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Analyzing The MAGA Movement’s Democratic Security Failure

By Andrew Korybko | One World | January 7, 2021

Democratic Security” In DC

What happened in Washington DC on Wednesday was an exercise in “Democratic Security” which employed classic Color Revolution tactics for the purpose of regime reinforcement, the opposite of the regime change goal that these methods are oftentimes used to further across the world. I explained the conceptual differences and other nuances related to these terms in my two recent analyses about “The Color Revolution In DC: Anti-Constitutional Coup Or Democratic Security Movement?” and “The Moral Dilemma Of Every Color Revolution Coup & Democratic Security Movement”. The gist is that members of the Trump-inspired “Make America Great Again” (MAGA) movement ended up doing almost the exact same thing as their Antifa and “Black Lives Matter” (BLM) ideological enemies have done for over the past half year already, but the difference between these two developments is each person’s individual views about the legitimacy of the political causes that these groups wanted to advance.

Liberal-Globalists vs. Conservative-Nationalists

The contextual backdrop of this week’s dramatic events was the power struggle taking place behind the scenes between different factions of the US’ permanent military, intelligence, and diplomatic bureaucracies (“deep state”). The liberal-globalists are represented by the Democrat Party and its extensive network of media and “NGO” proxies, and they stand in stark opposition to the conservative-nationalists represented by Trump’s MAGA. The 45th President’s election was a watershed event in global history because it marked the first time that a genuinely grassroots populist movement stood at chance at revolutionizing the political establishment in the heart of the world’s last remaining superpower. I explained the domestic appeal and implications of this in the analysis that I wrote shortly after the 2016 vote titled “Dear Foreign Friends, Here’s Why Trump Won (From A Clevelander)”. Nevertheless, Trump ultimately failed to succeed in his historic quest for a variety of reasons, but mostly stemming from the fact that most of the establishment remained dead-set against him.

RINO Rampage

The liberal-globalist faction of the “deep state” had nearly completed its silent seizure of power prior to his election, as Hillary’s wrongly predicted victory was supposed to have been the crowning achievement heralding the onset of a new era. Trump was never supposed to have won, yet he did anyhow, so his opponents united in order to fiercely oppose him tooth and nail. This importantly included the so-called “Republicans In Name Only” (RINOs), who are basically liberal-globalists just like their Democrat partners are except they sometimes support (or make a pretense of supporting) conservative socio-political issues such as the Second Amendment and anti-abortion. It was they who led the “deep state’s” sabotage against Trump by foiling most of his agenda despite their party controlling all levels of government from 2016 until the 2018 midterm elections. This practically eviscerated the political implementation of Trump’s agenda. It also bought the Democrats enough time to win back the House, partly due to the Republican base’s disgust at their party’s disloyalty to their chief.

Information War Meets Hybrid War

It also bears mentioning that the Mainstream Media and Big Tech collaborated to wage an historically unprecedented information war against the democratically elected President of the United States. This failed to dent the MAGA movement’s zeal since Trump scored millions of more votes in 2020 than he did four years prior, but it nevertheless succeeded in radicalizing opposition to him to the point where Antifa-BLM violence against his supporters became “normalized” in society over the past half year. I elaborated on their role in events and how extensively their cadre were cultivated over the years in my analysis last summer about how “The Hybrid War Of Terror On America Was Decades In The Making”. Further insight into that process was shared in one of my follow-up pieces about how “The Syncretism Of Economic Leftism & Social Fascism Is The World’s Newest Danger”. Importantly, those destabilizations unfolded in the midst of the full-spectrum paradigm-changing processes catalyzed by the world’s uncoordinated efforts to contain COVID-19.

The Strategic Context Of World War C

I described this historic development as World War C, and the reader can click on the hyperlink in the prior sentence, the three in this one, and/or here to learn more about my views on this globally significance series of trends which are beyond the scope of the present analysis. Their relevance is only important insofar as how this period of unprecedented uncertainty was exploited by the Democrats to push their agenda of mail-in voting, which the MAGA movement claimed ahead of time was highly susceptible to fraud and purportedly proved it in the two months after the election. The simultaneous unrest driven by Antifa-BLM during that time created an atmosphere of fear and tension that was intended to demoralize Trump supporters while energizing their opponents, though the first-mentioned goal failed as evidenced by the record-high number of votes for Trump while the second is debatable considering the President’s accusations of fraud. Even so, Trump promised never to give up the fight as recently as Wednesday’s Save America rally, yet he capitulated the day after the unrest.

