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The American Colony of Australia

Tales of the American Empire | February 18, 2021

Western media portrays Australia as a beautiful nation with independent people and a close ally of the United States. But the American Empire has no allies, only vassal states. Australia became a colony of the American empire in 1975 after an Anglo-American coup. Australians noticed nothing since Australia had been an British colony since its inception and dispatches military forces when ordered to fight empire wars.


“The militarization of Australia”; Bruce Haigh; Pearls and Irritations; August 27, 2020;…

“ALLY THIS: The CIA Subversion of Australian Democracy”; Jon Gleur; Dunemessiahdotnet; November 23, 2014; (details of the 1975 coup) https://dunemessiahdotnet.wordpress.c…

“The PM, the spy and the governor-general: what John Kerr didn’t tell the palace”; Guy Rundle; Crikey; July 17, 2020; (details about the CIA coup from the “Palace Papers” that were declassified in 2020);…

“The Forgotten Coup Against ‘The Most Loyal Ally’”; John Pilger; Consortium News; June 1, 2020;…

“A warning to Australia; do not underestimate China’s end game”; 60 Minutes Australia;…

I had included a short clip from this anti-China propaganda story produced by the American empire to fool Australians. “60 Minutes” objected to my “fair use” for commentary so I was forced to clip it out, resulting in an audio blip in this video.

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Amazon Banned These 9 Academic Books Questioning Certain Aspects of the ‘Holocaust’. Why?

By Mark Becker – Russia Insider – March 8 2019

This doesn’t look like extremist hate speech to us. Judging from these blurbs and titles, it looks like pretty balanced and fair discussion of a very serious, and vehemently disputed, allegation.

The first one in the list below even presents both sides of the argument in an attempt to get to the bottom of who is telling the truth.

Why are some people so afraid of a fair and open discussion?

These books were banned from Amazon in March of 2017, but are easily available online at other sellers. Take a look at the blurbs describing these books. They are an eye-opener.

Thomas Dalton

Mainstream historians insist that there cannot be, may not be a debate about the Holocaust. But ignoring it does not make this controversy go away. Traditional scholars admit that there was neither a budget, a plan, nor an order for the Holocaust; that the key camps have all but vanished, and so have any human remains; that material and unequivocal documentary evidence is absent; and that there are serious problems with survivor testimonies. Dalton juxtaposes the traditional Holocaust narrative with revisionist challenges and then analyzes the mainstream’s responses to them. He reveals the weaknesses of both sides, while declaring revisionism the winner of the current state of the debate. 3rd edition.

332 pp. pb., 6”×9”, b/w ill., bibl., index, £20/25 (2017)

By Carlo Mattogno

An overview of the many rumors, myths and lies about Auschwitz spread during and right after the war, which mainstream historians today reject as untrue: murder by gas bombs, electrocution chambers, gas showers, pneumatic hammer systems, electrocution conveyor belts; oils, grease and soap made of murder victims; 4 million victims; crematoria with a capacity of up to 400 million bodies… It then explains by which ridiculous methods some claims about Auschwitz were accepted as true and turned into “history,” although they are just as untrue.

124 pp. pb., 5”×8”, b/w ill., bibl., index, £8/$10 (2018) | Free eBook version available

By Ingrid Weckert

Historical writings to date give at times the impression that Jews who wished to leave Third Reich Germany had to sneak over the borders in defiance of the German authorities, and leave all their possessions and wealth behind. The truth is that the emigration was welcomed by the German authorities, and benefitted from encouragement and assistance that increased over time. Until the outbreak of the war, emigration was not some kind of wild flight, but rather a lawfully conducted and regulated matter. Weckert’s booklet elucidates the emigration process in law and policy, thereby correcting the traditionally received picture of Jewish emigration from Germany significantly. 2nd expanded edition.

130 pp. 6”×9”, b/w ill., bibl. index, pb, £10/$14 (2016) | Free eBook version available

By Don Heddesheimer

This compact but substantive study documents propaganda spread prior to, during and after the FIRST World War that claimed East European Jewry was on the brink of annihilation. The magic number of suffering and dying Jews was 6 million back then as well. The book details how these Jewish fundraising operations in America raised vast sums in the name of feeding suffering Polish and Russian Jews but actually funneled much of the money to Zionist and Communist groups, including Communist revolutionaries in Russia. 5th, revised edition.

200 pp. pb., 6”×9”, b/w ill., bibl., index, £13/$18 (2018) | Free eBook version available

By Nicholas Kollerstrom

In 1941, British Intelligence analysts cracked the German “Enigma” code. Hence, in 1942 and 1943, radio communications between German concentration camps and Berlin were decrypted. The data reveals that the Germans were desperate to reduce the death rate in their labor camps, which was caused by catastrophic typhus epidemics. Dr. Kollerstrom, a science historian, has taken these intercepts and a wide array of mostly unchallenged corroborating evidence to show that “witness statements” supporting the human gas-chamber narrative clearly clash with the available scientific data. Kollerstrom concludes that the history of the Nazi “Holocaust” has been written by the victors with ulterior motives. With a foreword by Prof. Dr. James Fetzer. 4th edition.

270 pp. pb., 6”×9”, b/w ill., bibl., index, £20/$25 (2017)

By G. Rudolf (ed.)

During World War Two both German and Allied reconnaissance aircraft took countless air photos of places of tactical and strategic interest in Europe. Some of these photos provide evidence for the investigation of the Holocaust. Air photos of locations like Auschwitz, Majdanek, Treblinka, Babi Yar etc. permit an insight into what did or did not happen there. The author has unearthed many pertinent photos and has thoroughly analyzed them. This book is full of air-photo reproductions and schematic drawings explaining them. According to the author, these images refute many of the atrocity claims made by witnesses in connection with events in the German sphere of influence. 3rd revised and expanded edition. With a contribution by Carlo Mattogno.

