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Scandal of the rushed rollout: Censored vaccine expert speaks out

By Sonia Elijah | The Conservative Woman | July 8, 2021

I HAD the pleasure of interviewing Dr Robert Malone, an industrial scientist and the authoritative voice on mRNA (messenger ribonucleic acid) technology since he invented it when he was a graduate student at the Salk Institute in 1988.

US-based Dr Malone is not a conspiracy theorist and he’s not an anti-vaxxer. He’s spent the past three decades building vaccines and vaccine technology.

He has more than 20 years of management and leadership experience in academia, pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries, as well as in governmental and non-governmental organisations.

The fact that he is now being ‘ghosted’ for speaking about the adverse effects of the mRNA vaccines reflects the dark era of censorship that we’ve been experiencing for far too long.

Even my interview with him was pulled off YouTube in the space of just three hours. Fortunately, I posted it on alternative video-sharing platforms, such as Rumble and BitChute.

Here are some of the highlights he revealed in the interview. Firstly, Dr Malone stated: ‘In the Security and Exchange Commission filings for both Pfizer and Moderna, there’s explicit statements that acknowledge that these are gene therapy-based (vaccines) and the FDA (Food and Drug Administration) perceives them as such.’

He brilliantly explained the science behind the vaccines by using the metaphor of an industrial robot used to build cars. The RNA in this metaphor is the code that a hacker is inserting into the bit stream to make these robots (your cells) make something they would not have otherwise made. In this case, it’s the spike protein that’s recognised by the immune system triggering a response.

‘In a conventional vaccine you can precisely calculate how much protein goes into your shoulder because it’s fixed and predictable, but in the case of these genetic vaccines you can’t,’ he warned.

‘You can’t calculate how long it produces this protein and how much protein it makes and exactly what cells in your body the protein goes into. Conventional vaccines go around your cell, but for these gene therapy-based vaccines the target is your cell.’

When I asked whether he thought the UK (which was the first country in the world to approve the Pfizer vaccine on December 2, 2020) rushed through their approval of it, Dr Malone quickly responded: ‘I wouldn’t say maybe, I would say they did. You can’t take a process that normally takes a decade and push it down into nine months and not cut corners.’

He explained that regulatory agencies such as America’s FDA and Britain’s MHRA (Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency) have different safety check lists for vaccines and gene therapies. Typically, genotoxicity and reproductive toxicity studies are not done with vaccines, but are done with gene therapy products.

Dr Malone revealed that in the face of the crisis, apparently there was a global consensus with these regulatory agencies that they were going to suspend their gene therapy checklist, or if they were done, they were not done in a ‘vigorous’ way. He said this was the biggest mistake of the regulatory agencies.

Children are at very low risk of hospitalisation and death from Covid-19, Dr Malone confirmed. In their age group, the risks overwhelmingly outweigh the benefits from the vaccine.

The risks are the cardiotoxicity events (pericarditis and myocarditis) being recorded in the adverse event databases coming out of Israel, Norway and the Netherlands, to name but a few.

Given that the MHRA and FDA have approved the Pfizer vaccine for 12 to 15-year-olds and have been actively encouraging the use of it across multiple age groups, Dr Malone likened this application to the situation where ‘if you give a three-year-old a hammer, everything becomes a nail’.

He talked intently on bioethics and whether it’s ethical to encourage the young (including children) who are currently healthy to take on the responsibility of being exposed to the risks associated with the vaccines in order to protect the vulnerable (the elderly and those with a compromised immune status).

For him, the answer was a categorical, no – it’s not ethical. When I asked him why there’s such a push to get children vaccinated, he answered: ‘A cynic might mention the financial compensation at stake.’

He raised more alarm bells by suggesting there’s bias in the data stating there’s no effect of the vaccine on pregnant women, causing spontaneous abortion. In fact, many of the women in those studies were in the third trimester, where the risk of miscarriage is much lower.

Dr Malone said if you took out the third trimester data and reanalysed it, just looking at those women in the first and second trimester, then the risk of spontaneous abortion jumps to above 50 per cent.

