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Top Medical Doctor Says Focus On COVID Treatments, Not Vaccines

Written by Based_Bollard | Principia Scientific |

Dr Peter McCullough is the leading published medical doctor of his speciality in the world. He is regarded as an impeccable expert and someone to be listened to on COVID19 treatments.

In this testimony before the Texas Senate he bemoans that too little is being done to educate ourselves on non-vaccine alternative treatments.

VIDEO SOURCE: “Peter McCullough, MD testifies to Texas Senate HHS Committee”, released by Association of American Physicians and Surgeons: (March 11, 2021). Original description: “Testimony given March 10, 2021. Patient Guide at ”


”Lets not have a single person going home with a test result with a fatal diagnosis sitting at home going into two weeks of despair before they succumb to hospitalization and death. … There is not a single media doctor on tv who has ever treated a covid patient. Not a single one! … There was a silencing of any information on treatment! You can’t get papers published on this! … All effort has to be on vaccinations! … You cannot beat natural immunity. You cannot vaccinate and make it better! … There is no scientific rationale to vaccinate young and healthy people. … There is no asymptomatic spread of covid-19. … Covid19 has always been a treatable illness. … 85% of deaths could have been prohibited with early treatment.”

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Alex Salmond declines to blame Russia for Salisbury incident

Press TV – April 7, 2021

The leader of the pro-independence Alba Party, Alex Salmond, has steadfastly refused to toe the British government’s line on the alleged poisoning of a Russian double agent in England in 2018.

Former Russian military intelligence officer, Segei Skripal, who betrayed his country by working for the UK’s MI6, was allegedly poisoned, alongside his daughter Yulia, with what the British government says was the Novichok nerve agent.

The alleged attack took place in the medieval cathedral city of Salisbury on March 04, 2018. Both Skripal and his daughter survived the alleged attack.

Speaking to BBC Good Morning Scotland on April 07, Salmond refused no less than four times to blame Russia for the alleged attack.

Faced by Salmond’s defiance, the show’s presenter, Gary Robertson, tried to undermine the former First Minister’s position by pointing out that he produces a show for the Russian TV network RT.

But Salmond hit back by saying: “I produce, along with Tasmina Ahmed-Sheikh, a program for Slainte Media which is then broadcast on the RT platform, as they’re perfectly entitled to do”.

“I can tell you from personal experience – I don’t know what your experience at the BBC is – not a single word of editorial instruction or even suggestion has been made to me from anyone at RT and the program stands on its own merits”, the former leader of the Scottish National Party (SNP) added.

Salmond and fellow Alba Party candidate Ahmed -Sheikh (who is a former SNP MP), host “The Alex Salmond Show” each week on RT.

On another subject, Salmond suggested that evidence of Russian interference in recent US elections was “very slight”.

Salmond’s position on these sensitive issues will alarm the British establishment which has identified Russia as an “active threat” to UK national security in its newly-released Integrated Review of Security, Defense, Development and Foreign Policy.

Both the Alba Party and the SNP are committed to closing down the headquarters of the Royal Navy in Scotland.

The Faslane naval base, formally called Her Majesty’s Naval Base, Clyde, hosts the UK’s nuclear weapons capability.

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Russia unlikely to send recalled ambassador back to Washington without clear sign US ready for bilateral relations

RT | April 7, 2021

Russia’s Foreign Ministry has revealed it has no plans to restore full diplomatic representation in Washington until it sees evidence that the US is interested in building constructive relations between the two countries.

Deputy Foreign Minister Sergey Ryabkov was asked by RIA Novosti on Wednesday whether Ambassador Anatoly Antonov would return to America in the near future, having been recalled in March amid a growing diplomatic row. “This is not a question for the next few days,” he said.

“The timings will be determined based on what steps Washington plans to take on the bilateral track,” he continued. “We expect that they are still able to demonstrate a desire to at least relatively stabilize our relationship and that they will do something visible and noticeable in this regard.”

Antonov flew to Moscow for a series of crunch talks with senior officials in the days following US President Joe Biden’s interview with the ABC news network, in which he was asked whether he believes Russian President Vladimir Putin is a “killer,” and replied, “Mmm hmm, I do.”

The American leader also said he had warned the Russian president that the US would potentially take action if it found evidence of Moscow’s interference in the US election. “He will pay a price,” Biden added.

His comments came as a joint report by Washington’s spy agencies, including the CIA and the Department of Homeland Security, was declassified and made available to the public. It declared that Russia attempted to influence the 2020 US election with the aim of “denigrating President Biden’s candidacy and the Democratic Party, supporting former President Trump, undermining public confidence in the electoral process, and exacerbating sociopolitical divisions in the US.”

Since then, the US has imposed sanctions against a group of Russian officials that it claims are responsible for the jailing of opposition figure Alexey Navalny and alleged “human rights” breaches in the policing of the protests after his arrest.

