice” and the politically weaponized coronavirus lockdowns along the way – that did the lion’s share of exploding the myths that maintained US hegemony, both at home and abroad.

Remember the ‘Deep State’ that was supposedly a Trumpian conspiracy theory? Yet its existence was confirmed in the impeachment hearings, a former CIA director openly praised it, and the eventual revelations of a FBI plot to frame General Flynn removed any vestiges of doubt.

The mainstream media’s war on Trump, later joined by social media platforms – censorship of the legitimate and accurate Hunter Biden laptop story just before the election being just the most egregious example – also played out for the world to see. In the end, they banned Trump from every social media platform while he was still in office, even as he said he would leave peacefully.

Basically, the entire US establishment was so consumed by the desire to burn Trump at the proverbial stake, they chopped up the scaffolding that held up the Empire to use as firewood.

In a speech recently, Joe Biden vowed to “rebuild, reclaim America’s place in the world” as a country that will “champion liberty and democracy once more.” That’s a daunting task, on par with putting the genie back into the bottle, un-spilling milk, or putting Humpty Dumpty back together again.

Ironically, the only thing that could repair American prestige in the world might be to patch up the American Republic, almost broken by the four years of ‘Resistance’ to Trump. But as that would entail some self-awareness and soul-searching, it remains, shall we say, highly unlikely.

Nebojsa Malic is a Serbian-American journalist, blogger and translator, who wrote a regular column for from 2000 to 2015, and is now senior writer at RT. Follow him on Twitter @NebojsaMalic

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Big Tech giants want to prove they are ‘American gods’. Anyone watching the watchers?

By Frank Furedi | RT | January 9, 2021

Big Tech has just taken a gigantic step toward its objective of gaining total control over what can and what cannot be said on the internet.

Apple and Google have commanded Parler, a social network used by conservatives, to police its users. In effect, what their warning issued to Parler means, ‘do as you are told or face digital annihilation!’.

Google suspended Parler from its Play Store, declaring that it will shut the network until it rigorously polices its app. Apple was reported to have followed suit giving Parler 24 hours to fall in line; otherwise it would be removed from Apple’s App Store.

Apple and Google’s declaration of war on Parler has serious implications. These two giant companies make operating systems that support nearly every smartphone in the world. That means that if Apple shuts Parler out of its App Store, people would not be able to download the app on their iPhones or iPads.

The timing of the edict issued by the masters of Silicon Valley is not a coincidence. Parler is one of the fastest growing apps on the internet. Millions of conservatives fed up with the censorious behavior of Twitter and Facebook have been attracted to this social network. In the aftermath of President Trump being forced off Facebook and Twitter, it was expected that millions of his supporters would turn to Parler to freely express their convictions.

Big Tech censorship is nothing new. In recent years, social-media companies – once reluctant to be drawn into becoming official censors and arbiters of truth – have increasingly clamped down on what they deem to be hate speech or misinformation.

Since the beginning of the pandemic Big Tech companies have behaved as if they are digital gods. These powerful unaccountable billionaires have issued one Papal Bull after another. Facebook has used the pandemic to expand its policing of what can be posted. Initially it stated that it would continue to remove “misinformation that could contribute to imminent physical harm,” while deploying its army of fact-checkers to flag certain posts, depress their distribution, and direct sharers of such material to ‘reliable’ information. A few weeks later in April, 2020 it was reported that it was removing event posts for anti-lockdown gatherings.

Early on in the pandemic Susan Wojcicki, the CEO of YouTube, declared that she saw their role as the arbiter of truth on the coronavirus. She stated that anything that contradicted the recommendations of the WHO would be removed from her platform.

That Big Tech sees itself as a veritable global power that stands above elected governments was strikingly illustrated by Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg, when he announced that Trump’s page would be closed down, at the very least, for the rest of his presidency. A day later, Twitter followed suit and suspended Trump’s account permanently. This humiliation of the American president indicates that a handful of billionaire capitalists now get to decide who can have a voice in the digital public square.

Big Tech companies censoring their own platforms is bad enough. However, when they take it upon themselves to determine how another independent social network must police itself, they have in effect assumed a tyrannical role over the entire internet. Their declaration of war on Parler, indicates that they see themselves as not simply private companies but as global institutions that can wield political and policing power over the digital world.

