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Australia’s Labor Party asks Google what “misinformation” censorship plans it has for the next election

By Christina Maas | Reclaim The Net | September 17, 2021

Australia’s Labor Party wants Google to explain the steps it has taken to ensure its platforms are not “exploited for misinformation” ahead of the next general election. The party says it fears its rivals will use “misinformation” to gain an edge in the upcoming election.

According to The Guardian, Labor’s national secretary Paul Erickson sent a letter to Google Australia’s managing director Mel Silva, asking if the company has improved its systems since the last election in 2019 to “ensure its platforms and advertising capabilities are not exploited for misinformation.”

In the letter, Erickson mentions Craig Kelly and businessman Clive Palmer for their criticism of the strict COVID-19 measures. He notes several videos posted by Kelly on his YouTube account “in which Mr Kelly promotes ivermectin and hydroxychloroquine as effective treatments for COVID-19 or claims that Covid-19 vaccines are unsafe,” according to The Guardian.

Kelly, a former member of the Liberal Party, formed his own party, the United Australian Party (UAP).

Erickson’s letter further asks Google how it plans to handle “the elevated risk of misinformation in the context of the upcoming federal election, including in relation to content uploaded by the UAP.”

The Labor leader notes that the UAP “is already spending hundreds of thousands of dollars on political advertising, including on Google’s platforms.” He insisted that it was crucial for Google’s platforms not to be “misused” amid a pandemic, “including by those with a track record of spreading politically motivated misinformation in the lead-up to the next federal election.”

“Regrettably, the response of digital platforms was wholly inadequate,” Erickson wrote. “These mistakes should not be repeated.”
The Labor party was the victim of a misinformation campaign relating to the “death tax” in the last election.

Kelly slammed Erickson for the letter.

“It is a disgrace and a new low that a political party would ask a foreign oligarch to censor freedom of speech in Australian politics,” the MP told The Guardian Australia. “The idea that an alternate opinion of an expert is misinformation is a claim I categorically reject.”

The UAP leader described Erickson’s letter as “silencing of genuine debate, and that will leave the public misinformed.”

Kelly has repeatedly struggled with Big Tech censorship.

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  1. “The UAP leader described Erickson’s letter as “silencing of genuine debate, and that will leave the public misinformed.”

    The MSM already has the “Electronic Media” completely soaked in political Propaganda, and now its the turn of the Internet Media to be soaked in “Propaganda”, so that “They” have all angles covered…..


    Comment by brianharryaustralia | September 17, 2021 | Reply

  2. I think Paul Erickson asked a fair question of Google. Given that the major parties have lying as their common denominator, it is going to be extremely difficult for Google to distinguish between any of them for the amount of misinformation and disinformation that they will spew prior to the election. It’s hard enough for the local electors, so how hard is it going to be for some two-bit foreign company? In any case, all those elected members of parliament who said nothing and did nothing about the plandemic for the last eighteen months, except draw their obscene salaries, deserve to be shown the door, and a completely new parliament, which puts Australia first, elected. Maybe a new federal government will have the guts to get rid of the psychopathic premiers, and unite the country.

    Liked by 1 person

    Comment by Bill Francis | September 18, 2021 | Reply

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