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Deaths From Covid Vaxcine are government mandated genocide


A rush of student deaths and serious heart problems since the government’s decision to roll out the Pfizer vaccine to 12-17 year olds is government mandated genocide says the NZ Outdoors Party. The rollout to teenagers only started a few weeks ago, and already two deaths and two other post Vax admissions to Starship hospital have been reported. Another two serious post vaccine injuries in students are under investigation, including a boy who collapsed in Whangarei and another in the South Island. All are understood to have been healthy until sudden post vaccine heart issues, attributed to blood clots or myocarditis. These are well known adverse effects of this mRNA injection, which is known overseas as the #clotshot.

“The Prime Minister is floundering as the community networks are proving far more efficient at collecting and sharing information than the bureaucrats” says Sue Grey, co-leader of the NZ Outdoors Party. “This highlights one of the problems we have been raising for months. With a novel vaccine that is yet to complete clinical trials, there should be active follow-up of each recipient, to check on their health and to ensure all adverse effects are reported and assessed. The devastating effects on so many families could likely have been avoided if only the government had been more pro-active and transparent about the harm.”

Information obtained under the OIA shows that Medsafe, the government regulator, declined consent for the Pfizer Vaccine in January because it was not satisfied that the benefits exceeded the risks. Since then Medsafe has acknowledged the Pfizer Vax may cause myocarditis, pericarditis and thrombocytopenia ( blood clots).

In February the PfizerVax was given “provisional consent for the restricted treatment of a limited number of patients”, and subject to 58 conditions requiring more research and information.

After the High Court case raised questions about the legality of the Vaccine rollout, the government undertook an emergency law reform within 24 hours to remove the restricted use.

Recently the age limit was reduced to 12 year olds. it is understood the Prime Minister wants to inject everyone in New Zealand.

Despite its own advisors concerns, government advertising has repeatedly claimed the PfizerVax is “safe and effective” and “approved by Medsafe”. The Prime Minister herself claimed this recently in Parliamentary question time.

Many doctors and communities are furious about the ongoing devastation the PfizerVax is causing, and that people are not being told about the risks. A petition calling for an immediate suspension of the Vaccine rollout to teenagers launched today reached over 2000 signatures within hours.

The Outdoors Party says the ongoing rollout must stop immediately, and the government must start to listen both to the people they were elected to represent, and to the many doctors and international experts who have been issuing warnings for months.

“This programme must stop today, without any further excuses, and whoever is responsible must resign immediately” says Outdoors Party President Alan Simmons . End For more information call Alan Simmons 0274 980304 or Sue Grey 22 6910586

September 12, 2021 - Posted by | Science and Pseudo-Science, Solidarity and Activism, War Crimes |


  1. By the sound of it, Cindy has deliberately gone against Medsafe’s advice, and ignored the High Court’s concerns, in order to get every New Zealander vaccinated. Why? Maybe the photo of her with Bill & Melinda Gates says it all. Looks like she may soon be spending more time in the courts – on charges of mass murder.


    Comment by Bill Francis | September 12, 2021 | Reply

  2. Of course it is genocide. If you haven’t figured that out already then you are probably lying awake at night wondering how long more you have to live as the Zyklon B style vaxx filth courses around your body poisoning “your precious bodily fluids.” From the start, as the Chinese crisis actors started dropping like flies (on cue) this has been an intelligence test. Like evolution you get no second chance if you allow yourself to be dictated by the most vicious animals in your herd. Tough but so it is.

    The covaid$ Caper in under 2 minutes

    Pfizer macht frei and Ouch Witz waZ a hoiliday camp

    Same as it ever waZ


    Comment by planetsheeple | September 13, 2021 | Reply

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