The topic of censorship was raised, as at the time of the interview the doctor had been ‘erased’ from LinkedIn and his full interview with Brett Weinstein and Steve Kirsch had been removed from YouTube.

One of the reasons LinkedIn gave him was because he mentioned that a chairman on the board at Reuters had links to Pfizer.

Dr Malone stressed that Reuters is a member of the Trusted News Initiative, led by the BBC, which was first formed to combat the spread of misinformation during the US presidential election, but now its attention is on combating vaccine misinformation.

Its other members include AFP, CBC/Radio-Canada, the European Broadcasting Union (EBU), Facebook, the Financial Times, First Draft, Google/YouTube, The Hindu, Microsoft , Twitter, and the Wall Street Journal.  

Dr Malone warned that ‘the only version of scientific truth that’s allowed to be discussed are those truths endorsed by large bureaucratic public health agencies’. He was very concerned about ‘this integration between Big Tech, government and biopharma’.

On a final note, he raised the insidious question of whether ‘there is a group of people that could be exploiting this window for their own purposes, whether it’s financial, political or power.’ That, he said, would be ‘a huge travesty’.

Here is a link to my full interview with Dr Malone.

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  1. COVID-19:
    Born in North Carolina, Sold to Wuhan Lab, Optimized for Pandemic Spread
    By Shad Olson
    January 13, 2020

    Emerging evidence strongly suggests a research collaboration between a North Carolina scientist and two Wuhan, Chinese microbiologists is the smoking gun in the creation and release of the COVID-19 superbug. A coronavirus synthesized in two laboratories on opposite sides of the world into a chimera viral monstrosity, optimized for infectious spread and with a lethality 20 times that of the common influenza.

    My initial research on the COVID-19 outbreak led nearly immediately to the work of Dr. Ralph Baric. A microbiologist and chemistry professor at the University of North Carolina who had raised the eyebrows and the ire of the immunological community in 2015, by undertaking an unauthorized “gain of function” study for the synthesis of a supercharged SARS coronavirus. Work strictly forbidden by both the Centers for Disease Control and the World Health Organization. Both Baric’s hubris in ignoring a CDC/WHO contravention against gain of function studies and his clear disregard for the consequences of his activities immediately captured instinctual attention as someone whose activities bore closer inspection for potential connection to the Wuhan crisis that is now a global pathogen gaining momentum with each passing day.

    All that was missing was a direct connection between Baric’s maverick killer coronavirus research and the BSL-4 lab in Wuhan at the (Wuhan Institute for Science and Technology) that serves as China’s only bioweapons research facility, located in the very city where the COVID-19 pandemic began.

    If only I’d read the finest of fine print sooner. Buried in the minutiae of Baric’s published study documents, two barely credited collaborators in the gain of function coronavirus study: Doctors Xing-Yi Ge and Zhengli-Li. Microbiology and immunology researchers working at Wuhan Institute for Science and Technology, undertaking precisely the same gain of function study for a newly augmented coronavirus. A respiratory superbug with a particularly infectious surface protein array (SHC014) and the innards of a pneumococcal killer. The precursor to COVID-19.

    But first, more background.
    In 2015 Dr. Baric’s researchers at the University of North Carolina Chapel Hill raised the ire of some in the infectious disease community when they contravened a ban on particularly hazardous “Gain of Function” laboratory studies successfully engineering a virus that combined the highly adaptable SHC014 surface protein array with common SARS, producing a potential pandemic supervirus that proved fatal across species lines, infecting human lung cells and killing mice in laboratory trials.

    The CDC had banned all gain of function testing on American soil in October of 2013, but eventually issued a ruling allowing North Carolina virologist, Dr. Ralph Baric to continue his work because his study had predated the ban by a matter of weeks.

    The creation of such a new, non-natural risk to human health triggered bioethics backlash and criticism from around the world, with several elite virologists and infectious disease specialists slamming Dr. Baric’s work as potentially catastrophic, irresponsible and an unnecessary risk, given that previous studies of past outbreaks had already confirmed the near seamless transitory capacity of the SHC014 protein array in humans. Baric’s work also demonstrated once again the ease with which existing viral pathogens can be lab altered and optimized, both for maximum infection potential and lethality in humans.

