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The persecution of courageous Dr Peter McCullough

By Kathy Gyngell – TCW Defending Freedom – August 12, 2021

IN his post for TCW Defending Freedom yesterday, Neville Hodgkinson drew our attention to possibly the most courageous and clear thinking of the doctors to take on the official Covid narrative. Painstaking and meticulous, Peter McCullough has the clarity and capacity to get the simple heart of the matter.

For those doubling down in the establishment and officialdom who find themselves beset with ever more uncomfortable evidence to accommodate in their commitment to coercive and mandatory vaccination, his truths must be very disconcerting.

This, I have no doubt, is why the only references to him you’ll find in a Google search attempt to vilify or discredit him.

Apparently it is not sufficient to cancel this persistent thorn in the side. Baylor Scott & White, a medical centre and health company with which Dr McCullough was once affiliated, have taken it upon themselves to sue him, ostensibly for his references to his prior affiliation with BSW. It is hard to see the action as motivated other than by an intent to discredit him.

Two of his horrified colleagues have written a detailed and heartfelt letter in support of him and condemning the action of BSW. You can read it here.

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  1. How awful that this brave man is being persecuted. He and others like him. What a sad time for america. I left out the capital “a” on purpose.


    Comment by Sarah | August 13, 2021 | Reply

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