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Was the Tanker Attack an Israeli False Flag?


In the United States we now live under a government that largely operates in secret, headed by an executive that ignores the constitutional separation of powers and backed by a legislature that is more interested in social engineering than in benefitting the American people. The US, together with its best friend and faux ally Israel, has become the ultimate rogue nation, asserting its right to attack anyone at any time who refuses to recognize Washington’s leadership. America is a country in decline, its influence having been eroded by a string of foreign policy and military disasters starting with Vietnam and more recently including Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, Syria, Yemen and the Ukraine. As a result, respect for the United States has plummeted most particularly over the past twenty years since the War on Terror was declared and the country has become a debtor nation as it prints money to sustain a pointless policy of global hegemony which no one else either desires or respects.

It has been argued in some circles that the hopelessly ignorant Donald Trump and the dementia plagued Joe Biden have done one positive thing, and that has been to keep us out of an actual shooting war with anyone able to retaliate in kind, which means in practice Russia and possibly China. Even if that were so, one might question a clumsy foreign policy devoid of any genuine national interest that is a train wreck waiting to happen. It has no off switch and has pushed America’s two principal rivals into becoming willy-nilly de facto enemies, something which neither Moscow nor Beijing wished to see develop.

Contrary to the claims that Trump and Biden are war-shy, both men have in fact committed war crimes by carrying out attacks on targets in both Syria and Iraq, to include the assassination of senior Iranian general Qasim Soleimani in January 2020. Though it was claimed at the time that the attacks were retaliatory, evidence supporting that view was either non-existent or deliberately fabricated.

Part of the problem for Washington is that the US had inextricably tied itself to worthless so-called allies in the Middle East, most notably Israel and Saudi Arabia. The real danger is not that Joe Biden or Kamala Harris will do something really stupid but rather that Riyadh or Jerusalem will get involved in something over their heads and demand, as “allies,” that they be bailed out by Uncle Sam. Biden will be unable to resist, particularly if it is the Israel Lobby that is doing the pushing.

Perhaps one of the more interesting news plus analysis articles along those lines that I have read in a while appeared last week in the Business Insider, written by one Mitchell Plitnick, who is described as president of ReThinking Foreign Policy. The article bears the headline “Russia and Israel may be on a collision course in Syria” and it argues that Russia’s commitment to Syria and Israel’s interest in actively deterring Iran and its proxies are irreconcilable, with the US ending up in an extremely difficult position which could easily lead to its involvement in what could become a new shooting war. The White House would have to tread very carefully as it would likely want to avoid sending the wrong signals either to Moscow or Jerusalem, but that realization may be beyond the thinking of the warhawks on the National Security Council.

To place the Plitnick article in its current context of rumors of wars, one might cite yet another piece in Business Insider about the July 30th explosive drone attack on an oil tanker off the coast of Oman in the northern Indian Ocean, which killed two crewmen, a Briton and a Romanian. The bombing was immediately attributed to Iran by both Israel and Washington, though the only proof presented was that the fragments of the drone appeared to demonstrate that it was Iranian made, which means little as the device is available to and used by various players throughout the Middle East and in central Asia.

The tanker in question was the MT Mercer Street, sailing under a Liberian flag but Japanese-owned and managed by Zodiac Maritime, an international ship management company headquartered in London and owned by Israeli shipping magnate Eyal Ofer. It was empty, sailing to pick up a cargo, and had a mixed international crew. Inevitably, initial media reporting depended on analysis by the US and Israel, which saw the attack as a warning or retaliatory strike executed or ordered by the newly elected government currently assuming control in Tehran.

US Secretary of State Tony Blinken, who could not possibly have known who carried out the attack, was not shy about expressing his “authoritative” viewpoint, asserting that “We are confident that Iran conducted this attack. We are working with our partners to consider our next steps and consulting with governments inside the region and beyond on an appropriate response, which will be forthcoming.”

The US Central Command (CENTCOM) also all too quickly pointed to Iran, stating that “The use of Iranian designed and produced one way attack ‘kamikaze’ UAVs is a growing trend in the region. They are actively used by Iran and their proxies against coalition forces in the region, to include targets in Saudi Arabia and Iraq.”