It is likely that Parler will be forced to cave in and accept the terms imposed on it by Apple and Google. John Matze, Parler’s CEO, has gone on record to state that he believes that “we can retain our values and make Apple happy quickly.” If Parler is forced to fall in line with the edict issued by Big Tech then it will constitute the greatest blow struck against internet freedom so far.

Despite its rhetoric of supporting diversity, Big Tech is distinctly opposed to the diversity of opinion. As recent events show they intend to turn the digital world into an entirely homogeneous system, where the only values that can be freely expressed are those of Silicon Valley and Hollywood.

Restoring the freedom to express whatever view you want to put forward on the internet is one of the most important challenges confronting genuine democrats.

Frank Furedi is an author and social commentator. He is an emeritus professor of sociology at the University of Kent in Canterbury. Author of How Fear Works: The Culture of Fear in the 21st Century.

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Twitter Bans Trump! What’s Next?

By Stephen Lendman | January 9, 2021

Dark forces against an open, free, fair society pushed for silencing Trump.

Twitter complied. Facebook and perhaps other significant social media may be next.

Who’ll next be censored and silenced?

Will muckraking, investigative, truth-telling journalists be banned by Twitter and other social media?

Will everyone diverging from the falsified official narrative face online banishment across the board?

Will cutting edge websites I and many others follow no longer be accessible ahead, including my own?

Will my writing and by others I respect and follow be criminalized if continued?

GW Bush once calling the Constitution “just a goddamned piece of paper” is reality as tyranny incrementally replaces the rule of law in the US.

It began happening post-state-sponsored 9/11, especially since last year to the present and what may lie ahead.

Daniel Ellsberg explained the ominous threat revealed by releasing the Pentagon Papers.

Arundhati Roy called them “mesmerizing, not as documentation of the history of the US war in Indochina, but as insight into the minds of (diabolical) men (and women) who planned and executed it.”

The Pentagon Papers exposed US war on humanity abroad.

Police state America wages it at home.

Most Americans are unaware of what’s going on and the ominous threat it poses — notably looking ahead to what may follow what’s happening now.

The road to tyranny moves incrementally toward becoming full-blown.

How it happened in Nazi Germany may be replicated in the US — wrapped in the American flag for mass deception.

Ellsberg called 9/11 — followed by Bush/Cheney’s contempt for the rule of law — “a coup (with another to come from) the next 9/11,” adding:

What’s happening is “a steady assault on every fundamental (aspect) of our Constitution (to create) an executive government (to) rule by (police state) decree.”

So far it’s not with jackboots in the streets. It’s by Big Government in cahoots with Big Media manipulation of the public mind and more.

In includes censorship, what I call the new abnormal.

Dark forces in cahoots with social media perhaps intend banning online content entirely that diverges from the official falsified narrative.

Friday I stressed that if social media can deny a US president his First Amendment rights, will state approved censorship on everyone diverging from the official narrative become the new abnormal?

Will truth-telling on vital issues be criminalized?

Will independent voices be threatened, intimidated, and mistreated like Chelsea Manning, Julian Assange and other heroic whistleblowers?

Will full-blown tyranny ahead permit no challenges to diabolical aims of US dark forces — enforced by police state harshness?

The US Constitution’s First Amendment guarantees speech, media and academic freedom.

If lost, all other rights are threatened with abolition. Tyrannical rule will supersede the rule of law.

On June 30, 1971, the US Supreme Court ruled that the NYT and Washington Post were legally permitted to publish material in the Pentagon Papers.

A per curiam statement (meaning by the court, not a single justice) said the following:

“Any system of prior restraints of expression comes to this court bearing a heavy presumption against its constitutional validity.”

The government “thus carries a heavy burden of showing justification for the imposition of such a restraint.”

The Supreme Court’s ruling upheld First Amendment rights, stating:

“Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.”

Banning Trump by Twitter with perhaps other social media to follow flagrantly breached First Amendment rights and the High Court’s ruling that upheld them.

It affirmed the constitutional right to speak or publish truthful information in the public interest no matter how it was obtained.

Britain’s mistreatment of Julian Assange on orders from Washington flagrantly breached the US First Amendment — upheld by the US Supreme Court numerous times.

In its Pentagon Papers ruling, Justice Hugo Black said the following:

The government’s injunction to prohibit publication by the NYT and Washington Post “should have been vacated without oral argument when the cases were first presented,” adding:

“(E)very moment’s continuance of the injunctions… amounts to a flagrant, indefensible, and continuing violation of the First Amendment.”