    Contrary to public understanding, coronavirus refers not to a specific infection like the present outbreak originating in Wuhan, China, but to a broad spectrum of viruses with similar “coronal” surface protein features that allow them to bind to and infect human cells without first incubating and mutating in a second or third host species. The SHC014 corona protein is native to the Horseshoe Bat, a prevalent bat species in China that are both captured and sold live, butchered and cooked or fried whole as crunchy street food fare in markets across China. (I’ve eaten them.)

    Because of their unique adaptability and highly mutagenic nature, direct crossover viruses like coronavirus are of particular human health risk and are responsible for some of the most virulent outbreaks in history, including Ebola Zaire, Ebola Sudan and Marburg, (similar and similarly deadly hemorrhagic fever filoviruses also originating in bats but with direct demonstrated infectious capacity in both simians and humans) as well as SARS, and MERS, Middle Eastern Respiratory Syndrome. Patient Zero as the first recorded case of Ebola was a vacationing Frenchman who camped near Mt. Elgon in Kenya in 1980 and is believed to have ventured inside nearby Kitum Cave, home to a colony of African fruit bats potentially numbering in the millions. The man died horribly only days later, hemorrhaging to death as his organs liquefied and ‘bled out.’

    Bat viruses are very often, potential slate wipers in humans. And it is that lethality that has made these airborne superbugs intriguing fare for researchers often willing to take ungodly risks in the name of science. And potential profit. Far more troublingly, it also endows these pathogens with effective layers of plausible deniability for bioweapons research, development and deployment, cloaked in statistical relevance of an Asian petri dish where cross-species disease leaping is generational fact.

    If you were going to commit bioweapons genocide against the human race, releasing an engineered bat-originated, cross-species superbug in a Chinese city would be close to the perfect crime. Ease of replication. Plausible deniability. And you’d need a scanning electron microscope and the wherewithal to use it to ever deduce the forensic truth.

    One can very easily imagine a materials for play scenario that went something like this:

    Dr. Baric is given his original bat virus feeder stock from the plentiful populations of Horseshoe bat colonies near Wuhan which are natural carriers of coronaviruses like the common cold. After successfully harvesting and modifying hosted common coronavirus with the SHC014 protein array, Dr. Baric negotiates a transfer of the newly augmented virus back to the Wuhan BSL-4 laboratory as compensation for parallel study.

    Chinese researchers immediately go to work on further modifications, including for reasons unknown, the incorporation of HIV genetic markers, creating a virus that prefers the much stronger furin catalyst protein bond cleavage site, a bond 1,000 times stronger than the ACE2 protein bond of typical SARS coronavirus. Not a mutation, but a scientific augmentation for a clearly weaponized designer pathogen.

    And in early December, the world is witness to the first case of COVID-19. A coronavirus with the SHC014 protein array, known to be housed at the Wuhan BSL-4 lab, roughly 700 feet from the “seafood market” that was initially blamed as the site origin of the Wuhan coronavirus outbreak that is now sweeping the world.

    HUGE EXCLUSIVE: US Dr. Ralph Baric Was Reviewing Moderna’s and Dr. Fauci’s Coronavirus Vaccine in December 2019! — What’s Going On?
    February 28, 2021
    by Joe Hoft, The Gateway Pundit:

    When did Doctors Fauci and Baric find out about the China coronavirus leak in Wuhan and how did they know it?
    Why was the US investigating the coronavirus vaccine before the Western world even knew about it?
    On April 9, 2020, we were the first media outlet to report on major events leading up to the China coronavirus leak that we suspected came from the Wuhan Institute of Virology. We were able to determine Chinese Doctor Shi Zhengli was part of a team that was working on a coronavirus project jointly with US doctors in 2014 before it was shut down by the DHS for being too risky.
    TRUTH LIVES on at
    After the US research project was shut down, Dr. Shi continued her coronavirus research in Wuhan, China.
    We reported that Doctor Shi Zhengli from China was part of a team, including Doctor Ralph S. Baric from North Carolina, that published an article in a 2015 edition of Nature Medicine.


    Comment by Pip | July 11, 2021 | Reply

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