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  1. And with whom, pray tell, has the United States coupled, of even greater evil?

    What other than Israel?

    What other country assassinated, killed… Americans! British! Swedish! leaders and citizens, military personnel in its inception, right up to the present time; on and on.

    What country has set in motion that to even question the narrative of WWll is a crime? Or to even sing a song about this, is a criminal act? Israel has influenced the governments of such to prosecute its own citizens for questioning what it wants to be unquestionable. On and on.

    This is not to overlook the pathetic, hapless Palestinians, murdered, maimed, crippled, tortured, imprisoned forever, ad nauseam; on and on.

    This is not to overlook how Israel and its partisans have influenced politics in America, Britain, Europe; on and on. What do they get for this?

    Has influenced the politics of those countries to war in the middle east, to bring war on its neighbors, all for the benefit of Israel; on and on.

    This is not to overlook how Israel has been able to extort billions from America, thus making America an accomplice in its state-sponsored terrorism; on and on. What does America get for this?

    Well, unless one is stupid or as the author writes, “The refusal to see and accept this…” If ever there was a “…grip of radical evil, demonic forces…” it is displayed in the 75++ years in the forming of this terrorist, racist and warring state and its partisans, from 1946 to the present. And the present looks utterly horrifying in comparison to 1946.

    By allowing it, the refusal to see and accept this is… to be its accomplice.

    This is the real revolution of the last 100 years and it is pursued fanatically.

    Mankind has within itself, the ability to change this.

    Otherwise, the apocalypse, the revelation which they and their co-religionists seek.


    Comment by michael | April 16, 2021 | Reply

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