“The press was to serve the governed, not the governors.”

“The government’s power to censor the press was abolished so that the press would remain forever free to censure the government.”

“The press was protected so that it could bare the secrets of government and inform the people.”

“Only a free and unrestrained press can effectively expose deception in government.”

“And paramount among the responsibilities of a free press is the duty to prevent any part of the government from deceiving the people…”

“(W)e are asked to hold that… the executive b ranch, the Congress, and the judiciary can make laws… abridging freedom of the press in the name of ‘national security.’ ”

Justice William Brennan argued that publication of the Pentagon Papers was a First Amendment right.

So did Justice Thurgood Marshall, adding:

The term “national security” is too broad and ill-defined to be used as justification to restrain publication of information in the public interest.

The right of speech, press, and academic freedoms is fundamental in a society claiming to be free.

I profoundly condemn most Trump actions throughout his tenure.

I strongly disagree with and reject most of his views.

But I defend his constitutional right to express them on social media, in speeches, on television, and other public remarks — no matter how contrary to my own.

That’s what the rule of law in an open, free and fair society is all about.

Without the right of unstricted free expression in all forms — no matter how offensive to some — a nation safe and fit to live in no longer exists.

That’s the ominous state of today’s USA.

Silencing Trump may be prelude to making it the police state law of the land on the fabricated pretext of national security and/or whatever other phony pretext(s) dark forces cook up to justify what’s unjustifiable.

James Madison once called “(t)he accumulation of all powers, legislative, executive, and judiciary, in the same hands… the definition of tyranny.”

When rule of the people becomes of, by, and for privileged interests at the expense of exploited and silenced others, tyranny is the law of the land.

Things today are at an ominous crossroads.

If left unchecked, the nation I grew up in long ago no longer will exist — replaced by polar opposite what just societies most cherish.

Martin Niemoller’s long ago ominous warning is relevant today in the US, saying:

“First they came for the socialists, and I did not speak out—because I was not a socialist.”

“Then they came for the trade unionists, and I did not speak out— because I was not a trade unionist.”

“Then they came for the Jews, and I did not speak out—because I was not a Jew.”

“Then they came for me—and there was no one left to speak for me.”

First they enacted police state laws in the US post-state-sponsored 9/11.

Then came 9/11 2.0 last year — followed by banning a US president’s free expression rights on social media.

Is the the path Niemoller warned about now followed by US dark forces?

Are things well along toward abolishing America as once existed, warts and all?

Is there time to stop and reverse what’s going on?

Anthropologist Margaret Mead once said the following:

“Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world.”

“Indeed, it’s the only thing that ever has.”

I’ve stressed many times that ordinary people have power when they use it.

Now’s the time for its use to save what otherwise may be permanently lost.

A Final Comment

Below is Twitter’s attempt to unjustifiably justify Trump’s “permanent suspension” of his First Amendment rights, saying:

“(W)e have permanently suspended (his) account due to the risk of further incitement of violence (sic).”

In response to Trump’s tweet that he “will not be going to the inauguration on January 20,” Twitter falsely claimed the following:

His tweet “is being received by a number of his supporters as further confirmation that the election was not legitimate and is seen as him disavowing his previous claim made via two Tweets…that there would be an ‘orderly transition’ on January 20th (sic).”

His tweet “may also serve as encouragement to those potentially considering violent acts that the inauguration would be a ‘safe’ target, as he will not be attending (sic).”

The above claims defy and reinvent reality.

Nothing Trump tweeted, otherwise stated, or implied encouraged violence on Capitol Hill last Wednesday or possibly ahead.

Claiming otherwise by Twitter and other media reinvented reality to unjustifiably blame Trump for what he had nothing to do with — followed by Twitter’s unconstitutional ban on DJT.

Was its action a shot across the bow warning against others using its platform?

Henceforth will everyone’s views that conflict with the official narrative be silenced by Twitter and other social media?

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Biden Is Not Yet Inaugurated and the Establishment Is Already Fomenting Civil War

By Paul Craig Roberts | Institute for Political Economy | January 9, 2021

Trump was demonized before he was inaugurated. He was demonized because he was correctly perceived by the Establishment as a threat to the Establishment.  Trump’s election surprised the Establishment.  The Establishment thought that Establishment control over the media guaranteed their power and was astonished to realize that enough American voters saw through their lies and propaganda to elect a non-establishment figure.