5th ed., 178 pp. pb., 8.5”×11”, b/w ill., bibl., index, £18/$20 (2018) | Free eBook version available

By Germar Rudolf

A compendium of past and present controversies about the mainstream Holocaust narrative. A comprehensive, up-to-date overview of the critical research into the Holocaust: physical traces, forensic examinations, demographies, document analysis, critique of witness testimony. Rudolf introduces the most-important arguments for his findings, and his audience reacts with supportive, skeptical and also hostile questions. Of the thousands of books on this topic, this one gives the most-comprehensive and up-to-date overview of the critical research into the Holocaust. With its dialog style, it is pleasant to read, and with its logical organization and index, it can even be used as an encyclopedic compendium.

3rd, rev. ed., 596 pp. pb., 6”×9”, b/w ill., bibl., index, £25/$30 (2017) | Free eBook version available

By Thomas Dalton

Six million Jews, we are told, died. Although much has been written about this, much remains a mystery. For example, we would like to know: Where did the six million figure come from? Why do we have so little physical evidence from major death camps? Why has there been so much suppression and censorship on this topic? In a sense, the Holocaust is the greatest murder mystery in history which can point us to deeper truths about our contemporary society. Let’s explore the evidence, and see where it leads.

128 pp. pb., 5”×8”, b/w ill., bibl., index, £8/$10 (2016)

This book applies state-of-the-art scientific technique and classic methods of detection to investigate the alleged murder of millions of Jews by Germans during World War II. In 22 contributions—each of some 30 pages—the 17 authors dissect generally accepted paradigms of the “Holocaust.” It reads as excitingly as a crime novel: so many lies, forgeries and deceptions by politicians, historians and scientists are proven. This is the intellectual adventure of the 21st century. Be part of it!

2nd, rev. ed., 620 pp. pb., 6”×9”, b/w ill., bibl., index, £19.95/$25.50 (2003) | Free eBook version available

Afraid of open debate

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Samidoun: We will not be silenced by Israel’s “terrorist” designation

Samidoun Palestinian Prisoner Solidarity Network | February 28, 2021

In response to Israeli Defense Minister and war criminal Benny Gantz’s designation of Samidoun as a “terrorist organization”, Samidoun Palestinian Prisoner Solidarity Network affirms that we will continue to organize and mobilize internationally in defense of Palestinian rights and liberation. This is the latest manifestation of a smear campaign that is intended to silence international support for the Palestinian people and especially the nearly 5,000 Palestinians jailed by the Israeli occupation. This is an attack on the Palestinian prisoners’ movement as well as the right of Palestinians in exile and diaspora to organize. We affirm that we will not be silenced or deterred by Israel’s smear campaigns.

The Israeli allegations are replete with false, misleading and careless allegations, beginning with listing an incorrect date for the founding of Samidoun (we actually mark our 10-year anniversary this year, in 2021, as is easily learned from our website). Palestinian writer Khaled Barakat has expressed his support for Samidoun’s work on multiple occasions, and we are proud to share his writings and thoughts. However, Israel’s complete disregard for facts once again comes into play here: Khaled Barakat is not now, nor has he ever been, a director or “chief coordinator” of Samidoun.

We are a grassroots organization with no paid full-time staff and that does not fundraise for any organization except for sustaining our advocacy campaigns. We have chapters in the US, Canada, Germany, the Netherlands, Spain, Sweden, Brazil, Greece and occupied Palestine, and a network of member organizations including the Collectif Palestine Vaincra in France. This is a blatant attempt to disrupt and undermine this growing mobilization of support for Palestine around the world.

We conduct our work openly, visibly and publicly, as is visible at our website,, and we are proud to call for the freedom of Palestinian political prisoners like Ahmad Sa’adat, Khalida Jarrar, and thousands of Palestinians of diverse political backgrounds. The entire Israeli campaign is based on a complete disregard for facts and reality.

In fact, most of the listed points appear to come directly from right-wing propaganda organization NGO Monitor, which aims to shield Israel from international accountability for war crimes by smearing human rights defenders in Palestine and around the world./ NGO Monitor’s “baseless claims and factual inaccuracies” are a long-standing feature of their defense of Israeli apartheid, extrajudicial killings, land confiscation, arbitrary detention, military occupation, siege and colonialism.

Samidoun is an independent international, Arab and Palestinian organization that mobilizes for the liberation of nearly 5,000 Palestinian political prisoners in Israeli jails. We advocate for the boycott of Israel, and we uphold the right of Palestinians to resist occupation, apartheid and oppression, and the right of all Palestinian refugees to return to their homes and lands. We stand for a free Palestine, from the river to the sea.

It is for these reasons and these reasons alone that Israel’s Defense Ministry, engaged in daily war crimes and crimes against humanity against the Palestinian people under occupation, is attacking Samidoun’s work. This is a further attempt to use repression and threats against the Palestinian people and their international allies as a campaign activity for Benny Gantz’s party in the Israeli elections. This is also an attempt to divert attention from the serious problem facing hundreds of Zionist officials – including Gantz himself – who are afraid from the next steps of the investigations by the International Criminal Court (ICC) after its last announcement on 5 February 2021 affirming that it has the authority to investigate war crimes in the Palestinian occupied territories.

Further, it is no surprise that this public announcement comes only days after 300 international organizations have joined in a collective campaign to free Palestinian student prisoners.