Washington’s package of measures also targeted companies and a state institute it says are engaged in “the production of biological and chemical weapons,” as well as “activities that are contrary to US national security and foreign policy interests.” The Kremlin strongly denies that such a program exists.

An unnamed official told reporters at the time that “the United States is neither seeking to reset our relations with Russia, nor are we seeking to escalate.”

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Plandemic: Plans For ‘Vaccine Passports’ Were In Place 20 Months Before COVID-19 Outbreaks

By Brian Shilhavy | Health Impact News | April 7, 2021

The rationale currently being used by government bodies and health agencies to prepare the public for COVID-19 “Vaccine Passports” is that they are necessary due to the current COVID-19 “pandemic,” and that without such passports life cannot return to normal.

Of course anyone who is intelligent enough to turn off their corporate media news long enough to search for the truth in regards to these experimental injections that are illegally being called “vaccines” will soon learn that Big Pharma and their corporate media puppets are lying to us.

They have no intention at all of letting people “return to normal,” as these “vaccine passports,” if the people comply and allow rules to be implemented to require these passports to be used to participate in society, will just result in even more loss of privacy and greater government over-reach and loss of liberties to further the tyrannical medical police state.

People who have already been vaccinated are being told to continue wearing their masks and practicing social distancing, and every day we are reading more and more reports of fully vaccinated people being tested positive for COVID-19.

That is, if they survive the shots, as now thousands have died following experimental COVID injections, and hundreds of thousands have been injured, according to multiple government reporting systems around the world tracking adverse reactions following vaccinations.

Paul Anthony Taylor, writing for the Dr. Rath Health Foundation, is reporting that the ‘European Commission’ – the executive body of Europe – first published a proposal for vaccine passports on April 26, 2018, and that there was also a ‘Global Vaccination Summit’ hosted in Brussels, Belgium, on September 12, 2019, for vaccine religious zealots, just 36 days before Event 201.

If you think I am being facetious for calling attendees to a Global Vaccination Summit “religious zealots,” then take a look at the titles of their three round table presentations that the Summit was based on:

  • In Vaccines We Trust
  • The Magic Of Science
  • Vaccines Protecting Everyone, Everywhere

Those are statements of faith, not scientific statements.

Anyone choosing to get one of these experimental COVID injections and then proudly carrying your ID card to prove your participation, is participating in a religious cult, not in science.

For these religious fanatics, those of us who refuse to participate in their cult are labeled as “vaccine hesitant,” and we are the “unbelievers” that need to be attacked and silenced.

This is the new religious persecution of 2021, and these religious zealots are found in all spheres of our society, including many Christian churches which are now becoming “vaccine clinics.”

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Call for a Draconian Pandemic Treaty

By Stephen Lendman | April 7, 2021

Tyrannical World Economic Forum head Klaus Schwab, the pro-Western/pro-Pharma/pro-mass-jabbing with toxic drugs WHO, and over two dozen hardline world leaders allied with US imperial aims are calling for establishment of a draconian pandemic treaty.

Wrapped in deceptive equitable socioeconomic rhetoric, their scheme all about wanting free and open societies abolished — police state enforced neoliberal harshness on steroids replacing them.

The scheme calls for mandatory global mass-jabbing with experimental, unapproved hazardous to health mRNA technology or vaccines for covid that increase the risk of contracting the disease they’re supposed to protect against, but don’t.

Their plot also increases the chance developing any one or more of a number of serious autoimmune and other diseases near-or-longer-term.

Their diabolical scheme is all risk and no rewards, nothing beneficial from these experimental, rushed to market drugs to be rejected, not used as directed.

A joint press release by Schwab, the WHO, and complicit world leaders defied reality.

It falsely called garden variety seasonal flu-renamed covid “the biggest challenge to the global community since…political leaders came together to forge the multilateral system” in the aftermath of two world wars.

They’re pushing a diabolical Great Reset scheme to transform the world community of nations into ruler/serf societies.

It’s polar opposite “the spirit of solidarity and cooperation (that includes) peace, prosperity, health and security.”

Seasonal flu now called covid shows up annually like clockwork — 2020 and this year no different from earlier ones.

Diabolical dark forces like Schwab, the WHO, and leaders of US vassal states aim to destroy public health, well-being, and fundamental freedoms, not protect and preserve them.

They oppose peace, equity, justice, the rule of law and societies safe and fit to live in.

When ill from seasonal flu now called covid, readily available safe, effective, inexpensive remedies exist — free from hazards posed by toxic mRNA technology and vaccines.

Nothing justifies an international pandemic treaty to combat the common cold or flu — that for the vast majority of people are minor health issues.

They’re in sharp contrast to cancer, heart disease, diabetes, and many other serious ones the above dark forces oppose combatting because their widespread outbreaks let Pharma and large hospital chains cash in big from expensive treatments.