The world does not understand that the American Establishment has a propaganda organization that shames the one assembled by Joseph Goebbels. The American media, never very independent, lost all semblance to independence during the Clinton regime when 90% of the US media was concentrated into six hands and converted into a completely obedient tool of the Establishment.  Anyone who doubts this should explain why on every issue the presstitutes speak with one voice, which is never the voice of the people.

It is extraordinary that anyone could have fallen for the Establishment’s line that Trump conspired with Putin to steal the election from Hillary, but so many did.  The Establishment could not permit the realization that the American Establishment had been rejected by the American people in the 2016 election.  Using the CIA and FBI the Establishment went to work on Trump.  His entire four years was used in fighting orchestrated Russiagate investigations and an orchestrated impeachment.  Most people in the world know nothing more about these four years than American presstitute headlines told them.

In the Soviet Union, Stalin’s police state control enabled him to frame Bolshevik leader Nikolai Bukharin as a capitalist spy. In the American democracy, the Establishment has been able in plain view to steal Trump’s reelection and is now framing him as an insurrectionist.  The power of this establishment is so great that Republicans have wilted and are kneeling to the Establishment in order to protect themselves. Trump’s appointees are resigning and running for their lives and reputations.

The military/security complex using the DNC and the media has been able to do what Stalin did—eliminate the opposition.

The Establishment has now put out calls for retribution against US Senators and Representatives who supported Trump’s attempt to have the evidence of electoral fraud examined.  I have watched presentations of the evidence by nonpartisan professionals, and the evidence of electoral fraud is overwhelming.  Yet it has been deep-sixed without ever being examined.  In place of examination, from day one the presstitutes, none of whom looked at the evidence, repeated endlessly that there was no evidence.  Trump, and not the stolen election, was blamed for discrediting American democracy.

The American Establishment is not through with Trump and his supporters. Propaganda campaigns against them could well end in show trials.

Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube, like the print and TV media and NPR, are employed to shut down non-establishment explanations. Consequently, new social media organizations, such as Parler have arisen as uncensored forums.  Judging from information sent to Mark Crispin Miller and posted on Notes from Underground ( ), Parler is now under attack: “BREAKING – Apple has given #Parler a 24 HOUR ULTIMATUM to implement a “moderation plan” or it’s getting scrubbed from the app store.”  If this hasn’t yet happened, it will.  “Moderation,” of course, means compliance with Establishment wishes.

Americans and Western peoples in general are very insouciant people.  The Establishment has used Identity Politics to disunite whites, blacks, Hispanics, Asians, men, and women.  A population at war with itself has no prospect of standing against the Establishment which exercises power in its interest independently of the interests of the people.  In such a system, democracy is merely a cover for oligarchic rule.  No one is permitted in public office who is not a servant of the Establishment.  Any who somehow get there are removed. Redistricting was used to rid the Establishment of Dennis Kucinich. Ron Paul was eliminated by the RNC by “a systematic campaign of election fraud at state conventions” according to a lawsuit in federal district court. If these methods of elimination are not available, women are trotted out to allege sexual harassment or corruption or tax frame-ups are used. Those who don’t go along with the Establishment do not have a career.  This is true as well in corporate employment and universities.

Fear and demonization are powerful Establishment weapons. Truth and the human achievement of civil liberty are their victims.

Biden Declares War on Trump Voters

Biden’s (the Establishment’s) war on domestic terrorism is a war on Trump deplorables.  As I told you, normal white Americans are in for it.  Here is Glenn Greenwald to tell you about it:

With unilateral censorship of a sitting US president, Big Tech has proven it’s more powerful than any government:

Pelosi consults with military brass on how to keep NUCLEAR CODES out of Trump’s hands:

Biden the unifier? President-elect likens Cruz, Hawley to Nazi propagandist Goebbels, says they share blame for inciting violence:

House Democrats leak draft of Trump IMPEACHMENT for ‘inciting insurrection’:

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Black Lives Matter Organizer Seen Entering Capitol Building with Crowd Is Likely An FBI Agent Provocateur

By Eric Striker – National Justice – January 8, 2021

Social media is aflame after it emerged that John Earle Sullivan, a Utah-based Black Lives Matter organizer, was one of the people who entered the Capitol building with Trump-supporters on Wednesday.