In fact, this should not be conceived of as an attack on Samidoun alone: instead, it comes hand in hand with a series of smear campaigns directed at Palestinian human rights defenders and those who uphold Palestinian rights around the world — and the Palestinian prisoners and the Palestinian people themselves. The same designation has been levied against a number of international organizations engaged in public advocacy for Palestinian rights and freedom. This attack is an attempt to isolate the Palestinian prisoners, not only behind bars, but from their international base of support and solidarity. It is further an attempt to silence support for the legitimate resistance of the Palestinian people, targeting opposition to imperialist wars, the Oslo process and the ongoing colonization of Palestine.

We are among many activists and organizations who have been attacked by Israel — many of whom have paid a much higher price, including those Palestinians, Arabs and internationalists who have been jailed, tortured and assassinated by Israel. Always, the goal is the same: an attempt to undermine the growing international support for the Palestinian people and their just cause.

Almost every organization, movement and even individual activist that stands for Palestinian freedom is targeted by the Israeli occupation and its leading war criminals for harassment, threats and attempts to mobilize state power to suppress an anti-colonial, anti-racist movement for justice and liberation. We are proud to stand with all of those who face such smear campaigns and repressive attacks — by intensifying our work and coming together to confront Israeli apartheid, occupation, war crimes and colonization, and organizing for the liberation of Palestine. 

We invite activists and organizations to join the Samidoun Network and build together with us. Contact us at

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Biden too Cognitively Impaired to Fulfill White House Duties

By Stephen Lendman | February 28, 2021

Impaired by dementia, Biden is cognitively unfit and unable to fulfill duties of the office he holds.

His condition will likely worsen to Alzheimer’s Disease, entirely incapacitating him cognitively.

Psychology explained dementia as follows:

It’s “a progressive loss of cognitive function, marked by memory problems, trouble communicating, impaired judgment, and confused thinking.”

“Dementia most often occurs around age 65 and older but is a more severe form of decline than normal aging.”

“People who develop dementia may lose the ability to regulate their emotions, especially anger, and their personalities may change.”

Up to 80% of cognitively impaired individuals with dementia develop Alzheimer’s Disease, about five million Americans affected.

Biden has been declining cognitively for some time. The condition steadily worsens over time.

He can’t perform his duties. Yet establishment media conceal his deteriorated state.

Rare exceptions like the Boston Herald prove the rule.

In mid-February, it headlined “Biden’s babbles continue,” saying:

He “seldom makes much sense when he speaks.”

On Valentine’s Day, he made a “semi-coherent remark,” saying:

“Valentine’s Day is a big. Jill’s favorite day. For real.”

Biden’s White House is “little more than an assisted-living facility (for the nation’s) doddering First Senior Citizen.”

Some of his recent mumbling and bumbling was as follows — read from a teleprompter or notes:

“From 400 million ordered to 600 million this is enough vaccine to fully vaccinate 300 Americans by end of summer, the beginning of fall.”

“But we wanna make look that’s I wanna me-peat it’ll be enough to fully vaccinate 300 Americans.”

He called climate change a “sexessential threat to the planet.”

He identified war secretary Lloyd Austin as “senator Austin.”

He referred to sorties as “sortays.”

He said “Saudi Arabia has released a prominent human rights activist, Loujain al-Hathlou — loul — excuse me, l-o-u-l, uh, from prison.”

He vowed to “never, ever dishonest you.”

He said “(i)magine the incredible love it must have taken for the proud Tuskee-kee, Tus-kay-gee airmen.”

He claimed that he “work(s) with Congress to make far-reaching investments in research and development of transformendale and transformidible technologies.”

He said “(l)ike the previous (regime), we’ll start to properly manage unlike it we’ll start to properly manage lands and waterways.”

He mumbled and bumbled that “(o)ne uh congressman pointed out I I could uh I I ah uh I he used a very anyway colorful term to say wearing a mask I tell him to kiss my ear I’m not gonna wear a mask well guess what not very American.”

He said “(i)t’s hard, the hard-hit areas, like cancer alleys in Louisiana, cancer alleys in Louisiana.”

He doesn’t know or understand what’s in dozens of executive orders he signed.

He said “(u)h uh the second uh order I’m gonna be signing also changes what the president has done – pres, the president – what the former president uh has done and it’s uh a memorandum to reverse the my predecessor’s attacks on women’s health.”

After coughing, he added: “Excuse me, health access.”

He’s especially focused on when the next meal will arrive.

They’re all that nursing home and assisted living facility residents look forward to — except for visits when occurring by family and/or friends if still able to recognize them.

During last year’s campaign, Biden said “China is going to eat our lunch?”

“Come on man! They can’t even figure out how to deal with the the the fact the that they have this great division between the China Sea and the mountains in the east I mean in the west.”

Separately, he said “(b)ut you know, we don’t get goin’, they’re gonna eat our lunch!”

In remarks about seasonal flu-renamed covid, he said:

“You’ve all hold. You can hold a second.”

“You all you’ve all heard about the strain the the the British strain, the Brazilian strain, the South African strain and they are they seem to be more transmittable more easily.”

Does any of the above sound like a coherent, effectively functioning head of state?

How long will the charade continue before Biden is replaced by president-in-waiting Harris?

Isn’t this what was planned all along, most of the public none the wiser.

A Final Comment

Because Biden is too cognitively impaired to speak more that a few lines at most in public, a look-alike double represents him when delivering public remarks of any length, including addresses.

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FDA OK’s J & J’s Covid Vaccine for Emergency Use

By Stephen Lendman | February 28, 2021

Like Pfizer and Moderna high-risk, experimental, inadequately tested mRNA technology for covid mass-jabbing, J&J’s vaccine was rushed to market the same way.

None of the above protect. We’re being lied to by government dark forces and their media press agents claiming otherwise.

