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Charities “Wasting” Money On Staff Unconscious Bias Training

By Richie Allen | February 20, 2021

Some of the UK’s biggest charities have been criticised for spending donations on “unconscious bias” training for staff. Companies pay for courses, often delivered online, where staff are taught to accept that even though they don’t think so, they are in fact inherently racist. The Red Cross and The Alzheimer’s Society are among the charities throwing away public donations on this utter nonsense.

The government scrapped it last year. Previously civil servants had to undergo it, but ministers rightly deemed it a waste of money. The Telegraph newspaper said today that as many as 120 charities are sending staff on courses that will make them aware of their bias. Speaking to the Telegraph, the MP Ben Bradley said:

“Whether they are ticking a diversity box or showing how lovely they are, that money really should be put toward the purpose of the charity. I hope in future that if charities waste the money people donate on things like this then the Government will be able to step in.”

In response, Corinne Mills, director of people and organisational development at Alzheimer’s Society, said:

“Unconscious bias training, offered online only, is one of a number of modules provided to the whole workforce aimed at increasing awareness, skills and confidence on equality, diversity and inclusion. We offer this core training as part of our wider commitment to ensure we have an inclusive workplace that demonstrates respect and values diversity.”

Core training. Gimme a break. What a load of tosh. Lewis Feilder, writing in the Spectator last August said;

We should be worried that firms are seeking to reprogramme their employees’ trains of thought, often through mandatory training, in which the refusal to participate would result in disciplinary action. When delivered by an amateur (and the people teaching these courses are not clinical psychologists), meddling with someone’s subconscious is like sticking a screwdriver into an aircraft engine and waggling it about in the hope it might fix something. We should be very worried about a corporate culture which encourages employers to tinker with their employees’ psyches in whatever manner they see fit, particularly when driven by pseudoscience they barely understand.

I think that it might be part of an agenda to gaslight the population. Telling people that they are subconsciously biased or racist is one part of it. I’ve explored this on The Richie Allen Show. Government and media are constantly breaking us down by telling us we are racist, homophobic, transphobic, anti-Semitic, not inclusive enough, not diverse enough and on and on.

It’s psychological abuse. When you inflict this sort of emotional distress on an individual, it leaves them feeling worthless and helpless. The military does it to new recruits. The idea is to break the young private mentally and then build him/her back the way you want them to be, in the army’s case, a killer. It’s not such a stretch to suggest that it can be used against the population. I think it has been going on for years.

Maybe, just maybe, it goes some way to explaining why the public rolled over and accepted the tyranny of lockdown. Maybe we’re not mentally equipped to stand up to our totalitarian governments as we’ve been stripped of the ability to recognise what is happening. I know that identity politics plays a big part here too, something else I have covered extensively on the radio show.

Richie Allen is the host of The Richie Allen Radio show, Europe’s most listened to independent radio show and is a passionate supporter of free speech. He lives in Salford with the future Mrs Allen and their two dogs.

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