Some are theorizing that Sullivan, who was arrested on felony rioting and multiple other charges last Summer after a shooting in Provo, is part of a Black Lives Matter conspiracy to make Trump-supporters look bad. Sullivan, the leader of Insurgence USA, was filmed in July as the ringleader directing a group of armed men who trapped a car and opened fire on the motorist.

Yet unlike dozens of others arrested by the Metropolitan Police Department (MPD) after they left the Capitol building, Sullivan was released without charges after a short detention.

Despite the Department of Justice and FBI vowing to viciously punish every individual who entered the federal building, Sullivan continues to do public interviews incriminating himself after online sleuths identified him. He also witnessed and filmed the shooting of the unarmed white woman Ashli Babbitt by a black federal agent, but refuses to publish the footage.

While it is certain that Sullivan was at the Trump march to collect intelligence and act as an agent provocateur, evidence suggests he was operating on behalf of the FBI rather than Antifa.

Ideological Informants

During the anarchist riots last summer, National Justice learned of four separate instances of FBI agents approaching members of the Proud Boys and similar groups, offering to pay them large sums of money to fly to Portland and join the Antifa riots to collect evidence to help stop left-wing violence. The Antifa crackdown never materialized.

As they attempted to recruit Proud Boys, the FBI was using the media to seed a baseless claim about far-right provocateurs inciting all the violence at George Floyd riots.

The FBI dangles the prospect of retaliation against ideological enemies as a recruiting tool for informants and marks. While the offer made to right-wing activists has always been a sham later used to entrap them, the FBI is sympathetic to the Black Lives Matter cause.

The FBI At The Capitol

A new article published by Pro Publica suggests that FBI agents and informants played some kind of role at the Stop The Steal rally.

According to the report, the FBI knocked on the doors the day before the event and told various conservative figures they should not attend the First Amendment protest on behalf of the president. Federal agents played a role in the MPD’s decision to arrest Proud Boy leader Enrique Tarrio on weak charges.

Trump-supporter Milo Yiannopolous told his audience over Parler that FBI agents came to his home and told him not to go, “Just had a knock at the door. I won’t be going to DC. Whatever operation they’ve got running to fuck with patriots, it’s massive and they aren’t playing around.”

While there’s no evidence that the group that overpowered the police and entered the Capitol was inorganic, open questions remain over the role informants and undercover agents may have played in the deaths that occurred.

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Bill Gates’ private jet hypocrisy

Seeks to buy ‘world’s largest private jet operator’ – One month before he releases book preaching about climate change & he pushes continued lockdowns

Compiled by Marc Morano | Climate Depot | January 9, 2021

UK Daily Mail :

  • The Microsoft boss’s company Cascade Investment entered the bidding war for British private jet servicing company Signature Aviation Friday
  • Cascade teamed up with Blackstone Group to make a $4.3 billion bid
  • In February, Gates will release his book ‘How to Avoid a Climate Disaster: The Solutions We Have and the Breakthroughs We Need’
  • In it he sets out his plans for how the world can reach zero greenhouse gas emissions in time to prevent a climate crisis
  • This comes months after he published a blog post lecturing the public that climate change ‘could be worse’ than the coronavirus pandemic
  • Signature Aviation handles 1.6 million private jet flights every year
  • A private jet flight emits up to 40 times as much carbon per passenger as regular commercial flights, according to research

Dec 2020: Bill Gates, Worth Nearly $120 Billion, Advocates For Keeping Small Businesses Closed Due To COVID – Bars and restaurants in most of the country will be closed as we go into this wave. And I think, sadly, that’s appropriate.

Flashback Nov. 2020: Bill Gates says more than 50% of business travel will disappear in post-coronavirus world – Gates: My prediction would be that over 50% of business travel and over 30% of days in the office will go away.” Moving forward, Gates predicted that there will be a “very high threshold” for conducting business trips and there will always be a way to work from home.

Get ready: In a declared ‘climate emergency,’ you can’t fly commercial unless it is ‘morally justifiable’ – Activist Holthaus sets rules for the ‘use for luxury aviation emissions in a climate emergency’

Climate Depot’s Morano: Decimating the Commerical airline industry with endless COVID lockdown policies won’t impact people like Bill Gates, Prince Charles, Al Gore, Leo DiCaprio — They will continue to fly on (and own) private jets & private jet companies.

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