Vaccines notoriously cause diseases they’re supposed to protect against — and many others like diabetes, heart disease and autism.

Would you trust the safety and effectiveness of an unapproved, fast-tracked, experimental vaccine from a company called an “opioid kingpin” by Oklahoma’s attorney general in July 2019?

AG Mike Hunter accused J&J and other Pharma opioid producers of “greed” over public safety and health.

In August 2019, Oklahoma District Court Judge Thad Balkman ruled for the state against Johnson & Johnson, saying:

J&J “caused an opioid crisis that is evidenced by increased rates of addiction, overdose deaths and neonatal abstinence syndrome, in Oklahoma,” adding:

“(M)isleading marketing and promotion (of the company’s opioids) compromised the health and safety of thousands of Oklahomans.”

“We have proven that Johnson & Johnson have built its billion dollar brand out of greed and on the backs of pain and suffering of innocent people” — despite warnings from its scientific advisors.

Lead state attorney Brad Beckworth said “(w)e’ve shown that J & J was at the root cause of this opioid crisis,” adding:

“It made billions of dollars from it over a 20-year period. They’ve always denied responsibility” for selling hazardous to health products.

Is J & J’s entry into the covid mass-jabbing sweepstakes any less hazardous?

Who’ll volunteer as a company lab rat to find out?

Rushed to market drugs raise obvious red flags.

At a time when no emergency exists — just an invented one by US dark forces — millions of Americans have been duped to believe what risks enormous harm to their health is safe and effective.

What’s true of Pfizer and Moderna technology applies to J & J.

Yet the Pharma-controlled FDA just issued an emergency use authorization (EUA) for its experimental covid vaccine to be unleashed on an unsuspecting public in the US — likely elsewhere to follow.

J & J’s Janssen Biotech subsidiary developed the vaccine.

Court judgments against the firm forced it to pay billions of dollars in damages for its involvement in the opioid crisis.

It’s not the first time that J & J was held accountable for selling hazardous products to an unsuspecting public.

The Corporate Research Project reported what it called J & J’s “corporate rap sheet,” saying the following:

“In 2004 J&J agreed to pay up to $90 million to settle lawsuits linking the prescription heartburn medication Propulsid made by its Janssen subsidiary to several hundred deaths and many more cases of cardiac irregularity.”

“In 2007 J&J recalled four million bottles of Listerine mouth rinse for children because of bacterial contamination.”

“During 2009 and 2010 the company had to announce a string of recalls of medications, contact lenses and hip implants.”

“The most serious of these was the massive recall of more than 136 million bottles of liquid Tylenol and Motrin for infants and children after batches of the medications were found to be contaminated with metal particles.”

“The company’s handling of the matter was so poor that J&J subsidiary McNeil-PPC became the subject of a criminal investigation and later entered a guilty plea and paid a criminal fine of $20 million and forfeited $5 million.”

“It also came out during a congressional investigation of the matter that in 2008 J&J had engaged in what was labeled a ‘phantom recall.’ ”

“When faced with Motrin IB caplets that were not dissolving property, McNeil hired contractors to buy up the products in stores while making no announcement to the public.”

“Reports of operational deficiencies at McNeil operations continued to appear, and the company announced additional recalls, include one in January 2011 involving 43 million packages of Tylenol and other products.”

“In 2011 J&J responded to pressure from the Campaign for Safe Cosmetics by agreeing to reformulate its baby products to remove ingredients regarded as carcinogenic.”

“In 2013 J&J reached a deal with plaintiffs lawyers under which it would pay nearly $2.5 billion in compensation to an estimated 8,000 people who had received flawed hip implants.”

“Also in 2013 Advanced Sterilization Products (ASP), a division of J&J subsidiary Ethicon Inc., had to pay $1.2 million to settle FDA allegations that it had produced and distributed adulterated and misbranded sterilization monitoring products.”

“The following year, ASP paid a $136,800 penalty to the Environmental Protection Agency for the sale and distribution of unregistered and misbranded pesticides to veterinary clinics and laboratories nationwide.”

“In 2016 two juries awarded a total of $127 million damages to women who sued J&J claiming that their ovarian cancer was caused by the talc in J&J Baby Powder.”

“The company, which disputes the connection, appealed the verdicts but is facing more than 1,000 similar cases brought by plaintiffs’ lawyers armed with company documents they say show that J&J was concerned about a link between talcum powder and ovarian cancer as early as the 1970s.”

“An award of $417 million was made by a California jury in 2017 and a verdict of more than $4 billion was awarded in Missouri in 2018 (an appeal court later reduced that to $2.1 billion).”

“The New York Times reported in December 2018 that internal company memos from the 1970s discussed the possibility that its talcum powder could contain asbestos.”

“In 1995 a federal judge imposed $7.5 million in penalties on J&J subsidiary Ortho Pharmaceutical for shredding documents in an attempt to thwart an investigation into whether it was improperly marketing Retin-A acne cream as a wrinkle remover.”

“In 1996 J&J reached a settlement with the Federal Trade Commission under which the company agreed to stop making what the agency called false claims about the failure rates of condoms in the marketing of its K-Y spermicidal lubricant.”

“In 2010 J&J subsidiaries Ortho-McNeil Pharmaceutical and Ortho-McNeil-Janssen had to pay $81 million to settle charges that they promoted the epilepsy drug Topamax for uses not approved as safe by the Food and Drug Administration.”

“The following year, J&J subsidiary Scios Inc. had to pay $85 million to settle similar charges relating to its heart failure drug Natrecor.”

