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Japanese scientists show the “Mu” Covid variant defeats vaccine immunity. WHY do they want to vaccinate us so badly?

By Meryl Nass, MD | September 12, 2021

Here is the preprint:

Ineffective neutralization of the SARS-CoV-2 Mu variant by convalescent and vaccine sera

Here is how I know the forced vaccination program is not intended to protect me and others from Covid but has some other, unspoken purpose(s):

1. People with pre-existing immunity are being required to get the vaccine, though it provides no additional benefit and only confers the risk of side effects. This is based on the totality of the evidence, not a few cherrypicked studies. Recovered people have stronger and longer-lasting immunity, which acts against many more epitopes than just spike protein.

2. People with pre-existing immunity are not being allowed to get an antibody test to use to show they are already immune, although such tests were approved by FDA for use by vaccine manufacturers to screen subjects in all their Covid vaccine clinical trials for immunity.

3. People with PCR evidence of prior infection cannot use this to avoid vaccination, even though CDC counts each one as a case. T cell tests cannot be used to demonstrate existing immunity and avoid a shot either.

4. The US government, the EU and some other countries have signed contracts for several doses per person plus the option to purchase 8 or 9 doses PER PERSON. How did they know, last winter-spring, they would need them? They didn’t. They don’t need them, because they barely work against current variants.

5. They must have contracted for them because they planned to use this many doses before they had any idea of the duration of effectiveness of current vaccines.

6. Antibody tests done in the UK suggested that over 90% of the population was already immune. Most likely we too have surprisingly high rates of immunity in the population.

7. Israel, with the highest population rate of vaccination and even highest rate of people who have received 3d doses, currently has the highest rate of active Covid cases in the world.

I hope this is crystal clear: you are not being vaccinated to give you immunity, but for one or more other purposes. The current plan is to revaccinate you every 5-8 months, either with the same or perhaps tweaked vaccines.  In Israel, the vaccine passport now expires without the third dose.

Imagine implementing passports here, and in a few years your passport will expire without the 8th or 15th dose… and your ‘privileges’ like shopping or jogging disappear…

It is currently not possible to know exactly what is in the vial you receive. Different types of complex and expensive tests need to be done, but it is very difficult to get a vial and prove a chain of custody. Not all vials may be identical.

We do have laws on the books guaranteeing bodily autonomy, informed consent, the right to privacy, the right to practice your religion, and no forced treatment with experimental products.

Yes, these laws are being ignored. It is our job to make them known, to insist they are followed, and to resist illegal edicts.

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  1. YOU are the disease, their covaid$ vaxx kill shot the cure.

    Onward to Ouch Witz coZ only
    Pfizer macht frei

    Same as it ever waZ

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    Comment by Martillo | September 13, 2021 | Reply

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