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Poland Lost World War II

Tales of the American Empire | July 22, 2021

World War II began to defend Poland from foreign invaders. Millions of Poles perished as their nation was devastated during the war, yet it remained under foreign rule. Official history suggests that the United States and Britain had no choice but to cede Poland to the Soviets. This is false since the Germans were anxious for peace with the West and had offered to withdraw to 1914 German borders several times. A peace treaty could have been signed with Germany, which may have included the exile of Nazi leaders, perhaps after a military coup. A conditional surrender agreement was never pursued leaving Europe was much worse off after the war.


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  1. And Simply put the Money changers financed Hitler and the Nazi Party and are back at it and while they have everyone looking at vaccines and plandemics they are creating digital currency for maximum control over everyone and everything


    Comment by wteach64 | July 26, 2021 | Reply

  2. The Bankers created Hitler and the Nazi Party and sold them as Socialist who were fighting the Communist Russians and even got him off a 5 year sentence for killing off opponents and bank rolled all sides


    Comment by wteach64 | July 26, 2021 | Reply

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