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Hey, Boris, leave my friends alone!

If I don’t #GrabAJab I’ll be an outcast

Harry Dougherty Blog | July 22, 2021

Facebook keeps pestering me to get the Covid19 vaccine. They won’t give up!

One feature tells me that I can somehow ‘help to end the pandemic’ by putting my vaccination status in my profile picture frame, pointing out (as if I care) that some of my Facebook friends have done so already. Another one from the ‘NHS England and NHS Improvement’ Facebook page, ever so sweetly threatens me.

‘Planning your summer vacation? #GrabAJab’

‘Spending a day at the shops? #GrabAJab’

‘Going for a drink with friends? #GrabAJab’

So friendly. So familiar. So understanding.

To be honest, I can probably cope without the shopping trips, a dreary enough ordeal without the muzzles and the one-way systems. But I must confess I do love a sesh once every so often and I need my holidays, preferably in Europe. Tropical, rainy countries that require umpteen injections just to avoid the ICU never really blew my hair away, as they do with the Mount Kilimanjaro climbing gap yah types.

However, if I don’t ‘grab a jab’ these simple pleasures of life will become unavailable to me, and I will forever become an outcast. I will have no kind of life whatsoever. Simples!

I still won’t budge for the nudgers. I owe no one a jab in my arm, and I would never demand someone else risk their health or be excluded from society for my safety. I might be selfish, but I’m not that selfish.

But sadly, the mixture of guilt and threat works on most people, including those who never bought into the exaggerated dangers of Covid. Even Winston Smith loved Big Brother eventually.

Last week, I received an Instagram message from an old friend. We both worked in events back in the day, shortly before our full pay MPs decimated the hospitality sector.

Out of the blue, she asked me, ‘what is your opinion on the vaccine?’

Not wanting to be off-puttingly preachy, I answered succinctly: ‘your choice, but I wouldn’t recommend it!’

Alas, it was too late anyway. She replied, ‘I took it (Pfizer) so that I can travel back home easier… and guess who is having a severe kidney infection now.’

She continued, ‘whole day yesterday at the hospital.. now on antibiotics and painkillers.’

I should mention that she is very healthy and in her twenties. As of 7 July 2021, there are currently 24 cases of kidney infection and 33 cases of acute kidney injury, (with two fatalities on the latter) listed on the Reported Adverse Drug Reactions to the Yellow Card scheme. Her case (in the true meaning of the word ‘case’ ) is not listed among them.

She continued, “my roommate had a really bad urine infection after the sake vaccine. My aunt had kidney stones.”

Like me, she opposed the lockdown from the very beginning in March 2020, amazed by the sheer absurdity of the rules and the public’s pathetic acceptance of them.

But they got to her, like gangsters warning a witness ‘you might wanna think about your family.’

Of course, the BBC will not be much interested in telling her story, nor that of one of my regular customers who last week described the AstraZeneca vaccine as ‘the biggest regret of my life’.

Instead, they put out a story about a morbidly obese 51 year old man who tragically died from Covid, who told one of the nurses that he regretted not getting vaccinated. We are then expected to politely not ask if he also regretted having a dangerously unhealthy lifestyle. We cannot peddle dangerous philosophies like personal responsibility and encourage habits that might actually save people from premature death, can we?

Don’t get me wrong, there are genuine cases of young healthy men not getting vaccinated against Covid and living to regret it, such as Matthew Roche, 38, and Darren Howard, 28, who both just so happened to be actors from the same talent agency ‘Mandy’. I’m sure it’s just a coincidence, and there have been a lot of those lately.

The monstrous Johnson, who spent his career posing as a cuddly libertarian, dared to lecture the public about social responsibility when he said “I don’t want to have to close nightclubs again as they have elsewhere. But it does mean nightclubs need to do the socially responsible thing.”

This is the language of an abuser. “I don’t want to hit you, but you made me do it.”

Then the weasel Wales secretary Simon Hart said vaccine passports came with “the heaviest of hearts”, lying that “we are really left with no option.”

No option? How can that be, when Belarus kept their nightclubs, Christmas markets, sports stadiums open throughout the entire ‘pandemic’? How did Texas, Tennessee, and Florida, among several other major US states manage to reopen their nightlife scene without health apartheid as a condition?