Extensive writing and activism by the late cancer expert Dr. Samuel Epstein explained the following:

The cancer industry is “indifferent (toward and) hostile to “prevention (because it) conflicts” with bottom-line priorities.

The National Cancer Institute (NCI), National Cancer Society (NCS), and American Cancer Society (ACS) are “incestuously tied to the “drug industry, the mammography industry, the pesticide industry, and other such industries” that profit from cancer proliferation.

It’s big business. The more illness, the greater the bottom line benefits.

The same goes for many other major diseases.

The illness industry in the US and West profit from sickness. Health protection and wellness harm their bottom line priorities.

Epstein slammed the cancer industry for “losing the winnable war (on) the disease.”

The same goes for many other curable diseases.

Seasonal flu-renamed covid is being used to fear-monger countless millions of people in the West and elsewhere to self-inflict harm by unneeded/unsafe/toxic drugs to reject, not use as directed.

US federal law prohibits mandatory use of experimental drugs.

Ways around the law include approving use of hazardous drugs by the FDA and/or new legislation to mandate what formerly was prohibited.

Western dark forces will stop at nothing to get their way.

The only solution is mass resistance and revolution.

The alternative risks loss of health, well-being, and free and open societies safe and fit to live in.

That’s where things are heading if not challenged and stopped while there’s time.

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US Colleges Tell Students They Must Be Fully Vaccinated By Autumn

By Richie Allen | April 7, 2021

At least seven colleges in the US have told students that they will not be permitted on campus this Autumn, if they cannot prove that they have been fully vaccinated.

Brown, Northeastern, Cornell, Rutgers, Fort Lewis, Nova Southeastern and St. Edward’s, are among a growing number of academic institutions to introduce the “no jab, no school” policy.

Students with underlying medical conditions can apply for an exemption. The colleges claim that vaccination is the only way to return to in-classroom learning.

Ivy-league university Brown, became the latest school to announce that it planned to introduce the measure.

Brown President Christina Paxson announced the decision in a letter, in which she declared that the vaccine is mandatory “for all undergraduate, graduate and medical students who will be on campus or engage in any level of in-person instruction.”

Paxson went on to say that students can apply for medical or religious exemptions but warned that those who refuse the vaccine and don’t qualify for an exemption, will be banned from campus.

Brown University is also considering making vaccination mandatory for all staff.

Northeastern University in Boston, announced yesterday that all students must be fully vaccinated by the first day of the semester in September. Senior vice-president for learning, Ken Henderson, said that the policy is vital in order to achieve herd-immunity.

The under-25’s are unlikely to contract covid-19, let alone become ill from it and there is zero evidence that they transmit the virus to others.

Then again, this was never about a virus now was it?

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Iranian merchant vessel Saviz struck by blast in Red Sea, suffers minor damage: Official

Press TV – April 7, 2021

Iran says one of its merchant vessels has been targeted by an explosion of unknown origin in the strategic Red Sea, in the second such incident in less than a month.

Foreign Ministry spokesman Saeed Khatizadeh told reporters that the Saviz ship was struck by the blast at around 6 a.m. local time (0300 GMT) on Tuesday, April 5, near the coast of Djibouti, and sustained minor damage.

“Fortunately, no fatalities were caused by the incident, and technical evaluations on how the incident occurred and its origins are underway,” he added.

The Iranian official said Tehran will take all the necessary measures regarding the case through international bodies.

Rejecting media claims, Khatibzadeh said the Saviz is a non-military vessel, whose specifications and mission have been formally registered with the International Maritime Organization (IMO).

He said the ship acts as Iran’s logistic station in the Red Sea and the Gulf of Aden, protects naval routes and provides security for merchant vessels and tankers against pirates.

A New York Times story published on Wednesday quoted an anonymous US official telling the newspaper that the Tel Aviv regime notified the United States that Israeli forces had attacked an Iranian ship in the Red Sea.

The unnamed US official said Israel called the strike a retaliation, and that the ship had been hit below the water line.

In a similar incident last month, an Iranian cargo ship was damaged after it was targeted by a terrorist attack en route to Europe in the Mediterranean Sea.

Tehran said back then that such acts of terror are a clear example of naval piracy and run counter to international law on the safety of commercial vessels.

On February 25, an explosion struck Israeli-owned and the Bahamas-flagged ship, the MV Helios Ray, in the Sea of Oman near the strategic mouth of the Persian Gulf.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu hastily accused Iran of attacking the ship. Iran categorically rejected the charge.

Iranian Ambassador to the United Nations Majid Takht Ravanchi, in a letter addressed to UN Secretary General Antonio Guterres on March 5, warned of consequences of any possible miscalculated measure by Israel over the explosion.

“The incident has all the characteristic of a complicated false flag operation carried out by actors in order to pursue their malign policies and to advance their illegitimate objectives,” Takht Ravanchi wrote.

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