“In 2013 the Justice Department announced that J&J and several of its subsidiaries would pay more than $2.2 billion in criminal fines and civil settlements to resolve allegations that the company had marketed its anti-psychotic medication Risperdal and other drugs for unapproved uses as well as allegations that they had paid kickbacks to physicians and pharmacists to encourage off-label usage.”

“The amount included $485 million in criminal fines and forfeiture and $1.72 billion in civil settlements with both the federal government and 45 states that had also sued the company.”

“At a press conference announcing the resolution of the case, U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder said the company’s practices ”recklessly put at risk the health of some of the most vulnerable members of our society — including young children, the elderly and the disabled.”

“In a related Risperdal civil lawsuit, a jury later awarded $8 billion in damages but a Philadelphia judge reduced that by more than 99 percent to $6.8 million.”

In 2019 an Oklahoma judge ordered J&J to pay $572 million to the state for contributing to the opioid crisis; the company vowed to appeal but it faced many more such suits around the country. The amount was later reduced to $465 million.”

“In 2019 J&J and its subsidiary Ethicon, Inc. agreed to pay over $116 million to 41 states and the District of Columbia to settle litigation alleging deceptive marketing of transvaginal surgical mesh devices.”

“In a separate suit brought by California, a state judge ordered the company to pay $344 million.”

“In 2000 J&J subsidiary LifeScan pleaded guilty to a criminal charge and was fined $60 million for selling defective blood glucose monitors and giving false information about the problem to the FDA.”

“It later had to pay $45 million to settle a related class-action lawsuit.”

“In 2001 J&J agreed to pay up to $860 million to settle a class-action lawsuit alleging that the company had misled consumers into prematurely throwing away disposable Acuvue contact lenses.”

“The suits argued that the company drove up sales of its 1-Day Acuvue soft lenses by recommending that consumers use them only once, even though the product was identical to regular Acuvue lenses, which could be worn as long as two weeks.”

“In December 2016 a federal jury in Dallas ordered J&J and its DePuy Orthopaedics unit to pay more than $1 billion to six plaintiffs who claimed they were injured by the company’s hip implants.”

“In 2011 J&J agreed to pay a $21.4 million criminal penalty as part of a deferred prosecution agreement with the Justice Department resolving allegations of improper payments by J&J subsidiaries to government officials in Greece, Poland and Romania in violation of the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act.”

“The settlement also covered kickbacks paid to the former government of Iraq under the United Nations Oil for Food Program.”

“At the same time, J&J agreed to pay $48.6 million to settle a related civil case brought by the Securities and Exchange Commission.”

“In 2011 Doctors without Borders criticized Johnson & Johnson for refusing to make patents on three HIV drugs available to a program that would reduce the cost of the medicines in poor countries. The group repeated the critique in 2013.”

“In 2001 J&J Medical Inc. had to pay $3.9 million to settle federal civil claims that the company overcharged the Department of Veterans Affairs in transactions involving catheters and other medical supplies.”

“That same year, another J&J subsidiary, Lifescan Inc., paid $15 million to settle similar claims involving the VA.”

Would you trust a company’s experimental, rushed to market covid vaccine, any other medication or products related to health whose rap sheet reads like the above?

A Final Comment

J & J’s covid vaccine is being produced by its Janssen division.

Years earlier, it produced the anthrax vaccine administered to around 150,000 US forces deployed to the Persian Gulf for the 1990-91 Gulf War — even though concerns were raised about adverse longterm health consequences.

Experimental anthrax vaccines contained squalene-based adjuvants that caused severe autoimmune diseases and deaths among Gulf War veterans years later.

Illnesses included rheumatoid arthritis, multiple sclerosis, neuritis risking later paralysis, uveitis risking blindness, neurological harm, congenital disabilities in offspring, cognitive impairment, and systemic lupus erythematosus, among other health issues.

From 1990 to 2001, over two million doses of anthrax vaccine were administered to US military personnel.

Squalene adjuvants are a key ingredient in many vaccines.

J & J uses them in its covid vaccine.

Alleged safety and effectiveness of what’s being mass-jabbed into millions of Americans and others abroad were fabricated to dupe the unsuspecting to go along with what risks serious harm to health or death.

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Mass Rejection of Covid Jabs by US Military Families

By Stephen Lendman | February 28, 2021

Leading promoter of hazardous experimental covid jabbing NYT expressed angst over mass rejection of getting them by US military families.

According to The Vaccine Reaction on February 21, a Blue Star Families (BSF) survey found that 53% of US military families reject being used as Pharma guinea pigs for unapproved Pfizer and Moderna experimental mRNA jabs.

According to BSF head Kathy Roth-Douquet, “military families are expressing a lot of concern about” jabbing with what they don’t trust.

One military spouse likely spoke for many others, saying she, her family, and other service members don’t want to be “guinea pigs” for what hasn’t be adequately tested or proved safe.

According to Air Force General Paul Friedrichs, the US war department cannot or will not mandate what hasn’t received FDA approval, just emergency use authorization even though no real emergency exists.

At this time — what could change ahead — to be jabbed or not jabbed for covid is a personal decision by US military personnel at all levels.

Vaccines take years to develop. Pfizer and Moderna entries into the covid mass-jabbing sweepstakes are high-risk, experimental, gene altering mRNA technology.

They’re not vaccines. They were rushed to market with inadequate testing.

Since mass-jabbing began in December, large numbers of adverse events and deaths were reported, especially among elderly nursing home residents in the US and Europe.

If what’s experimental and unapproved is mandated, it would be an unprecedented experiment with human health virtually certain to turn out badly because of what’s already known.

According to one nursing home health worker, residents and some staff are “dying like flies” after jabbed.

No credible evidence suggests that mRNA technology is safe or effective.

The same holds for Johnson and Johnson’s covid vaccine about to be granted emergency use authorization.