Tehran denied that it had carried out the attack but the Israeli Defense Minister Benny Gantz was not accepting that and threatened to attack Iran, saying predictably that “We are at a point where we need to take military action against Iran. The world needs to take action against Iran now… Now is the time for deeds — words are not enough. … It is time for diplomatic, economic and even military deeds. Otherwise the attacks will continue.” Gantz also confirmed that “Israel is ready to attack Iran, yes…”

New Israeli Prime Minister Naftali Bennett also made the same demand, saying Israel could “…act alone. They can’t sit calmly in Tehran while igniting the entire Middle East — that’s over. We are working to enlist the whole world, but when the time comes, we know how to act alone.” If the level of verbal vituperation coming out of Israel is anything to go by, an attack on Iran would appear to be imminent.

After the attack on the MT Mercer Street, there soon followed the panicked account the panicked account of an alleged hijacking of a second tanker by personnel initially reported to be wearing “Iranian military uniforms.” The “… hijacking incident in international waters in the Gulf of Oman” ended peacefully however. The US State Department subsequently reported that “We can confirm that personnel have left the Panama-flagged Asphalt Princess… We believe that these personnel were Iranian, but we’re not in a position to confirm this at this time.”

So, the United States government does not actually know who did what to whom but is evidently willing to indict Iran and look the other way if Israel should choose to start a war. Conservative columnist Pat Buchanan is right to compare the drone attack on the Mercer Street to the alleged Gulf of Tonkin Incident in 1964, which was deliberately distorted by the Lyndon B. Johnson Administration and used to justify rapid escalation of US involvement in the Vietnam War. Buchanan observes that it is by no means clear that Iran was behind the Mercer Street attack and there are a number of good reasons to doubt it, including Iranian hopes to have sanctions against its economy lifted which will require best behavior. Also, Iran would have known that it would be blamed for such an incident in any event, so why should it risk going to war with Israel and the US, a war that it knows it cannot win?

Buchanan observes that whoever attacked the tanker wants war and also to derail any negotiations to de-sanction Iran, but he stops short of suggesting who that might be. The answer is of course Israel, engaging in a false flag operation employing an Iranian produced drone. And I would add to Buchanan’s comments that there is in any event a terrible stink of hypocrisy over the threat of war to avenge the tanker incident. Israel has attacked Iranian ships in the past and has been regularly bombing Syria in often successful attempts to kill Iranians who are, by the way, in the country at the invitation of its legitimate government. Zionist Joe Biden has yet to condemn those war crimes, nor has the suddenly aroused Tony Blinken. And Joe, who surely knows that neither Syria nor Iran threatens the United States, also continues to keep American troops in Syria, occupying a large part of the country, which directly confront the Kremlin’s forces. Israel wants a war that will inevitably involve the United States and maybe also Russia to some degree as collateral damage. Will it get that or will Biden have the courage to say “No!”

Philip M. Giraldi, Ph.D., is Executive Director of the Council for the National Interest, a 501(c)3 tax deductible educational foundation (Federal ID Number #52-1739023) that seeks a more interests-based U.S. foreign policy in the Middle East. Website is address is P.O. Box 2157, Purcellville VA 20134 and its email is

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  1. When the USA AND Israel(singing from the same hymn sheet) declared IRAN as the ‘Villain” in this attack, it was SO Predictable, and so obviously a LIE that it was laughable. Israel AND the USA never stop berating Iran as the cause of everything that has gone wrong in the Middle East, to the point that one immediately assumes it is a lie, which it certainly is.
    It’s like “The boy who cried Wolf”, too many times.

    The USA Government has become a laughing stock, all around the World……….AND, no one in the USA has the BALLS to stand up to Israel…….It’s pathetic to watch.

    Liked by 2 people

    Comment by brianharryaustralia | August 10, 2021 | Reply

  2. Of course, it was an Israeli false flag. Those parasites will do anything to start a war.

    Liked by 3 people

    Comment by papasha408 | August 10, 2021 | Reply

    • ….But, a War that the USA will have to fight, and die, for a “shitty little country in the Middle East” as a French (un)Diplomat once referred to Israel as…….

      Liked by 1 person

      Comment by brianharryaustralia | August 11, 2021 | Reply

  3. I read Phil Giraldi’s always-on-point contribution last night and liked Brian’s and Papasha’s comments…had an idea of joining in but lost concentration. Here it is, my day almost half over, and if I don’t get off my butt I’ll fail again….

