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Vaccinated To Have More Freedoms In Germany

By Richie Allen | July 26, 2021

Speaking to Bild newspaper yesterday, Chancellor Angela Merkel’s chief of staff said that the vaccinated “will definitely have more freedoms.” Helge Braun said that if cases continue to rise in Germany, the unvaccinated would be barred from pubs, restaurants theatres and stadiums.

The chief of staff who is also a medical doctor told Bild :

“If we have a high rate of infection despite our testing procedures then the unvaccinated will have to reduce their contacts. Those who have been vaccinated will definitely have more freedom than those who have not been vaccinated.”

Braun went on to say that the unvaccinated wouldn’t even be allowed to take a covid test to gain entry to venues. When asked why, she replied: “The risk to everyone else is too high.”

As to the legality of introducing such discriminatory measures Braun said that, “the state has a duty to protect the health of its citizens.”

Neighbouring France has introduced Covid passes as a condition of entry to restaurants, café’s and supermarkets. From late September, anyone wanting to go to a nightclub or a concert in the UK, will have to prove that they’ve been double jabbed.

The UK government is also expected to say that anyone attending sports venues in the Autumn will also need to prove that they have been jabbed.

And from today, Irish citizens wishing to drink or dine inside a pub or restaurant, must show that they have been jabbed or that they recently produced a negative covid test.

Lockstep anyone?

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  1. The anglozionazi empire of filth and its IOU fiat filth Saudi Mercan toilet paper dollah and occupied Urupp’s worthless eurodollah are in collapse. Will the ongoing covaids caper intelligence test and genocide of sheeple with the death prick be enough to save the regime, the presstitutes and the Satanic pedovore garbage behind the mass culling? Not a hope in hell. The entire machine will be sabotaged, destroyed beyond recognition and the demons behind this war on animal farm are going to pay the price.

    The less you got to lose in the coming implosion, the better.

    Onward to Ouchwitz with the herd
    Coz only Pfizer macht frei

    Same as it ever waZ

    The Gary Null 90 minute interview with PCR process inventor Kary Mullis explains it all…how we allowed ourselves to be conned and slaughtered by these psychopaths; the herd is simply too lazy and stupid to educate itself and hence is the prey of psychopaths like Fauci and his demonic ilk. Fortunate for the filth that Kary Mullis died in August of 2019 just weeks before the Event 201 covaids plandemic roll out. Odd indeed but no surprise considering the slaughter that Kill Bill gates of hell and fellow pedovores have since unleashed on the expendables for profit and because they have our world in their claws.


    Comment by Martillo | July 28, 2021 | Reply

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