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August 26, 2021

The Highwire with Del Bigtree:

Pathologist Dr. Ryan Cole Delivers Concerning Message About COVID Injections And Long Term Impacts (17:01)

Dr. Cole On COVID Shots: “This Is A Poisonous Attack On Our Population And It Needs To Stop Now!”
by Brian Shilhavy

CDC Caught Falsifying Data? by The Highwire with Del Bigtree (6:59)

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  1. Dr. Cole, I’m a 26 year RN seeing return of pts in ICU from vxxxx . Please read “The Demon in the Freezer” by Preston. It is non-fiction and published in 2002. On page 227 the following paragraph from research on mousepox. “It seemed the the IL-4 mousepox could crash through the smallpox vaccine, killing the mice if they had been vaccinated sometime previously. But if their vaccinia vaccinations were very fresh, they were protected against the engineered pox. It suggested that an engineered IL-4 smallpox might be able to break through peoples immunity, but not if the vaccinations were recent, perhaps only weeks old.” This is what Israel is doing right now. They are following this pattern.Recurrent, frequent vaccinations to “prevent” a breakthrough. This was engineered a long time ago sir. Please God, let him get this post.


    Comment by Tammy Killian | October 8, 2021 | Reply

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