    I must think that Phil, along the way and in addition to his fine overview, missed an opportunity(ies) to expand on the possibility/likelihood of a Zionist false flag across various sectors and realms. These points come to my mind as I review my 57-year experience with and observations of the menace among us:

    –This drone incident could well be a twofer or threefer (even morefer?) for the Ziomonster: (1) Bennett showing his testicular package as new PM; (2) the never-ending Zio march to war on Iran (i.e., US war on behalf of the Zioregime) by various subterfuges, speeches to the US congress, assassinations, Mossad-engineered “inside” explosive ops in Iran, other sea-borne atrocities, bombing Syria at will, etc.; (3) never-ending pressure on the client-state USA to make war on behalf of the psychotic needs of the ZioTerrorMonster; etc.

    –The Gaza massacre and East Jerusalem provocations of May-June-ongoing are, IMO, key to this (surely pre-planned and ready to “go operational”) attack on a no-cargo ocean vessel. The Zionist playbook had to be opened and used as an exploitative opportunity to “play victim” (again; ad infinitum) by diverting attention from Gaza onto Iran (another twofer?)

    –Without question after Gaza, I noted that pro-Zio playmakers like the ADL, with the full complicity of MSM mouthpieces like CNN, waxed strident in their “news” of vastly increased incidences of “anti-semitism” across the USA — despite the general climate in those/these days of Asian hate, people-of-color “uppityness” in advancing their agendas, etc. — thus bringing back to the forefront that Jews are ALWAYS the victims; the Gazans were/are aggressors-terrorists “shooting thousands of rockets at Israels,” the perpetual and always victims who have the right, in Gaza and everywhere, to “defend themselves.”

    –I have noted in recent reports, since Gaza, of a heightened-level-of-urgency direct appeals (orders?) by high-ranking ZioIsrael ambassadors/consulate-generals in strident terms to US state governors and officials down to lower state and local levels decrying the BDS movement and asking for/demanding sanctions against pro-BDSers for daring to “advocate the eradication/elimination of the Jewish state of Israel.” Such activity, I’m sure, has been revved up include college/university campuses as well….

    That’s it, such as it is. Nap time….

    (Viva Palestine! Viva Iran! Viva Syria!)


    Comment by roberthstiver | August 11, 2021 | Reply

    • I couldn’t agree more with this assessment. But, let us get one thing straight. We aren’t criticizing a country called Israel. We are criticizing the Zionist thugs murdering citizens in occupied Palestine.

      Liked by 2 people

      Comment by papasha408 | August 11, 2021 | Reply

      • I neglected to bulletize one additional point. Let me try:

        –I can’t count the times over the past month or two when pundits on the MSM faux-news circuit loudly single out “Israel” as a model for CoVID-19 “success”…another way to divert attention away from the Zionists’ psychotic criminality and show, for all to see and understand and praise, that “Israel” is a model “nation” in all ways–enlightened, technologically/medically “superior” and to be emulated…how could such a wondrous (Zionist) entity possibly treat its Palestinian populace in any way or sense of (internationally established crimes against humanity) persecution and…drumroll…apartheid? Anybody who alleges such is automatically…”anti-semitic” and to be shunned and abhorred as ‘nazi’-equivalent.

        There are those objective and clear-sighted ones among us who continue to recognize and out the perpetrator for what it is: a vile, invader-settler-colonialist blight unto humanity. (The Third Reich/Nazis at least and naturally had the nationalistic/patriotic sense and pride to have antipathy toward those who had picked up the shards (and turned them to profits!) left to Germany after WWI/the Versailles Treaty’s vindictive cruelty to a prostrate, vanquished-but-proud polity that regained its focus but, in 10 or 15 or 20 years or so, succumbed to the fog of war in its inability to care for its population sectors across the board because of carpet bombings, broken/unusable transportation arteries, the scourge of typhus on those closely grouped/cramped together, etc., etc.)

        Bottom line, to get to the real point of this danse macabre: The Ultimate ‘Victim’ Has Become The Ultimate Victimizer! — and is rewarded with Impunity!

        Liked by 1 person

        Comment by roberthstiver | August 12, 2021 | Reply

        • Sure, Israel is a model country if you are trying to emulate Soviet Bolshevism and you enjoy murdering everyone around you that doesn’t belong to your clique. Just remember it was Alexander Solzhenitsyn who said those who created the Revolution in Russia were not Russians. They hated Russians and tortured and murdered more people than any other group on earth. And, that this is little known in the West is proof that the Media is in the hands of the perpetrators.

          Liked by 2 people

          Comment by papasha408 | August 12, 2021 | Reply

  4. Also, these people as the great chess champion Bobby Fischer said, have never been victims, they are victimizers. Never believe the Talmudist/Zionist version of history as it is 90% propaganda.

    Liked by 2 people

    Comment by papasha408 | August 12, 2021 | Reply

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