Joseph Mercola explained that rushed Pfizer and Moderna trials were “rigged” to produce results that aren’t credible.

Their mRNA technology wasn’t evaluated on the ability to prevent infection and viral transmission.

Last November, associate editor of the BMJ publication for health professionals Peter Doshi said Pfizer’s claim of 95% effectiveness is false.

Its risk reduction to flu-renamed covid is less than 1%, rendering it virtually useless for protection.

The same holds for Modern’s mRNA technology and most likely for J & J’s vaccine as well.

On Friday, the NYT understated the number of US military families who decline to be jabbed for covid, claiming it’s about “one-third” of US forces, mostly younger personnel.

Young healthy people need no protection for flu, now called covid.

Over 99% of young people who contract covid recover normally with no special medical intervention for help.

The Times expressed concern about millions of US military personnel who refuse to be jabbed with what may cause irreversible harm to their health, saying:

It’s “a warning to civilian health officials about the potential hole in the broad-scale immunity that medical professionals say is needed for Americans to reclaim their collective lives.”

Unexplained by the Times and other establishment media is that mass-jabbing provides no protection, no immunity, no ability to prevent covid from spreading from one person to others.

It only risks great harm to health that in some cases is lethal.

What major media should headline and repeat time and again, they suppress.

Instead of wanting public health protected and preserved, the corporate fourth estate is pushing what risks unprecedented harm to millions of people in the US and elsewhere by promoting hazardous mass-jabbing.

The Times is the lead print culprit, providing press agent services for US dark forces and Pharma profiteers — at the expense of public health.

The broadsheet falsely claimed that concerns shared by countless millions of people in the US and elsewhere is from “misinformation that has run rampant on Facebook and other social media.”

What the self-styled newspaper of record calls “misinformation” is refuted by indisputable hard evidence of mass-jabbing hazards.

Protecting and preserving what’s too precious to lose requires saying “no” to what won’t protect and risks great harm if use as directed.

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Covid-19: Murder by Misinformation

By Janet Menage, GP retired | Wales, UK

Dear Editor

History is littered with examples of the atrocities which ensue when doctors abandon their traditional principles and judgement in favour of unquestioning subservience to government diktat – medical involvement in torture, human experimentation and psychiatric punishment of political dissidents being familiar examples.

Abbasi takes as axiomatic that there was no prior immunity in the population, that lockdowns are effective, that computer modelling is realistic, that statistics have been accurate and that WHO statements are reliable. All of these parameters have been widely challenged by knowledgeable and conscientious researchers whose findings were often disregarded, censored or vilified.

From a medical perspective, it was clear early on in the crisis that disregarding clinical acumen in favour of blind obedience to abnormal ventilation measures, reliance on an unsuitable laboratory test for diagnosis and management, and abandoning the duty of care to elderly hospitalised patients and those awaiting diagnosis and treatment of serious diseases, would create severe problems down the line.

Doctors who had empirically found effective pharmaceutical remedies and preventative treatments were ignored, or worse, denigrated or silenced. Information regarding helpful dietary supplements was suppressed.

This was further compounded by rule-changes to death certification, coroners’ instructions, autopsy guidelines, DNR notices and the cruel social isolation policy enforcement regarding family visits to the sick and dying.

When medical professionals allow themselves to be manipulated by corrupt politicians and influenced by media propaganda instead of being guided by their own ethical principles and common sense based on decades of clinical experience, the outlook becomes very bleak indeed.

Historically, public respect for and trust in doctors has exceeded that awarded to politicians. The unquestioning capitulation of medicine to an authoritarian executive and predatory corporate power may have undermined the doctor-patient relationship for a generation.

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Important editorial notice for readers: This is a rapid response (online comment by a third party) and not an article in The British Medical Journal. It is attributed in a misleading way on certain websites and social media. The Editor, 10/02/2021.

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The Insanity of the PCR Testing Saga Analysis

By Dr. Joseph Mercola | February 19, 2021

For several months, experts have highlighted the true cause behind the COVID-19 pandemic, namely the incorrect use of PCR tests set at a ridiculously high cycle count (CT), which falsely labels healthy people as “COVID-19 cases.” In reality, the PCR test is not a proper diagnostic test, although it has been promoted as such.

An important question that demands an answer is whether the experts at our federal health agencies and the World Health Organization were really too ignorant to understand the implications of using this test at excessive CT, or whether it was done on purpose to create the illusion of a dangerous, out-of-control pandemic.

Regardless, those in charge need to be held accountable, which is precisely what the German Corona Extra-Parliamentary Inquiry Committee (Außerparlamentarischer Corona Untersuchungsausschuss,1 or ACU),2,3 intends to do.

They’re in the process of launching an international class-action lawsuit against those responsible for using fraudulent testing to engineer the appearance of a dangerous pandemic in order to implement economically devastating lockdowns around the world. I wrote about this in “Coronavirus Fraud Scandal — The Biggest Fight Has Just Begun” and “German Lawyers Initiate Class-Action Coronavirus Litigation.”

FDA Demands Higher False Positives

An interesting case detailed in a January 21, 2021, Buzzfeed article4 that raises those same questions in regard to the U.S. Food and Drug Administration is its recent spat with Curative, a California testing company that got its start in January 2020. It has since risen to become one of the largest COVID-19 test providers in the U.S.

Curative’s most popular PCR test differs from other providers in that it uses spit swabbed from the patient’s tongue, cheek and mouth rather than from the back of the nasal cavity.

In April 2020, the FDA issued an accelerated emergency use authorization5 for the Curative spit test, but only for patients who had been symptomatic within the two weeks prior to taking the test, as the data available at that time showed it failed to catch asymptomatic “cases.”