Trump’s Suspicious Surrender

The circumstances behind his surrender are extremely suspicious. It wasn’t even he who announced as much, but White House Deputy Chief of Staff for Communications and Director of Social Media Dan Scavino on Twitter after Trump was temporarily blocked by Big Tech despite having publicly called on his supporters to follow the law, protest peacefully, then go home once everything got out of control. Trump had actually “gone dark” for almost an entire day prior to that happening, with nobody able to credibly account for his whereabouts after Big Tech censored his two latest de-escalation statements. One can only speculate what happened during those fateful hours, but it might very well have been the case that the President was pressured to comply with his “deep state” opponents’ demands or face ominous consequences for his refusal to do so. After all, the language in Scavino’s tweet which reportedly came from Trump himself is uncharacteristic of him and represents an unexpected about-face from his previously uncompromising position of never giving up.

Wild Wednesday

Extrapolating further, it’s worthwhile to recall what transpired on Wednesday. The massive Save America March descended on the US Capitol, after which some of its most radical participants clashed with police before the latter passively facilitated their takeover of that symbolic government building. It was only after they had seized control of the premises to the shock of everyone else and began broadcasting footage of their Antifa-BLM-like “occupation” that the decision was made by Pence — not Trump, according to reports — to dispatch the National Guard to quell the unrest. This very strongly suggests that the presidential chain of command was broken by the Vice President, who seems to have conspired with Trump’s “deep state” foes to wrest control of the armed forces from the Commander-in-Chief, perhaps because the latter might have even been temporarily detained during the prolonged period of time that he was forced to “go dark” like I speculated above. 6 January 2021, after all, was a significant day not just because of what ultimately unfolded, but because it represented the certification of Biden’s Electoral College win and the point of no return for the MAGA movement.

Trump’s “Master Plan”

It can’t be known for sure, but Trump might have had something resembling the mythological “master plan” that his most passionate supporters have long speculated that he was plotting. His congressional allies promised to object to the certification of votes from some states in order to provoke an extended debate about them during which time they could publicly present their evidence of fraud to the American people on live TV. Trump wanted his supporters to peacefully rally in their support during that time in order to create a powerful impression on the American people, perhaps to even serve as the pretext for whatever dramatic action some people rumored that he might have been plotting. Unfortunately, some radical participants of the Save America March — be they “uncontrollably zealous” supporters of the MAGA movement, “false-flag” Antifa-BLM provocateurs, or a combination thereof — broke ranks with the vast majority of peaceful protesters to violently attempt the seizure of the US Capitol building, which was curiously facilitated by local security forces.

The Sequence Of Events

That event served as the trigger for the “deep state” to spring into action by having their Big Tech allies censor Trump from social media, during which time Pence unconstitutionally broke the presidential chain of command by successfully ordering the National Guard to deploy to Washington DC. This might have even occurred while Trump was speculatively detained and possibly even threatened to indirectly release his statement of surrender through Scavino under what could very likely have been duress (hence why there’s no video footage of him recording the message). All that’s known for certain is that Trump, for whatever reason, mysteriously gave up the cause that he had just promised tens of millions of his supporters the day before that he’d never stop fighting for. He might not even have written the statement that’s attributed to him since the language isn’t anything like his own. It also strangely ended with the claim that “it’s only the beginning of our fight to Make America Great Again!” despite him already claiming credit many times for having successfully done this.

Concluding Thoughts

6 January 2021 will go down as a dark day in American history, but for different reasons depending on whether one supports Trump’s conservative-nationalists or his “deep state” opponents’ liberal-globalists. The first-mentioned staged an unsuccessful “Democratic Security” exercise — the most dramatic manifestation of which, the storming of the US Capitol, might have even involved “false-flag” elements — intended for regime reinforcement purposes, most immediately in terms of his MAGA congressional allies’ plan to broadcast their electoral fraud indictments live from Congress and which could have speculatively been followed up by Trump executing his rumored “master plan”. The second ones either “saved American democracy” from the MAGA movement’s “defilement” thereof or, as their ideological enemies see it, carried out an anti-constitutional coup by certifying fraudulent Electoral College votes, having Pence break the presidential chain of command, and possibly even temporarily detaining Trump until he agreed to surrender. Regardless, that day will live in infamy.

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  1. Nice words to say that Trump and his supporters were taken out by a coup. A coup created by leftist globalist’s who want our nations exceptionalism destroyed. You fail to mention that the outcome is a non reversible single party rule dominated by foreigners who use the fraudulent election software to maintain power.

    World War C, huh? What will you call the eventual real world war?


    Comment by daniel Willey | January 9, 2021 | Reply

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