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CDC Gives Incoming Refugees Nobel Prize-Winning Ivermectin

By Kelen McBreen | InfoWars | September 3, 2021

All Middle Eastern, Asian, North African, Latin American, and Caribbean refugees entering the U.S. since 2019 have been prescribed ivermectin.

The CDC recommendation advises doctors working for the International Organization for Migration (IOM), who screen refugees in their home countries, and American doctors who treat them when they arrive to prescribe both ivermectin and albendazole.

Since the CDC guidance was released pre-Covid, naysayers will point out the ivermectin was prescribed for parasites and not for Covid-19, and presume the drug probably doesn’t work against viral infections.

Ivermectin’s creators won a Nobel Prize in Medicine in 2015 for the drug’s ability to battle infections caused by roundworm parasites.

As Tokyo, Japan’s top health official Dr. Haruo Ozaki recently explained, “In Africa, if we compare countries distributing ivermectin once a year with countries which do not give ivermectin… I mean, they don’t give ivermectin to prevent Covid, but to prevent parasitic diseases… but anyway, if we look at Covid numbers in countries that give ivermectin, the number of cases is 134.4 per 100,000, and the number of death is 2.2 in 100,000.”

He continued, “Now, African countries which do not distribute ivermectin: 950.6 cases per 100,000 and 29.3 deaths per 100,000. I believe the difference is clear.”

Several studies show ivermectin actually is effective at treating Covid-19, but what this information truly exposes is the current media and government demonization campaign against it.

Despite media cries of “people eating horse paste” and several stories about an increase in poison control calls from people misusing the drug, the CDC has been giving it to refugees for at least two years.

By the way, a Fox 9 Minnesota story lists possible symptoms of an ivermectin “overdose” as “nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, decreased consciousness, hallucinations, seizures, coma, and death.”

However, not a single person in the United States has died from a Covid-related ivermectin overdose.

Plus, the majority of people resorting to the horse version of ivermectin are doing so because the attacks on the drug have convinced many doctors and pharmacies not to prescribe or carry it.

The establishment is even upset that celebrities like top podcast host Joe Rogan and “Cheers” star Kirstie Alley have touted the drug as helping them defeat Covid.

The CDC is obviously aware that the drug is safe for people to use as its physicians prescribe it to refugees just as tens of thousands of doctors across the U.S. are now giving it to patients for Covid.

So, why is mainstream media and a government agency like the FDA scaring Americans out of a treatment that could help them with the virus?

The FDA’s website explains, “Certain animal formulations of ivermectin such as pour-on, injectable, paste, and ‘drench,’ are approved in the U.S. to treat or prevent parasites in animals. For humans, ivermectin tablets are approved at very specific doses to treat some parasitic worms, and there are topical (on the skin) formulations for head lice and skin conditions like rosacea.”

Well, no doctors are prescribing ivermectin animal formulations to their patients, and the government and media both know this.

Perhaps it’s because the FDA, which is “virtually controlled by Pfizer” according to President Trump, is currently developing their own Covid drug to be taken twice a day alongside their vaccine.

Merck, the company that produces ivermectin, is also developing a drug to treat Covid which will make them much more money than the cheap antiviral ivermectin.

On June 9, Merck revealed that the U.S. government is paying the company $1.2 billion to supply 1.7 million courses of the new drug to federal government agencies.

Or, it could be that the Covid vaccines still being used under Emergency Use Authorization would no longer have that emergency approval if a legitimate low-risk treatment were available.

Follow the money and stop paying attention to establishment media.

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  1. The Western MSM and Governments are in the pockets of the “1%”. Why would we believe anything they say. Covid 19, if you believe what we are told, is a threat to humanity, but if you look at the stats from around the World, it is no worse than seasonal flue. But, it is being used as an excuse to totally control humanity.
    To hell with this “Bovine Excreta”……

    “Eat drink and be merry
    There’s no need to worry
    We’ll be dead for a very long time”……


    Comment by brianharryaustralia | September 5, 2021 | Reply


    Fentanyl is now the leading cause of fatal drug overdoses. In 2017 alone, 49,000 Americans lost their lives to fentanyl.

    What is the source of the synthetic opioid, abuse of which leads to this senseless loss of life? China is the principal culprit.

    U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement has identified China as the primary source of illicit fentanyl and the painkiller’s analogues that enter our country.