However, the test was subsequently used off-label on individuals without symptoms anyway, and the company has been urging the FDA to expand its authorization to include asymptomatic individuals based on newer data.

In December 2020, Curative submitted that data,6 showing its oral spit test accurately identified about 90% of positive cases when compared against a nasopharyngeal PCR test set to 35 CT.7

The FDA objected, saying that Curative was comparing its test against a PCR that had a CT that was too low, and would therefore produce too many false negatives.8 According to the FDA, the bar Curative had chosen was “not appropriate and arbitrary,” Buzzfeed reports.9

This is a curious statement coming from the FDA, considering the scientific consensus on PCR tests is that anything over 35 CTs is scientifically unjustifiable.10,11,12

From the start, the FDA and the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recommended running PCR tests at a CT of 40.13 This was already high enough to produce an inordinate number of false positives, thereby labeling healthy people as “COVID-19 cases,” but when it comes to Curative’s spit test, the FDA is demanding they compare it against PCR processed at a CT of 45, which is even more likely to produce false positives.

Medically speaking, a “case” refers to a sick person. It never ever referred to someone who had no symptoms of illness.

The FDA’s concern is that Curative’s test is missing infections and giving infectious people a clean bill of health. However, in reality, it’s far more likely that the test is accurately weeding out people who indeed are not infectious at all and rightly should be given a clean bill of health. It seems the FDA is merely pushing for a process that will ensure a higher “caseload” to keep the illusion of widespread infection going.

When Are You Actually Infectious?

A persistent sticking point with the PCR test is that it picks up dead viral debris, and by excessively magnifying those particles with CTs in the 40s, noninfectious individuals are labeled as infectious and told to self-isolate. In short, media and public health officials have conflated “cases” — positive tests — with the actual illness.

Medically speaking, a “case” refers to a sick person. It never ever referred to someone who had no symptoms of illness. Now all of a sudden, this well-established medical term, “case,” has been arbitrarily redefined to mean someone who tested positive for the presence of noninfectious viral RNA.

The research is unequivocal when it comes to who’s infectious and who’s not. You cannot infect another person unless you carry live virus, and you typically will not develop symptoms unless your viral load is high enough.

As it pertains to PCR testing, when excessively high CTs are used, even a minute viral load that is too low to cause symptoms can register as positive. And, since the test cannot distinguish between live virus and dead viral debris, you may not even be carrying live virus at all.

These significant drawbacks are why PCR testing really only should be done on symptomatic patients, and why a positive test should be weighed as just one factor of diagnosis. Symptoms must also be taken into account. If you have no symptoms, your chances of being infectious and spreading the infection to others is basically nil, as data14 from 9,899,828 individuals have shown.

Of these, not a single person who had been in close contact with an asymptomatic individual ended up testing positive. This study even confirmed that even in cases where asymptomatic individuals had had an active infection, and had been carriers of live virus, the viral load had been too low for transmission. As noted by the authors:15

“Compared with symptomatic patients, asymptomatic infected persons generally have low quantity of viral loads and a short duration of viral shedding, which decrease the transmission risk of SARS-CoV-2.

In the present study, virus culture was carried out on samples from asymptomatic positive cases, and found no viable SARS-CoV-2 virus. All close contacts of the asymptomatic positive cases tested negative, indicating that the asymptomatic positive cases detected in this study were unlikely to be infectious.”

PCR Picks Up Dead Virus for Weeks After Infection Has Cleared

Because the PCR test cannot discern between live virus and dead, noninfectious viral debris, the timing of the test ends up being important. One example of this was presented in a letter to the editor of The New England Journal of Medicine,16 in which the author describes an investigation done on hospitalized COVID-19 patients in Seoul, South Korea.

Whereas the median time from symptom onset to viral clearance confirmed by cultured samples was just seven days, with the longest time frame being 12 days, the PCR test continued to pick up SARS-CoV-2 for a median of 34 days. The shortest time between symptom onset to a negative PCR test was 24 days.

In other words, there was no detectable live virus in patients after about seven days from onset of symptoms (at most 12 days). The PCR test, however, continued to register them as “positive” for SARS-CoV-2 for about 34 days. The reason this matters is because if you have no live virus in your body, you are not infectious and pose no risk to others.

This then means that testing patients beyond, say, Day 12 to be safe, after symptom onset is pointless, as any positive result is likely to be false. But there’s more. As noted in that New England Journal of Medicine article:17

“Viable virus was identified until 3 days after the resolution in fever … Viral culture was positive only in samples with a cycle-threshold value of 28.4 or less. The incidence of culture positivity decreased with an increasing time from symptom onset and with an increasing cycle-threshold value.”

This suggests symptomology is a really important piece of the puzzle. If no viable virus is detectable beyond Day 3 after your fever ends, it’s probably unnecessary to retest beyond that point. A positive result beyond Day 3 after your fever breaks is, again, likely to be a false positive, as you have to have live virus in order to be infectious.

Even more important, these results reconfirm that CTs above 30 are inadvisable as they’re highly likely to be wrong. Here, they found the CT had to be below 28.4 in order for the positive test to correspond with live virus. As noted by the authors:18

“Our findings may be useful in guiding isolation periods for patients with Covid-19 and in estimating the risk of secondary transmission among close contacts in contract tracing.”

Testing for Dead Viruses Will Ensure Everlasting Lockdowns

To circle back to the Curative PCR test, the company argues that the test is accurate when it comes to detecting active infection, and as CEO Fred Turner told Buzzfeed :19

“If you’re screening for a return to work and you’re picking up everyone who had COVID two months ago, no one’s going to return to work. If you want to detect active COVID, what the ‘early’ study shows is that Curative is highly effective at doing that.”

