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Tory MP: “Tyranny Is Government Controlling Everything You Do!”

By Richie Allen | July 26, 2021

Speaking to Talk Radio’s Julia Hartley-Brewer this morning, Conservative MP Steve Baker asked, “What do people think that tyranny is? It’s this total control over what you do!”

He went on to say that people should write to their MP’s to tell them that they should vote against the introduction of vaccine passports. Baker is the deputy chair of the lockdown-sceptic Covid Recovery Group. He told Brewer this morning:

“…. you really do need to ask what’s going on. I’m pretty clear in my own mind that what it is is the government choosing effectively to coerce young people to get vaccinated.

I would have thought that we could do better surely than threatening vaccine passports. I do think it’s a proper slippery slope this one. We’re now looking at digital ID’s, we’re looking at a social credit system being trialled to get people to deal with obesity.

A central bank digital currency will enable the state to enormously intervene in our lives. And reasonably you can sit back and say wow what is going on with the change in the relationship between the individual and the state? I can see why some people are quite frightened.”

Sadly though, Baker went on to tell Hartley-Brewer that officials mean well. According to Baker, there is no wider agenda and there is no great conspiracy. He believes that the problem lies with good people making bad decisions. Does he know better? I can’t say. I don’t know him.

But this is why people like Baker refuse to come on The Richie Allen Show. I will go further. I will ask the hard questions. Talk Radio is mainstream light. When Brewer asked Baker to tell people what they can do to stop this madness, he said that they should write to their MP’s.


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  1. I don’t know what level of intelligence is required to become an MP, but obviously most of them seem to be unable to think logically or to understand what is happening in the world around them. They appear to be oblivious to the chaos they have created by acting as pawns for the wealthy and the pharmaceutical industry. They cannot see that their actions mimic those of the Nazis of World War II. Above the entrance to Auschwitz is the sign with the words “Arbeit macht frei” (work will make you free). Now, outside Parliament, they might as well erect a sign saying “Impfung macht frei” – Vaccination will make you free. Their hypocrisy and lack of morality is overwhelming.

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    Comment by Bill Francis | July 26, 2021 | Reply

  2. “Tory MP: “Tyranny Is Government Controlling Everything You Do!”

    I know that, that politician is British, but I seem to recall an American President commanding “Government to get out of the way, and let business do its business”…..(or words to that effect)

    And look where it got the American people. The “1%” offshored millions of jobs to Asian Sweatshops, and millions of Americans now live on the street, and obscene wealth has been concentrated into the hands of the “1%”

    The “Trickle Down” never arrived for most people, and the Politicians have joined the “1%” and obey their every command………
    And, the American people, got SCREWED in the process……..


    Comment by brianharryaustralia | July 26, 2021 | Reply

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