    Drug traffickers use two primary techniques for delivering fentanyl manufactured in China: It is either shipped directly into the U.S. via international mail or shipped into Mexico to be smuggled into America.

    Fentanyl is a unique drug in several ways. The profit margin is remarkable: A $3,000 investment can produce $1,500,000 in earnings.

    A laboratory-made drug, fentanyl requires less time and space to produce than its agricultural counterpart, heroin. Chemists can manufacture fentanyl in small labs and use easy shipment methods.

    The amount of fentanyl necessary to produce its painkilling effect is so small that manufacturers can ship it in ordinary packages such as envelopes used for ordinary letters.

    Cheap production isn’t the only economic benefit suppliers have on their side. Fentanyl is said to produce a better high and be more addictive and potent than heroin (50 to 100 times more powerful).

    This poison isn’t affecting only addicts. In some cases, first responders have inhaled airborne fentanyl, resulting in a contact overdose.

    We know that fentanyl is exceptionally dangerous. The question is: How do we fight its distribution?

    A critical step is finding supply routes, with the ultimate goal of stopping the illegal movement of fentanyl into the U.S. from overseas.

    First, distributors order fentanyl online and have it shipped here via express consignment or direct mail. Shipping via mail is successful with the help of freight forwarders, multiple transfers of custody, and manipulated information at checkpoints, such as falsified labels on prescription bottles.

    The street corner drug rings of old have morphed into hosts of domain names on the internet. Street deals have been replaced by shopping online from the comfort of home. The drug war is drastically shifting with advancing communications technology.

    Second, manufacturers ship fentanyl to drug cartels in Mexico, who funnel it over the southern border. Minor amounts of the drug also have been traced to routes that begin in Canada and the Caribbean islands. Fentanyl shipped via international mail is usually 90 percent pure, whereas fentanyl brought over the borders often is diluted with other drugs and only about 10 percent pure.

    The People’s Republic of China, the biggest source of the fentanyl problem, is the world’s largest manufacturer and exporter of pharmaceutical ingredients. Perhaps 40 percent of global pharmaceutical output is from China, yet the communist regime has few laws governing controlled substances such as fentanyl.

    China’s inadequate regulation of drugs has left room for an estimated 160,000 chemical companies there with the ability to produce and export fentanyl.

    The Chinese Communist Party has the power to control production. The U.S. has made mostly unsuccessful attempts to persuade China to address this problem as a supply matter.

    China has shown a few signs of supposed cooperation. For example, conversations between the U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration and China’s National Narcotics Control Bureau led to China’s implementing scheduling controls on two key fentanyl precursor chemicals. However, those controls have done little to curb export of fentanyl to the U.S. At the G-20 talks in early December, China said it would work to make fentanyl a controlled substance, but has yet to take action.

    This is an immediate and growing crisis. The National Institute on Drug Abuse estimates that overdose deaths due to fentanyl rose by 14 percent in 2010, 46 percent in 2016, and 60 percent in 2017. That is a 428 percent increase in seven years.

    In addition to increasing security at the Mexican-U.S. border to intercept illegal drug shipments, the Trump administration should prioritize taking other action to stop the illegal importation of fentanyl from China.

    To persuade China of its stake in helping us, we should:

    1. Diversify our sources of pharmaceutical ingredients.

    China has a majority hold on the pharmaceutical market. The Chinese Chamber of Commerce reported that the nation exports $35 billionworth of “western medicine.”

    If Americans begin to look elsewhere for these products, it would affect Chinese producers. India is an untapped, alternate resource for cost-efficient pharmaceuticals. Competition also would breed better pharmaceutical standards and give us greater leverage with China.

    2. Work with our European allies to pressure China.

    The United States is not the only country suffering at the hands of the opioid epidemic. Europe is experiencing an escalated death toll from overdoses. Europe’s illegal fentanyl supply also traces back to China.

    Working together with European countries to convince China to stop these exports also would increase our leverage.

    3. Increase domestic efforts to stop the opioid epidemic.

    Nationally, we must continue to develop chemical-detection technology; diligently fight international imports; rapidly share intelligence among national organizations; and stop overprescribing opioid-based medication.

    From anthrax to 9/11, our response to national emergencies has been swift. Today we face a new national emergency: the illegal importation of fentanyl that is fueling the opioid epidemic.

    Fentanyl is infiltrating our borders and killing our citizens. We must take both national and international action.


    Comment by Pip | October 16, 2021 | Reply

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