Again, this has to do with the fact that the Curative spit test has a sensitivity resembling that of a nasopharyngeal PCR set at a CT of 30. The lower CT count narrows the pool of positive results to include primarily those with higher viral loads and those who are more likely to actually carry live virus. This is a good thing. What the FDA wants Curative to do is to widen that net so that more noninfectious individuals can be labeled as a “case.”

In an email to Buzzfeed, Dr. Michael Mina, an epidemiologist at Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health, stated that using a CT of 45 is “absolutely insane,” because at that magnification, you may be looking at a single RNA molecule, whereas “when people are sick and are contagious, they literally can have 1,000,000,000,000x that number.”20

Mina added that such a sensitive PCR test “would potentially detect someone 35 days post-infection who is fully recovered and cause that person to have to enter isolation. That’s crazy and it’s not science-based, it’s not medicine-based and it’s not public health-oriented.”21

While the FDA has issued a warning not to use the Curative spit test on asymptomatic people, Florida has dismissed the warning and will continue to use the test on symptomatic and asymptomatic individuals alike. Only Miami-Dade County is reconsidering how it is using the test, although a definitive decision has yet to be announced.22

The Lower the CT, the Greater the Accuracy

While the FDA claims high sensitivity (meaning higher CT) is required to ensure we don’t end up with asymptomatic spreaders in our communities, as reviewed above, this risk is exceedingly small. We really need to stop panicking about the possibility of healthy people killing others. It’s not a sane trend, as detailed in “The World Is Suffering from Mass Delusional Psychosis.”

According to an April 2020 study23 in the European Journal of Clinical Microbiology & Infectious Diseases, to get 100% confirmed real positives, the PCR test must be run at just 17 cycles. Above 17 cycles, accuracy drops dramatically.

By the time you get to 33 cycles, the accuracy rate is a mere 20%, meaning 80% are false positives. Beyond 34 cycles, your chance of a positive PCR test being a true positive shrinks to zero.

Similarly, a December 3, 2020, systematic review24 published in the Journal of Clinical Infectious Diseases, which assessed the findings of 29 different studies, found that “CT values were significantly lower … in specimens producing live virus culture.” In other words, the higher the CT, the lower the chance of a positive test actually being due to the presence of live (and infectious) virus.

“Two studies reported the odds of live virus culture reduced by approximately 33% for every one unit increase in CT,” the authors noted. Importantly, five of the studies included were unable to identify any live viruses in cases where a positive PCR test had used a CT above 24.

In cases where a CT above 35 was used, the patient had to be symptomatic in order to obtain a live virus culture. This again confirms that PCR with a CT over 35 really shouldn’t be used on asymptomatic people, as any positive result is likely to be meaningless and simply force them into isolation for no reason.

PCR Testing Based on Erroneous Paper

In closing, the whole premise of PCR testing to diagnose COVID-19 is in serious question, as the practice appears to be based on an erroneous paper that didn’t even undergo peer-review before being implemented worldwide.

November 30, 2020, a team of 22 international scientists published a review25 challenging the scientific paper26 on PCR testing for SARS-CoV-2 written by Christian Drosten, Ph.D., and Victor Corman (the so-called “Corman-Drosten paper”).

According to Reiner Fuellmich,27 founding member of the German Corona Extra-Parliamentary Inquiry Committee mentioned at the beginning of this article, Drosten is a key culprit in the COVID-19 pandemic hoax.

The scientists demand the Corman-Drosten paper be retracted due to “fatal errors,”28 one of which is the fact that it was written, and the test itself developed, before any viral isolate was available. The test is simply based on a partial genetic sequence published online by Chinese scientists in January 2020. In an Undercover DC interview, Kevin Corbett, Ph.D., one of the 22 scientists who are now demanding the paper’s retraction, stated:29

“Every scientific rationale for the development of that test has been totally destroyed by this paper … When Drosten developed the test, China hadn’t given them a viral isolate. They developed the test from a sequence in a gene bank. Do you see? China gave them a genetic sequence with no corresponding viral isolate.

They had a code, but no body for the code. No viral morphology … the bits of the virus sequence that weren’t there they made up. They synthetically created them to fill in the blanks …

There are 10 fatal errors in this Drosten test paper … But here is the bottom line: There was no viral isolate to validate what they were doing. The PCR products of the amplification didn’t correspond to any viral isolate at that time. I call it ‘donut ring science.’ There is nothing at the center of it. It’s all about code, genetics, nothing to do with reality …

There have since been papers saying they’ve produced viral isolates. But there are no controls for them. The CDC produced a paper in July … where they said: ‘Here’s the viral isolate.’ Do you know what they did? They swabbed one person. One person, who’d been to China and had cold symptoms. One person. And they assumed he had [COVID-19] to begin with. So, it’s all full of holes, the whole thing.”

The critique against PCR testing is further strengthened by the November 20, 2020, study30 in Nature Communications, which found no viable virus in any PCR-positive cases. I referenced this study earlier, noting that not a single person who had been in close contact with an asymptomatic individual ended up testing positive.

But that’s not all. After evaluating PCR testing data from 9,899,828 people, and conducting additional live cultures to check for active infections in those who tested positive, using a CT of 37 or lower, they were unable to detect live virus in any of them, which is a rather astonishing finding.

On the whole, it seems clear that mass testing using PCR is inappropriate, and does very little if anything to keep the population safe. Its primary result is simply the perpetuation of the false idea that healthy, noninfectious people can pose a mortal threat to others, and that we must avoid social interactions. It’s a delusional idea that is wreaking havoc on the global psyche, and it’s time to put an end to this unhealthy, unscientific way of life.

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