Whose safety is that important, that young people should be cornered into an ultimatum between societal exclusion and taking a non-market authorised drug with no long-term data, that is associated with a total 1470 UK deaths and 1,059,307 reported Reactions?

The government’s summary falsely reassures us, “some (adverse) events may have happened anyway, regardless of vaccination. This is particularly the case when millions of people are vaccinated, and especially most vaccines are being given to the most elderly people and people who have underlying illnesses.”

The same is true of People who have with Covid19 on their death certificate in the last 18 months, yet the same summary reads ‘at the time of this report, 128,662 people across the UK have died within 28 days of a positive test for coronavirus’.

They don’t mention that despite Covid19, the UK national life expectancy is still higher than its ever been, and the average age of a Covid death exceeds even that. They don’t mention that even in the most vulnerable groups, the great majority of people infected by the disease survive. They don’t emphasise that many of these “covid” deaths “may have happened anyway”, as they anxiously claim about vaccine-associated deaths.

Even the doomster in chief Neil Ferguson admitted last year that most Covid deaths involved people who may have died soon anyway. But Would, say, AstraZeneca victims Dr. Stephen Wright and BBC presenter Lisa Shaw have died anyway? No. Nor likely would have the 44-year-old man from Tasmania nor the 48-year-old woman in Victoria, whose deaths from the clotshot (that’s what the kids are calling AstraZeneca nowadays) were recently reported in the revamped penal colony of Australia, another country where vaccine refusers are facing open persecution from their ruling elite.

It will be interesting to see how quickly vaccine related deaths catch up with Covid deaths in countries that happened to have low exceedingly low Covid mortality. New Zealand’s official figures show 26 Covid related deaths, overwhelmingly in citizens of great age and already suffering with comorbidities, at least two of whom had initially been diagnosed with influenza (make of that what you will). As far as I can discover, the youngest victim was a man in his 50s who tragically passed away in September. Bearing in mind that Covid has a year’s head start on the vaccine rollout in New Zealand and that only 18.6% Kiwis have been given at least one vaccine dose, let us now compare New Zealand’s 26 Covid related deaths with the 18 suspected vaccine related deaths reported to the Centre for Adverse Reaction Monitoring (CARM). Again, the Wellington regime gives the same false reassurances as the UK Yellow Card Summary, dismissing reported vaccine deaths as coincidental in a way that could just as easily be said of Covid deaths. But it will only take eight more reported vaccine deaths for New Zealand’s deaths from and with the vaccine to equalise with New Zealand’s current number of deaths from and with the ‘once in a century pandemic’. There have been a total of 6,143 reported adverse vaccine reactions, more than half of which aged under 50. These include 21 reports of anaphylaxis, 19 cases of Bell’s Palsy (facial paralysis), 12 cases of myocarditis, 21 haemorrhages, 13 strokes, 11 DVTs, and an unspecified number (less than six but at least one each) of spontaneous abortions, acute liver injuries, heart attacks, Thrombosis episodes and cases of Guillain-Barré Syndrome. Already, the cure is far worse than the disease and the benefits don’t outweigh the risks.

Somewhere, someday soon, a teenager near you will develop myocarditis, while another develops a fatal blood clot for no other reason because they were told that in the end, the vaccine was their ticket to ‘freedom’. It And the blood will be on Johnson and Zahawi’s hands. Frankly, anyone who thinks that these deaths, or indeed my friends’ vaccine injury, were worth it to keep them safe doesn’t deserve to be safe.

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  1. One reason for the desperation to get everyone vaccinated could be that they don’t want the vaccinated to see that they unvaccinated are faring better than those that took the jab as the technical report released by PHE seems to indicate especially with this new Delta variant.


    Comment by Coffee Bean | July 26, 2021 | Reply

  2. Thank you.


    Comment by Kathy | July 26, 2021 | Reply

  3. Tell Zuckerberg to stick the jab up his AAAASSS


    Comment by papasha408 | July 26, 2021 | Reply

  4. And to think we voted these mass murderers into parliament!


    Comment by Bill Francis | July 28, 2021 | Reply

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